IP65 LED Tri-proof Light

A lighting fixture more suitable for wet environments indoor places

IP65,IK10 LED Tri-proof Light

The Tri-proof light is a waterproof, dustproof, shockproof characteristics of three, which is with high strength aluminum alloy shell, special surface oxidation treatment and high strength PC material, can be used for a long time under the harsh environment such as high temperature and humidity

The IP65 and IK10 design suitable for the It is used in dusty or rainy places area.

U Series

The structure of half aluminum and half plastic meets the needs of different places

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Not only producing LED Lighting products, but also providing solutions for your specific needs.

Customizable size

Depending on the customer's different requirements, we can provide specified specifications and product improvement services. Meanwhile, you would enjoy simple and high production efficiency from our R&D team.

The Shell Color

Get the desired color upon the Pantone color you choose, such as common black, white, silver

Power Supplies

Flicker-free, high conversion efficiency and PF scheme. We have passed TUV, ENEC, CE, CB, SAA and RoHS certifications. Here you can choose the power supply with different functions, like no dimming, 0-10V dimming, Dali dimming and ZigBee. All conform to international certifications and environmental protection standards.


The LED source life is more than 100,000 hours. For color temperature, 2700K to 6500K are available, the SDCM is less than 3. And for CRI, the color rendering index, will be more than 80Ra, 90Ra and even 95Ra.


Orders with different quantities have different shipping requirements. For express delivery and air transportation, we will provide outer box safety protection to ensure that the goods you receive are not damaged or deformed. Also, there are other quotation and transportation services, like sea and train shipping.


To undertake customized brand, we can provide the design of instruction books, labels and package box printing.

Why we can do what we say above?

Quick Response

With an engineering design and development team with over 17 years of industry experience, we can provide you with:

- 1 day to provide DIALUX simulation
- 2 days to produce 2D/3D drawings
- 3-5 days for prototype
- Small batch customization

Production Control

With our own production and quality control team, we can not only quickly and efficiently arrange the production schedule to meet your order delivery but also protect your order from raw materials to production process and shipping inspection.

Powerful Supply Chain

With 12 years of development, OLAMLED has its own perfect supply chain system. OLAMLED has very mature and stable suppliers to control the quality, price and service of material suppliers, which can provide customers with main effect and customized services.

Professional Service Capability

We have a team of over 12 years of foreign trade export services, serving more than 100 countries, we can provide professional solutions for different countries' import and export and product specification requirements and product certification consulting solutions

A Light Fixture Available In Wet And Dusty Environments


Strong and durable properties are used in the workshop

Parking lots

The dustproof and fireproof materials used in the parking lot must be a very high quality choice


Used for outdoor store decoration can be very good to improve the brightness of advertising

FAQ of LED Tri-Proof Light

Here are some most popular FAQs during our 12 years experience as a LED lighting solution provider, and please feel free to contact us if you have more questions.

  • Completely prevent dust from entering the interior of the lamp,Low pressure injection at any angle has no water into the luminaire
  • That is the lighting fixtures can withstand more than 20J energy for 5 times, of which the same point can not be impacted for more than 4 times. The purpose of the test is mainly to check whether the protection level of the lighting product shell meets the industry standard
  • The waterproof light is relative to traditional lamp. Currently, the interface of waterproof lamps is generally better closed, so compared with conventional lamps, it is more suitable for use in humid environments such as bathrooms.
  • The waterproof lights are safer than conventional lights in humid environments
  • We can provide personalized customization according to your requirements, such as : Product Dimension, installation accessories, color index and color temperature of light source (CRI and Color temperature, different functions drivers, packaging and labeling, etc.

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