Parking Lot Lighting Solution

Parking Lot Lighting Solution Using LED Tri-proof Lamps.

Efficient and sustainable lighting solutions are paramount in today's eco-friendly and cost-conscious world. For environments like parking lots, which require consistent and reliable lighting.

The LED Tri-proof lamp emerges as a perfect candidate. In this proposal, we delve into the applications of our cutting-edge LED Tri-proof lamps tailored for parking lots.

Characteristics of Car Parking Lot Lights Requirements

LED Tri-proof Lamps – Core Features:

IP65 / IP68 Rating: Ensuring the lamp is dust-tight and protected against water jets from any angle, making it ideal for outdoor and semi-outdoor parking facilities that may be exposed to rain or other elements. 

IK10 Rating: The highest protection level against external mechanical impacts, assuring the lamp’s resilience against possible accidental hits or vandalism. 

Luminous Efficacy: A striking light output of 130 lumens per watt (LM/W), which means brighter illumination using less energy, translating to significant energy savings over time. 

Solution Overview

Efficient Illumination:

  • Uniform Lighting: Our lamps ensure consistent light distribution, eliminating dark spots which can be potential security risks.
  • Color Rendering: A high Color Rendering Index (CRI) ensures that vehicle colors are represented truly and vividly, which can be crucial for CCTV footage or visual inspections.

Energy Savings with Motion Sensors:

  • Sensor Integration: To further enhance energy savings, our lamps can be fitted with motion sensors. This ensures that lights are only fully illuminated when motion is detected.
  • Adjustable Delay Time: Post detection, the lamps can remain at full brightness for an adjustable duration, post which they revert to a dimmed state, thus conserving energy during inactive periods.
  • Eco-Friendly: Lesser energy consumption reduces carbon footprint, aligning with green initiatives and possibly qualifying for energy efficiency rebates.


Easy Maintenance and Durability:

  • Long Lifespan: LED technology ensures a long lifespan for the lamps, reducing the frequency of replacements.
  • Tri-proof Features: With protection against dust, water, and impacts, the maintenance costs are significantly reduced, as the lamps can withstand challenging environmental conditions.

What series of OLAM products are suitable for Parking lot use?

LED tubular & Tri-proof lights designed by OLAM’s team are used extensively by customers on car parking lot & car wash.

  1. IP65 Tri-proof light- U series
  2. IP68 Tubular lights- K80 & K70 serie.

Features of U series:

  • IP65,IK10
  • Aluminum base with PC Housing
  • Funtions: dimmable and non-dimmable driver optional
  • PC Housing: Frosted & Transpent

IP68 Tubular lights

K80 & K70 series

Features of K series:

  • IP68,IK10
  • 304L or 316L End caps
  • PC or PMMA Housing
  • Funtions: dimmable and non-dimmable driver optional

Why Parking Lot Lights Need Sensor Functionality: Benefits Explained

Sensor functionality, especially motion sensors, in parking lot lights offer numerous advantages, both in terms of efficiency and safety. Here’s why they are considered essential and the associated benefits:

Energy Efficiency: Reduced Power

  • Consumption: Lights with sensor functionality only illuminate fully when motion is detected. This means during times of low activity, especially during off-peak hours, the lights can operate at a dimmed state or remain off, conserving energy.
  • Cost Savings: Lower energy consumption translates to reduced electricity bills, making motion-sensor lights a cost-effective choice in the long run.


Extended Lifespan: By operating only when necessary, the overall wear and tear on the light fixture are reduced. This means the light can last longer, leading to fewer replacements over time and reduced maintenance costs.

Enhanced Safety: Instant Illumination: When motion is detected, such as a vehicle or pedestrian entering a zone, the lights brighten instantly, ensuring proper visibility.

Deter Unwanted Activity: Sudden illumination can act as a deterrent to potential intruders or vandals, as the sudden brightness can draw attention.

Environmentally Friendly: Reduced energy usage means a lower carbon footprint. Implementing sensor-equipped lights aligns with eco-friendly and sustainable practices, and in some regions, might even qualify for energy-saving incentives or rebates.

Smart Integration: Modern sensor-enabled lights can be integrated with smart management systems. This allows for real-time monitoring, and in some cases, the customization of when and how the lights react to motion.

Reduced Light Pollution: In areas concerned about light pollution affecting local wildlife or disturbing residents, sensor-enabled lights ensure that illumination is restricted to periods of activity.

Adaptive Brightness Levels: Some advanced sensor systems can adjust the brightness level based on the amount or type of motion detected. For instance, a single pedestrian might trigger a lower brightness level compared to a moving vehicle, optimizing energy use further.

Safety Concerns: Parking lots, being semi-enclosed or enclosed structures, can be particularly hazardous during power outages. The lack of visibility can lead to accidents, such as collisions or pedestrians being hit.

Evacuation: In the event of emergencies such as fires, natural disasters, or other urgent situations, well-lit paths are necessary to ensure that people can evacuate the parking lot safely and swiftly.

Security: Adequate lighting can act as a deterrent to criminal activities. Even during power outages, emergency lighting can discourage theft, vandalism, or other malicious actions.

Legal and Regulatory Requirements: Many jurisdictions have building and safety codes that mandate the presence of emergency lighting in specific structures, including parking garages. Non-compliance can result in penalties or legal consequences.

Operational Continuity: In the event of a short-term power glitch, emergency lights can ensure that the operations within a facility (like ticketing or exit gates in parking lots) continue without significant disruption.

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