LED Office Linear Light (Latest Design)

  • The linear lighting fixtures from Olam Lighting ‘s are designed with high flexibility, low glare, and high luminous efficacy.
  • The installation allows for flexible design and functionality in different environments.
  • Our modular design approach allows us to offer customized lighting solutions tailored to the specific needs of our customers.
  • We specialize in manufacturing a wide range of products of varying lengths, ensuring seamless integration and uniformity across installations.
  • Our expertly designed modules fit together without any visible gaps or dark spots, achieving a continuous, flawlessly connected surface.
  • This design excellence ensures that each configuration provides optimal illumination, enhancing both functionality and aesthetics of the space.

Lens+Reflector design make your eyes more comfortable

This is a secondary optical design, which uses both lenses and reflectors to optimize light distribution and reduce glare effectively.

Lenses and reflectors provide a robust solution for controlling and optimizing light distribution. This combination allows for better management of where light is cast, reducing wasted light and enhancing visual comfort by lowering glare levels.

This makes the setup ideal for environments such as offices, classrooms, or any space where reducing eye strain is a priority.

Features of Up & Down Lighting in Linear Lights

Secondary optical design

The up and down lighting features of Olamled’s linear lights uniquely combine functional efficiency with ergonomic design. The upward lighting utilizes the principle of reflection to cast light towards the ceiling. 

This reflected light disperses evenly across the space, enhancing the overall illumination and creating a softer, more uniform, and comfortable lighting environment. This effect helps reduce fatigue for individuals within the space, making it ideal for long durations of work or leisure. 

The downward lighting is engineered with a combination of transparent lenses and reflector, This design significantly reduces glare, which in turn minimizes eye strain and potential light-induced damage. 

By employing these features, Olamled’s linear lights contribute to creating a healthy lighting environment that is particularly suited for office settings, ensuring both visual comfort and energy efficiency. 

This thoughtful integration of up and down lighting supports a productive and strain-free atmosphere, emphasizing wellness in workplace design.

UGR<19 and UGR<16 can be optional

Olamled’s linear lights are designed with variable lighting angles to adapt to different glare ratings, optimizing both functionality and comfort. When the lighting angle is set to 65 degrees, the glare rating (UGR) is less than 16, providing exceptionally low glare. This setting is ideal for environments where precise tasks are performed, and minimal distraction from lighting is essential.

For broader illumination, setting the lighting angle to 90 degrees achieves a glare rating of less than 19. This configuration allows for more general use in spaces where a balance between ambient lighting and comfort is needed, such as in common areas and meeting rooms.

UGR<19, Beam angle: 90degree

UGR<19, Beam angle: 90degree

Different combination designs meet different space requirements

A: White Shell + White reflector
B:Black Shell + Black reflector
C:Black Shell + Electroplating
D:White Shell + Electroplating

Different combination designs meet different space requirements

Model No.:DimensionPowerColor TemperatureLuminous EfficacyLumenCRI




The above data is based on the test results of the white shell, and the light efficiency of the black modules/shell is 10% lower

Adjustable color temperature design, switch dip color 3000K,4000K,6000K, reduce your inventory


"___" Shape connector for connected 1 by 1
Installation Accessories


Suspension installation is ideal for spaces where a drop in the lighting from the ceiling is desired or necessary—such as high ceilings or where direct and indirect lighting effects are required. 

  • Attachment of Suspension Cables: Attach the suspension cables at marked points on the ceiling. The length of these cables can usually be adjusted to control the height at which the fixtures hang.
  • Connecting the Light Fixtures: Hang the light fixtures on the cables using the hooks or clips provided. Ensure that each fixture is securely fastened and level. 
  • Electrical Connections: Route the power cables along the suspension cables, connecting each fixture to the power source according to safety regulations and manufacturer instructions. 
  • Adjusting the Fixture Height: Adjust the height of each fixture to achieve the desired positioning and lighting effect. This is typically done by shortening or lengthening the suspension cables.

Olamled offers a variety of power supply options for its LED lighting products, each designed to cater to different lighting control preferences and requirements. Here’s a breakdown of the characteristics of each type:

Non-Dimmable Power Supply:

      Functionality: Provides a constant output without the ability to adjust light intensity.

      Application: Best suited for areas where a consistent level of brightness is needed, such as hallways, storerooms, or where simplicity and cost-effectiveness are priorities.

      Advantages: Typically lower cost and simpler in design, making them reliable and easy to maintain.

1-10V Dimmable Power Supply:

      Functionality: Allows light intensity to be adjusted from 10% to 100% using a standard analog 1-10V dimming control.

      Application: Ideal for spaces where adjustable lighting is necessary, such as conference rooms, offices, or residential areas.

      Advantages: Provides smooth and stable dimming control, enhancing energy efficiency and user comfort. Compatible with many existing lighting control systems.

DALI-2 Power Supply:

      Functionality: Supports Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) standards for digital communication, allowing more precise and sophisticated management of lighting.

      Application: Suitable for complex lighting systems in large commercial or institutional buildings where individual light fixtures need to be monitored and controlled remotely.

      Advantages: Offers enhanced flexibility and control, including features like scene setting and group control. DALI-2 ensures improved interoperability and more features compared to the original DALI systems, thanks to stricter compliance requirements.

FAQ of PD series
Office Linear Lighting

Olamled’s LED linear lights feature both upward and downward lighting to enhance the ambiance and functionality of any space. The upward lighting reflects off the ceiling, creating a soft and uniform light spread, while the downward lighting reduces glare and eye strain, promoting a comfortable work environment.

The adjustable color temperature feature allows users to switch between 3000K, 4000K, and 6000K. This flexibility enables the selection of warmer or cooler light to match different activities and settings, reducing inventory needs for distributors and providing customizable lighting solutions.

Non-dimmable power supplies offer a constant output for simple applications. 1-10V dimmable supplies provide adjustable lighting intensity, suitable for areas requiring variable light settings. DALI-2 power supplies offer advanced control features for complex lighting systems, allowing individual fixture management and enhanced energy efficiency.

Yes, Olamled offers highly customizable linear lighting solutions, including adjustable lengths, various color temperatures, and specific glare ratings. This customization allows seamless integration into any architectural design and meets various functional requirements.

The modular design of Olamled’s lighting products allows for a flexible configuration of lights with seamless connections, eliminating gaps and dark spots. This feature is ideal for large-scale installations, as it ensures consistent lighting coverage and simplifies both the installation process and ongoing maintenance.


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