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I’m Vicky Zhang, the CSO of OLAMLED. 

You can either tell us your requirement & needs by filling up the form on the right, or keep scrolling down for more valuable information

I’m Vicky Zhang, The CSO Of OLAMLED

You can either tell us your requirement & needs by filling up the form on the right, or keep scrolling down for more valuable information

We'd love to learn you project requirements & expectations

UGR<16 Floof Standing Light Perfect For The Office

Floor Lamps of different designs

This panel emits soft and uniform light in any direction,making your space cozy and inviting

It is easy to use,energy-saving,and eco-friendly


Floor Standing Linear Light is a modern and elegant lighting solution that can enhance any space with its sleek design and high performance


It uses a special reflector to optimize the light distribution and efficiency,making it more energy-saving and eco-friendly.

Desktop and standing are optional.

PIR Motion Sensor & Daylight Sensor

Up & Down Lighting 

Independent control dimming,

up and down brightness adjustable 1-100%

Up Lighting : 50%

Down Lighting : 50%

Wide range of application scenarios

Reading Room



We can achieve what you want, moreover, we can think of what you can't think of

Not only producing LED Lighting products, but also providing solutions for your specific needs.

Installation Methods

These series of lamps are equipped with two installation methods,one is the floor non-slip type,directly placed in the ground,the other can be fixed on the desktop,portable and flexible.

Function Customizable

In addition to our standard product features, you can also select certain features of the product according to customer requirements, such as removing sensor or adding emergency functions etc.

Color Rendering Index Customizable

All of luminaire made of energy standard lamp beads,with a lamp bead life of more than 100,000 hours.The color temperature of the lamp beads can be selected from 2700-6500,with a color tolerance less than 3,and a color rendering index more than 80Ra,90Ra and 95Ra


We can supply small batch instructions, labels, packaging design and printing for your order, regardless of size. We have an experienced team of designers and printers who can create attractive and informative materials for your products.Whether you need simple or complex design,color or monochrome printing, smooth or matte finish, Olam can meet your expectations and requirements.Always use high quality materials and advanced equipment to ensure the durability and clarity of our products and provide fast delivery and competitive prices.

One of The Founders & Technical Director – Jacky Xiong

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In order to guarantee safety and reliability, not only our own products have passed the authoritative certification, but all raw materials also conform to international standards.

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