LED Modular Panel Light- PA series (Latest Design)

UGR<16 & UGR<19 Optional, Unique design,Flexible Custom-made

OLAMLED’S PA series modular panel lights are engineered for versatility, allowing users to tailor their lighting solutions to specific spaces and aesthetics. Whether it’s for a cozy home environment, a professional office space, or a commercial setting, these lights can be customized in configuration and intensity to create the perfect ambiance.

Modular design We can customize a variety of products of different lengths for our customers, there are no gaps between the luminous modules, no dark areas, and the surface is perfectly connected

Custom Size-Flexible

The dimensions of the panel and the dimensions of the light emitting module can be customized according to your needs. The photo has a dimension length of 170CM and a luminous length of 120cm

Custom size: 170x15cm

Power: 30W

CRI: >90Ra

Air-Slot Design

The innovative air-slot design of the office space maximizes natural ventilation and reduces the reliance on artificial climate control systems, thereby helping to save energy and reduce the carbon footprint, which is a testament to the ingenuity of modern architecture.

Standardized Size

The standard size you can choose, while convenient for you to do inventory and generic sales 600x600mm, 300x1200mm, 300x600mm, 620x620mm, 600x1200mm are very popular size for the market. 

Benefits: it accelerates the shipping process, broadens the scope of application, and enhances inventory management, making it a highly strategic feature in product design and manufacturing.

Zhaga Book 18 Special for your need

  • Our product features a strategically designed opening that complies with Zhaga Book 18 standards, allowing for the seamless integration of sensors at any time.
  • This compatibility with Zhaga Book 18—a set of specifications created to standardize the interfaces of LED light engines and modules—ensures that customers have the flexibility to add or upgrade sensors, such as motion detectors or ambient light sensors, to enhance the functionality of their lighting solutions.
  • This design consideration is particularly beneficial for creating smart, energy-efficient environments where lighting can adapt to occupancy or daylight levels, thereby optimizing energy use and reducing costs.

Product Parameter

Model No.:DimensionPowerColor TemperatureLuminous EfficacyLumenCRI
Actual size(595x595mm )

Actual size(295x1195mm )
Actual size(620x620mm )
 Actual size(595x1195mm )


High luminous efficacy is a key feature of our product, achieving an impressive 140 lumens per watt (lm/W). This metric signifies the efficiency of our lighting solution in converting electrical energy into visible light, indicating that our product is among the highest in terms of energy efficiency and sustainability in the lighting industry.

UGR<16 with Beam Angle 65 Degree it Make Your Eyes More Comfortable

With a Unified Glare Rating (UGR) of less than 16, our lighting design prioritizes low By prioritizing low-glare lighting solutions, we ensure that our products are not just energy-efficient and high-performing but also kinder to your eyes, enhancing both your visual comfort and the quality of illuminated spaces.

UGR<19 with Beam Aale 90 Degree It Give You Another Option If You Need a Larger Beam Angle

The Uniform Glare Rating (UGR) is a digital system used to quantify the degree to which a luminaire’s output may cause glare. In lighting design, UGR values are usually lower than 19, especially for indoor environments, such as offices, schools and medical facilities, visual comfort is a priority, and UGR<19 accompanied by 90 degrees of beam angel is very suitable for some places that require large beam angles

Surface Mounting: Ideal for spaces where recessed installation is not possible. This method allows the lights to be mounted directly onto the ceiling or wall surface, providing a straightforward and efficient installation process.

Built-In : Perfect for achieving a sleek, minimalist look. This method involves installing the lights into a cut-out in the ceiling or wall, making them flush with the surface. It’s especially popular in modern and contemporary interiors.

Suspended : A great choice for rooms with high ceilings or where direct lighting is not desired. Lights are hung from the ceiling, allowing the height to be adjusted for optimal illumination.

Custom Accessories: Beyond the standard installation options, we also offer customized installation solutions tailored specifically to your project’s unique requirements.

Custom Accessories
Surface Mounting


FAQ of PA Series

Yes, if your need our lighting products offer adjustable color temperatures to suit various environments project

No, the installation process is straightforward. The Zhaga Book 18 compliant opening is designed to make the integration of sensors or other smart features simple and hassle-free. We also offer various installation methods and can provide customized solutions to fit your specific project requirements.

Absolutely. Our lighting products are compatible with various smart home technologies, allowing for seamless integration into your existing smart home ecosystem. This includes features like remote control, scheduling, and sensor-based automation for an enhanced and convenient user experience.

Our products come with a comprehensive warranty that covers any manufacturing defects or failures under normal usage conditions for a specified period. This includes coverage for the LED components, driver, and other electronic parts. Please refer to the specific warranty details provided with your product for more information on coverage and duration.

The lead time for our customized lighting solutions typically ranges from 4 to 6 weeks, depending on several factors such as the complexity of the customization, the quantity ordered, and the current production capacity. Custom features, such as specific installation methods or integration with smart technology, may require additional development and testing time. We strive to work closely with our clients throughout the process to ensure transparency and keep them updated on their project’s progress. Early in the consultation phase, we provide a more precise timeline based on the specific requirements and constraints of your project to ensure that your expectations are met within the desired timeframe.

Under normal circumstances, we can provide initial design drawings within 2 working days after receiving your customization requirements. Once the design is approved, we aim to produce and deliver a prototype within 7 to 10 working days. For bulk orders, the lead time is typically between 20 to 25 working days, depending on the order size and specific customization details. These timelines are our standard; however, we always work closely with our clients to accommodate any urgent needs or specific deadlines they may have, ensuring their project progresses smoothly and efficiently.


Our customized lighting products are versatile and designed to suit a wide range of applications, making them suitable for various environments and purposes. Here are some of the key areas where our products can be applied: 

Commercial Spaces: Ideal for offices, retail stores, shopping malls, and restaurants, our lighting solutions can enhance the ambiance, improve customer experiences, and contribute to energy savings. 

Healthcare Facilities: Our lighting solutions, featuring adjustable brightness and reduced blue light hazard, are designed to meet the stringent requirements of hospitals, clinics, and care homes, ensuring patient comfort and supporting various medical tasks. Educational Institutions: Suitable for classrooms, libraries, and auditoriums, our lights support a conducive learning environment by reducing glare and improving visual comfort. 

Cultural and Event Venues: Theaters, museums, and exhibition halls utilize our lighting to highlight exhibits, enhance performances, and create memorable visitor experiences.


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