UGR<16 LED Modular Panel Light-PA series

It’s characterized by a combination of aesthetic appeal, functionality, and adaptability to various settings.

Design Characteristics Features of Module Panel

The design features of an LED module panel light are characterized by a combination of aesthetic appeal, functionality, and adaptability to various settings. Here are some common design characteristics: 

  • Slim Profile: LED module panel lights are known for their sleek and slim design. The slim profile allows for a low-profile installation, making them visually unobtrusive and suitable for modern and minimalist environments.
  • Uniform Surface: The front surface of the panel is designed to provide uniform illumination across the entire area. This helps eliminate shadows and uneven lighting, contributing to a visually pleasing and well-lit space.
  • Frame Options: These lights often come with different frame options, such as aluminum frames or frameless designs. The frame choice can impact the overall aesthetics and may be selected to match the decor of the space.
  • Diffuser Materials: The diffuser material used in LED module panel lights is chosen for its light diffusion properties. Common materials include reflector and PMMA Lens, which efficiently distribute light and reduce glare, creating a soft and comfortable illumination.

Its Customizable Module Length & Panel Dimensions

  • The most significant feature of this series of LED module panel lights lies in its customizable module length, offering enhanced flexibility and a seamless lighting experience. This unique characteristic allows users to tailor the length of the modules according to their specific requirements, ensuring a perfect fit for diverse spaces.
  • This unique characteristic allows users to tailor the length of the modules according to their specific requirements,ensuring a perfect fit for diverse spaces.The ability to customize module lengths not only adds a layer of adaptability to different architectural layouts but also eliminates potential gaps,creating a cohesive and uninterrupted lighting surface.
  • This design innovation not only meets the functional needs of users but also emphasizes a commitment to aesthetic precision.In essence,the adjustable module length sets this series apart,providing a tailored and gap-free lighting solution that seamlessly integrates with the unique design requirements of various environments.

Basic Parameters of the Product

  • Our new modular panel light is a game-changer with its easily replaceable modules,ensuring extended product life and effortless upgrades or repairs.
  • With a low Unified Glare Rating(UGR<16),Its ensures minimal eye strain.
  • The unique combination of reflective cup and lens design achieves a 90° beam Angle,providing targeted lighting that enhances any modern office environment.
  • Achieving an impressive luminous efficacy up to 130/W.
  • Standard size:600×600mm,620×620mm,300×1200mm,300×1500mm,600×1200mm
  • Light source:CRI>80Ra,>90Ra.
  • Functions:On/Off,1-10V,DALI,Sensor,Emergency etc.
  • Product Shell Color:White(Standard),Black.
  • Installation Methods:Recessed & Suspension & Surface mounting.

Open the screws on the back and replace the LED module.

An Innovation Eye Protection Modular Panel Light

UGR<16 Reflector with lens solution

Replacable module with socket

Luminous efficiency: up to 140lm/W (80Ra)

Color rendering index: >80Ra, >90Ra(>130lm/W) optional

Product Parameter

Model No.:DimensionPowerColor TemperatureLuminous EfficacyLumenCRI
Actual size(595x595mm )

Actual size(295x1195mm )
Actual size(620x620mm )
 Actual size(595x1195mm )

Multiple Installation Methods

This LED module panel light series offers versatile installation options to accommodate diverse preferences and spatial requirements. Whether it’s ceiling-mounted for a streamlined look, recessed for a seamless integration into the architecture, or suspended for a modern and stylish appearance, the series caters to a variety of installation needs.

The multiple mounting options, including surface mounting, flush recessed installation, and suspension, provide flexibility in adapting to different environments and design preferences.

This versatility ensures that the LED panel lights can be seamlessly incorporated into a range of settings, from offices and commercial spaces to residential interiors, offering users the freedom to choose the installation method that best suits their aesthetic and functional preferences.


This LED module panel light series is well-suited for a variety of applications, including offices, malls, hospitals, schools, and stations. Its versatile design and adaptable features make it an ideal lighting solution for different environments. In offices, the sleek and modern design can complement contemporary workspaces, providing efficient and uniform illumination. Malls can benefit from the customizable lengths and aesthetic appeal of the lights to enhance the overall shopping experience.

The lights’ even illumination makes them suitable for hospitals and schools, ensuring a well-lit and comfortable environment. Additionally, the flexibility in installation options makes these lights practical for use in transportation hubs such as stations. Overall, the series is designed to meet the lighting needs of diverse settings, combining functionality with a stylish and adaptable form.


FAQ of PA Series

Yes, one of the key features of this series is the ability to customize the module length, providing a tailored lighting solution for different spaces.

The lights offer versatile installation options, including ceiling-mounted, recessed (flush), and suspended installations, catering to various preferences and design requirements.

Yes, many models in this series are dimmable. They are compatible with standard dimming systems, providing users with control over brightness levels to create the desired ambiance.

These LED module panel lights come in various color temperature options, such as warm, cool, or neutral white. Users can choose the color temperature that best suits the intended environment, influencing the overall mood and visual comfort.

Yes, these lights can be equipped with motion sensors, allowing for intelligent and energy-efficient lighting control. The integration of motion sensors enables automatic activation or adjustment of lighting based on detected movement in the vicinity.

Yes, some models in this series are designed with emergency lighting features. In the event of a power outage, these lights can operate in emergency mode, providing sufficient illumination for a specified duration to ensure safety and visibility during unforeseen circumstances.

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