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Introducing Two Series of Innovative
LED Modular Panel Light


PN Series


PG Series

7 Stunning Features of LED Modular Panel Light you can't miss for your next project


Flexible Modular Design

In addition to standard products, we can also provide you with SKD, including production and assembly guidance and technical support.


Unique Design: Modules Are Easy To Replace

Using the secondary optical design, it can largely  avoid eye strains caused by direct light. LED source, power supply and housing shell are easily separated, there is not need to spend many on replacing and maintaining performed by professionals.


UGR<16 Modular Panel Light


The Features of Standard Models


Accept Customized Projects


Multiple Installation Methods


Wide range of usage scenarios

Store, Showroom, Office, Hospital, Classroom, Supermarket.

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Deep Customization

High Flexibility

1Pcs MOQ

5-Year Warranty

Fast Response

3-5 days sampling 50% faster than average

50% Faster delivery time

99% customer satisfaction

200+ partners in EU & AUS

ODM Brand Partner to Increase competitiveness

Strong supply chain system

15+ year in LED lighting design & production

Trusted by World Brands

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In order to guarantee safety and reliability, not only our own products have passed the authoritative certification, but all raw materials also conform to international standards.

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