Station Lighting Solution

Selection Ideas of Station Lighting

  • The station is the intersection point of the city‘s complex transportation network, which is the first impression of the city for visitors. Large space, many areas, and ordinary commercial indoor lighting is completely different. Station lighting needs to be unified. The selection of lamps should first consider the appearance and size of lamps and the matching of packaging, packaging should not be too large. An appropriate lighting Angle should be selected to meet the requirements of lighting uniformity. Lamps of different power should be selected in the space of different heights, and glare is not allowed visually.
  • Especially in the subway station, when the car runs underground, it will produce certain vibration. The space of the subway station is relatively closed, so the lighting requirements are different from other places. We recommend customers to choose IK10 full PC frosted tube lamp, frosted shell does not show beads, the light is uniform and soft, not dazzling. Stainless steel and PC material shock test through IK10, and use no frequency lightning protection source, a large number of tourists using mobile phones will not have interference

We recommend 3 series of products for the station use.

Product Features:

  • Full PC housing + Stainless steel end cap that passed IK10
  • Flicker free driver avoid interference
  • Different diameter use in different height place
  • Frosted shell not is not harsh.
  • 60cm,90cm, 120cm,150cm optional.
  • Linkable and non-linkable optional.

For example, Diameters 80mm and 70mm are used for the ceiling and the 45mm for the gap between the platform and the train


Tubular Light, Diameter: 80mm


Tubular Light, Diameter: 70mm


Tubular Light, Diameter: 70mm

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