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A Variety of LED Panel Light Solutions at Olam

As a leading LED panel lighting manufacture, we’re excited to present our range of LED panel lights, a versatile and energy-efficient lighting solution that brings both elegance and functionality to your spaces. Within our collection.

We offer two distinct variants: Back-lit panel lights and edge-lit panel lights. Each variant comes with its own unique features and advantages that cater to different needs.

Let’s delve into the characteristics of both and help you make an informed choice for your lighting requirements.

What is the Difference Between Back-lit Panel Light and Edge-lit Panel lights

Back-Lit Panel Lights Features

As one of the most widely used panel lights at present, it has advantages and disadvantages.


Cost-Effective: Direct-lit panel lights are an economical option, making them an ideal choice for projects with tighter budgets.

High Brightness: Due to its special structural design, LEDs with Lens , so the brightness of the whole panel light is high, and the lighting efficiency can reach 180LM/W.


Limited Customization: Direct-lit panels have limitations when it comes to customization. They might not be suitable for spaces that require specific lighting effects or personalized aesthetics.

Lighting Softness: While providing uniform brightness, direct-lit panels might produce lighting that’s slightly less diffused and softer compared to edge-lit panels. Standard Size:

  • 600x600mm, 620x620mm, 300x600mm, 600x1200mm
  • LEDs: SMD2835 1W, CRI>80Ra / 90Ra optional
  • Functions: On/Off, 1-10V & DALI dimming.
  • Glare Rating: UGR<19 OR UGR<25 IP Rating: IP40, IP54

Edge-Lit Panel Lights Features


Customizable: Edge-lit panels offer extensive customization options, allowing you to tailor the lighting to your exact preferences and needs.

Soft and Diffused Lighting: Edge-lit panels excel in creating a gentle and diffused lighting ambiance, making them perfect for spaces that require a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

Flexibility: The design of edge-lit panels allows for more versatile installation options, adapting to a range of architectural settings. Disadvantages:

Higher Cost: Edge-lit panels tend to be more expensive due to their advanced technology and customization capabilities.

A little lower brightness: Because it is through the acrylic(PMMA) LGP for secondary light guide, so it also makes its brightness will be lower than the vertical luminescence, generally in 100-120LM/W.

  • Standard Size: 600x600mm, 620x620mm, 300x600mm, 600x1200mm, 300x1500mm
  • Different sizes can be customized flexibly.
  • Flexible and varied installation methods.
  • LEDs: SMD2835 0.2W, CRI>80Ra / 90Ra / 95Ra optional.
  • Functions: On/Off, 1-10V & DALI dimming.
  • Glare Rating: UGR<19 OR UGR<25
  • IP Rating: IP40,Waterproof rating up to IP65

Three Common 3 Kinds of Installation Methods of Panel Lights




More Knowledge About Panel Lights

  • Dimming Capability: Many panel lights offer dimming capabilities, allowing you to adjust the light intensity to match the desired mood or task. This flexibility adds to the versatility of panel lights in different settings. 0/1-10V dimming, DALI dimming are popular.


  • CRI (Color Rendering Index): Panel lights are available with varying CRI values, indicating their ability to accurately render colors. Higher CRI values ensure that colors appear natural and true to life under the light.


  • Uniform Light Distribution: Due to their flat and even surface, panel lights offer uniform light distribution without visible hotspots or shadows. This characteristic provides consistent and comfortable illumination.


  • Smart Lighting Integration: Many panel lights are compatible with smart lighting systems, allowing for remote control, scheduling, and integration with other smart devices for enhanced convenience. Sensor is a popular choice.


  • CCT Adjusting: Some panel lights offer tunable white technology, enabling you to adjust the color temperature throughout the day. This can positively impact circadian rhythms and well-being.


  • Diffuser Options: Panel lights come with various diffuser options, such as frosted, prismatic, or clear, which influence the distribution and diffusion of light. Different diffusers create distinct lighting effects.


  • Emergency: Panel lights with emergency functionality are equipped with backup power sources, such as batteries. During power outages, they automatically switch to the emergency mode, providing a reduced level of illumination to guide occupants safely. This ensures continuous lighting even in critical situations.

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Not only producing LED Lighting products, but also providing solutions for your specific needs.

0/1-10V Dimming​

Experience seamless control over lighting ambiance with the 0-10V dimming feature integrated into our LED fixtures.

This cutting-edge technology allows you to adjust light intensity smoothly from 0% to 100%, catering to diverse lighting needs.

Compatible with a wide range of dimming systems, the 0-10V functionality offers precise illumination control, making it ideal for settings that require dynamic lighting environments.

Whether it’s achieving the perfect level of brightness in office spaces or creating cozy atmospheres in hospitality venues, our LED fixtures with 0-10V dimming capability provide a versatile and user-friendly solution for achieving the desired lighting effect

DALI Dimming

Our LED triproof lights are equipped with advanced DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) control functionality, adding a layer of intelligence and flexibility to your lighting system.

With DALI compatibility, you gain precise control over individual lights or groups of lights, allowing you to adjust brightness levels, color temperatures, and even create dynamic lighting scenes effortlessly.

This level of control enhances energy efficiency and creates tailored lighting experiences for various environments.

Whether it’s fine-tuning illumination in industrial facilities or creating ambience in commercial spaces, our DALI-enabled three-proof lights empower you with the tools to customize and optimize your lighting setup with unparalleled ease.

Emergency Dimming

Experience unwavering reliability in challenging situations with our LED fixtures equipped with advanced emergency functionality.

When the unexpected occurs and normal power is disrupted, these fixtures seamlessly switch to emergency mode, providing essential illumination to guide occupants safely out of the premises.

With efficient backup power systems and long-lasting battery capabilities, our LED fixtures ensure continuous light output during critical moments.

Whether it’s a power outage or emergency evacuation, you can trust our LED fixtures to deliver consistent and dependable lighting, contributing to a safer environment and peace of mind for occupants.

Motion Sensor

Elevate your lighting experience with our LED fixtures featuring advanced motion sensing technology.

Designed to enhance energy efficiency and convenience, these fixtures automatically detect motion within their vicinity, triggering the lights to turn on.

When no motion is detected for a set period, the lights gracefully dim or turn off, conserving energy without sacrificing safety or visibility.

This intelligent solution is perfect for spaces with fluctuating occupancy, such as corridors, restrooms, and warehouses.

By seamlessly adapting to human presence, our motion-sensing LED fixtures ensure optimal illumination precisely when and where it’s needed, offering both environmental benefits and user-centric convenience.

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Quick Response

With an engineering design and development team with over 17 years of industry experience, we can provide you with:

- 1 day to provide DIALUX simulation
- 2 days to produce 2D/3D drawings
- 3-5 days for prototype
- Small batch customization

Production Control

With our own production and quality control team, we can not only quickly and efficiently arrange the production schedule to meet your order delivery but also protect your order from raw materials to production process and shipping inspection.

Powerful Supply Chain

With 14 years of development, OLAMLED has its own perfect supply chain system. OLAMLED has very mature and stable suppliers to control the quality, price and service of material suppliers, which can provide customers with main effect and customized services.

Professional Service Capability

We have a team of over 14 years of foreign trade export services, serving more than 100 countries, we can provide professional solutions for different countries' import and export and product specification requirements and product certification consulting solutions

Professional Lighting For Indoor Applications


High lighting effect not only brings merry mood to the working staffs but also enhances the efficiency of work.


Reducing students eye strain and enhancing security.


Low glare and soft glow can make patients feel comfortable and relaxed.

FAQ for Utra-thin LED Panel Light

Here are some most popular FAQs during our 12 years experience as a LED lighting solution provider, and please feel free to contact us if you have more questions.

  • The edge-lit panel light: only 10mm thickness, LGP (light guide plate) creates even and gentle light effect.
  • The backlit panel light: a thickness of 28mm, but more cheaper than edge-lit panel, since there is no LGP (light guide plate).
  • Common LGP (light guide plate) will turn yellow after one year due to the mixed plastics. Instead, we adopt pure acrylic materials imported from Japan, LGP would keep 5 years.
  • Small size can help you save transportation and inventory cost.
  • The size can be customized at will, which is the advantage that the backlit panel light has not.
  • We can provide personalized customization based on your requirement, such as product dimension, installation accessories, color index and color temperature, different drivers, packaging and labels, etc.

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