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Why Choose OLAMLED?


Jacky Xiong


19 years of experience in the LED lighting industry. Now leading OLAM into a golden period of rapid growth.

Before founded OLAM in 2011, Jacky worked as a R&D department in an LED lighting company for 7 years, where he established adequate knoweledge system about LLED Lighting and provided an in-depth insight into the market.

Leading the company as well as the R&D department, Jacky shows great passion for developing LED lights. He firmly believes in the power of innovation and professional teamwork.

Vicky Zhang

General Manager, Chief Sales Officer

The co-founder of OLAM, she takes charge of the daily management of the company. Since 2009, as the head of sales department, she has been responsible for supervising global sales and led the sales team to increase efficiency and profits.

As an industry veteran, Vicky manages the team to develop sustainable and scalable income growth. She brings strategic thinking and precious sales framework, which largely facilitate the team collaboration and cooperation. Adhering to the service as the core, OLAM team is always able to attract new customers and provide them with first-class service in LED lighting industry.

Sophia Deng

Sales Director

One of the first staff joined the company, she has been committed to sales work for more than 15 years.

Growing from a junior foreign trade staff to a foreign trade director of OLAM, now Sophia can lead the sales team to explore more skills. whether pre-sales, in-sales or after-sales, she can provide customers with professional and perfect service.


Production Supervisor

More than 10 years experience in plant staff management. Responsible for the implementation of factory production system. There are also issues of employee safety and production safety. The improvement of productivity, as well as the management and control of production target budget, completion status and completion status.

Quality Supervisor

With 17 years of experience in LED lighting quality control management, I joined OLAM lighting in 2015, responsible for the daily management of product quality, training and guidance of process control personnel, process quality inspection supervision, audit and implementation of process quality management.

Engineering Supervisor

Joined OLAM Team in 2015, mainly responsible for the company’s new product structure development, electrical testing and mold development follow-up and upgrade of old products and assisting the business department to help customers achieve product customization requirements.

We deliver you a deeply customized and highly flexible LED commercial lighting solution with a reasonable MOQ.

Vicky Zhang



Product performance is stable, patents are complete, safety and quality are guaranteed. All commercial LED product are passed by CE, FCC, RoHS and other domestic & overseas resource certifications.

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Virtual Factory Tour

Company Structure & History

  • May. 2022
    New 160lm/w Led Track Panel Light and Track Linear came out
  • September.2022
    New UGR<19 Led Track Panel Light and Track Linear came out
  • October. 2021
    Complete the development of new product -Led Batten Light ( V series)
  • November.2021
    Complete the development of new product -Emergency Tubular Light ( K series)
  • March. 2021
    Participated in the competition held by Alibaba and achieved good results.
  • February. 2020
    We stopped all activities because of the epidemic, But fortunately we have it under control and are back to work.
  • December.2020
    Due to the demolition of the original plant, the factory was relocated from Guangming District to Bao ‘an District
  • April.6th.-9th. 2019
    Attending Hongkong International Lighting Fair ( Spring )
  • May.2019
    IP67 IP69K PMMA material tubular farm light came out
  • March 2018
    Led modular panel light PG series came out
  • April.6th.-9th. 2018
    Attending Hongkong International Lighting Fair ( Spring )
  • September 23th.-25th.2018
    Attending Dubai Light Middle East Lighting Fair
  • October 27th.-31th. 2018
    Attending Hongkong International Lighting Fair ( Autumn )
  • March.22th.-24th.2017
    Attending Warsaw International Lighting Fair
  • April.6th.-9th. 2017
    Attending Hongkong International Lighting Fair ( Spring )
    August ,The UFO High Bay Light passed ETL and DLC
    September ,We are moved a new premises , The factory expands from 3000 square meters to 5000 square meters
    October 27th.-31th. 2017
    Attending Hongkong International Lighting Fair ( Autumn )
    December ,Led modular panel light PN series came out
  • October 27- 31th.2016
    Attending HongKong Lighting Fari
  • October 27- 31th.2016
    Attending Spain’s Lighting Fari
    Track type of seamless linear light R series came out
    Ip68 LED tri- proof light will come to market soon
  • April,Second style LED tri – proof light D series was pulished
  • April,Attending HongKong Lighting Fari
  • June,Third style LED tri – proof light E series came out
  • June,Attending Guangzhou International Lighting Fair
  • October,Attending HongKong Lighting Fari
  • April,Attending HongKong Lighting Fari
  • June,Second style LED linear light S series was pulished
  • June,Attending Guangzhou International Lighting Fair
  • September,Third style LED linear lightF series was pulished
  • October,Attending HongKong Lighting Fari
  • November,New product LED tri – proof light U series first appeared
  • April,Attending HongKongLighting Fari
  • May,Attending China Ningbo lighting show
  • June,Attending Guangzhou International Lighting Fair
  • October,Attending HongKong Lighting Fari
  • December,New product LED linear light T series came out
  • March,New productLEDwater cube panelight came out
  • April,Attending HongKong Lighting Fari
  • June,Attending Guangzhou International Lighting Fair
  • August,New product 3D panels came out
  • October,Attending HongKong Lighting Fari
  • June,Successful transition and focus on the development research & manufacturing of panels
  • June,Attending Guangzhou International Lighting Fair
  • October,Attending Hongkong Lighting Fair

Main business:Led light tubes,spotlights and bulbs.

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