Parking Lot Lighting Solution

Parking Lot Lighting Solution Using LED Tri-proof Lamps

Efficient and sustainable lighting solutions are paramount in today's eco-friendly and cost-conscious world. For environments like parking lots, which require consistent and reliable lighting.

The LED Tri-proof lamp emerges as a perfect candidate. In this proposal, we delve into the applications of our cutting-edge LED Tri-proof lamps tailored for parking lots.

Characteristics of Car Parking Lot Lights Requirements

LED Tri-proof Lamps – Core Features:

IP65 / IP68 Rating: Ensuring the lamp is dust-tight and protected against water jets from any angle, making it ideal for outdoor and semi-outdoor parking facilities that may be exposed to rain or other elements. 

IK10 Rating: The highest protection level against external mechanical impacts, assuring the lamp’s resilience against possible accidental hits or vandalism. 

Luminous Efficacy: A striking light output of 130 lumens per watt (LM/W), which means brighter illumination using less energy, translating to significant energy savings over time. 

Solution Overview

Efficient Illumination:

  • Uniform Lighting: Our lamps ensure consistent light distribution, eliminating dark spots which can be potential security risks.
  • Color Rendering: A high Color Rendering Index (CRI) ensures that vehicle colors are represented truly and vividly, which can be crucial for CCTV footage or visual inspections.

Energy Savings with Motion Sensors:

  • Sensor Integration: To further enhance energy savings, our lamps can be fitted with motion sensors. This ensures that lights are only fully illuminated when motion is detected.
  • Adjustable Delay Time: Post detection, the lamps can remain at full brightness for an adjustable duration, post which they revert to a dimmed state, thus conserving energy during inactive periods.
  • Eco-Friendly: Lesser energy consumption reduces carbon footprint, aligning with green initiatives and possibly qualifying for energy efficiency rebates.


Easy Maintenance and Durability:

  • Long Lifespan: LED technology ensures a long lifespan for the lamps, reducing the frequency of replacements.
  • Tri-proof Features: With protection against dust, water, and impacts, the maintenance costs are significantly reduced, as the lamps can withstand challenging environmental conditions.

IP67 IK10 IK69K LED Tubular Light-K80 series

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