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LED Office Lighting Manufacture and Supplier in China

OLAM Lighting is a top indoor LED office lighting manufacturer 
and supplier in China. We provide high quality and aesthetic 
lighting solutions for your office & commercial interior design.

We have a wide variety of innovative and patented designs for you to choose. Most importantly, if you need customized office lighting products, our team can tailor them for you and produce drawings & sample making quicky. Please contact us for proposals and quotations.


Floor Standing Panel Lights

Floor Standing Linear Lights

Floor Standing and Table LED Standing Lighting New Designs

We offer various floor standing lighting options for your space, and we have any design you could need. Floor standing lighting can give you intense illumination, create the best ambiance, and balance out harsh elements in a room. If you need to make a room feel confortable and moden by using lights that take up less visual space, then standing & Table LED office lighting is perfect for you.

LED Office Lighting Customized to Your Specifications LED Floor Standing Light Series

We can light up a world of possibilities for you. No matter what your  requirement is, we will create it for you! With a professional team and our factory, we have the ability to meet any of your lighting design requirements. Our vision for you is limitless. All that’s left is for you to send us a message today so we can light up your space together.

Why we can do what we say above?

Quick Response

With an engineering design and development team with over 15 yuears of industry experience,we can provide you with:

  • 1 day to provide DIALUX Simulation
  • 2 days to produce 2D/3D drawings
  • 3-5 days for prototype
  • small batch customization

Production Control

With our wn production and quality control team, we can not only quickly and efficiently arrange the production schedule to meet your order delivery but also protect your order from raw materials to production process and shipping inspection.

  • All materials are inspected and tested before production
  • Every orders make 1st sample to check , Make sure all the details are correct and then mass produce.
  • All products are 100% aging tested before packaging.
  • The straight through rate of finished products is 99%.
  • Each batch of finished products shall be inspected strictly before shipping.

Powerful Supply Chain

At our company, we have carefully established a comprehensive and efficient supply chain network. This network spans across various stages, from sourcing raw materials to the timely delivery of finished products. Our team works tirelessly to maintain strong relationships with trusted suppliers, enabling us to access high-quality materials and components promptly.


Furthermore, we employ advanced technology and data-driven strategies to monitor and manage our supply chain operations effectively. This proactive approach enables us to identify potential bottlenecks and mitigate risks before they can impact customer orders adversely.

Professional Service Capability

We have a team of over 14 years of foreign trade export services, serving more than 100 countries’ import and export and product specification requirements and product certification consulting solutions.

  • Pre-sales: Our team will engage in in-depth discussions with you to fully understand your needs and objectives.
  • During-sales:We will review the order and then place the order, from purchasing raw materials to packaging, we will share the progress of your order with you at any time to ensure that the product requirements are accurate.
  • After Sales: No matter when or where you encounter issues, our professional team will respond promptly, providing rapid resolutions and keeping your business at its best state.

We can achieve what you want, moreover, we can think of what you can't think of

Not only producing LED Lighting products, but also providing solutions for your specific needs.

Installation Methods

These series of lamps are equipped with two installation methods,one is the floor non-slip type,directly placed in the ground,the other can be fixed on the desktop,portable and flexible.

Function Customizable

In addition to our standard product features, you can also select certain features of the product according to customer requirements, such as removing sensor or adding emergency functions etc.

Color Rendering Index Customizable

All of luminaire made of energy standard lamp beads,with a lamp bead life of more than 100,000 hours.The color temperature of the lamp beads can be selected from 2700-6500,with a color tolerance less than 3,and a color rendering index more than 80Ra,90Ra and 95Ra.


We can supply small batch instructions, labels, packaging design and printing for your order, regardless of size. We have an experienced team of designers and printers who can create attractive and informative materials for your products.Whether you need simple or complex design,color or monochrome printing, smooth or matte finish, Olam can meet your expectations and requirements.

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In order to guarantee safety and reliability, not only our own products have passed the authoritative certification, but all raw materials also conform to international standards.

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