Top 10 LED Grille Light Manufacturers And Suppliers In China 2024

LED lighting has made life easier by offering lighting solutions for all residential, commercial, or industrial spaces. However, grille lights are highly popular when looking at different LED lights. They serve various purposes and are used to cater to multiple applications in the automobile industry.

If the grille LED light market is considered, it is expected to grow at a CAGR of about 8 percent from 2022 to 2030, and by 2030, it will reach USD 2.1 billion. The demand for this lighting is increasing because users are highly focused on the aesthetics of vehicles nowadays, and they need versatile and energy-efficient lighting solutions for cars.

China is expected to have a market share in LED grille lights of about 25% to 27%, which is why it now has various leading LED grille light manufacturers. You can follow the guide below to learn about these manufacturers.

Top 10 Chinese LED Grille Light Manufacturers & Suppliers 2024

S. NOName of CompanyLocationYear FoundedNumber of Employees
1Green Art LED LightFoshan199830
2Crep LEDNanchang2009600
4Zhongshan Tiaoshan Lighting Co LtdGuangdong2005100
5Changzhou Toptree Auto Lamp Co LtdJiangsu2010 
6Zhongshan City Guang Zhi Zao LightingGuangdong2011100
7Foshan Ronse Lighting Technology Co LtdGuangdong2010300

1. GreenArtLedLight

Green ART is a leading LED lighting manufacturer established in 1998 with a minimal setup. However, with time, they grew and turned out to be giants in the lighting industry.

They have their headquarters in Foshan, China, and a production area of about 3000 square meters with about 30 workers. The grille lights they manufacture are certified with various standards and certifications like TUV, ROHS, CE, FCC, and much more. Before the products are delivered to the client, each product passes through strict inspections. The entire setup manufacturing LED lights is highly automated and well at the customized orders.

2. Crep-Led

Crep LED is an LED lighting manufacturing company that has been operational since 2009 and has its headquarters in Nanchang, China. The company has a wide range of various LED lights, among which grille lights are also offered.

They have a team of more than 600 people working in their production facility. The team is highly skilled, and apart from this, the company has a very well-equipped production setup. They have automated machinery for every task. The strict quality control systems ensure the delivery of high-quality, durable, performance-oriented lighting products.

They also offer OEM and ODM services, and you can have customized grille lights based on your requirements. 

3. Obals

Obals is an LED lighting manufacturer headquartered in Guangdong, China, founded in 2010. The company has been in the business for a long time and has been able to develop gradually with its consistency in quality and promising customer satisfaction.

They have a factory based on 10,000 square meters, and more than 200 employees work there. The company is known to produce the finest quality LED grille lights, ideally made from the best quality, functional, sustainable, and environmentally friendly material.

The research and development team at OBALS consistently works hard to achieve the best innovative lighting solutions for their clients.

4. Zhongshan Tiaoshun Lighting Co., Ltd.

Zhongshan Tiaoshun Lighting was established in Guangdong, China in 2005. The company is one of the leading names in the LED lighting industry in China for various reasons. They offer the finest quality lights that are durable and highly efficient. They constantly check quality and ensure their lights have the latest features.

Their product range comprises grille lights, LED downlights, louver fittings, and more. They follow the standards of ISO9001 and have also achieved certifications like CE and CCC. They have a broad global customer base and cater to clients in Europe, the USA, Asia, and Africa.

The factory is about 5000 square meters, with over 100 employees and well-trained and skilled engineers bringing innovations every other day.

5. Changzhou Toptree Auto Lamp Co., Ltd.

Changzhou Toptree Auto Lamp Co Ltd is a leading manufacturer that looks after the manufacturing of automobile lighting products. The grille lights offered by the company are the top-notch and most durable lights with many options and layouts.

The company was established in 2010 and has headquarters in Jiangsu, China. The production facility is over 208 square meters, and the research and development department consistently works hard to produce the best and the most advanced lighting solutions. They focus on quality, so they have maintained inspection and testing at a high level. The company manufactures products equipped with international standards and passes international certifications.

6. Zhongshan City Guang Zhi Zao Lighting

Zhongshan City Guang Zhi Zao Lighting is headquartered in Guangdong. They have a vast manufacturing area spread across 5000 square meters, and the company registered itself in 2011. The company comprises 100 well-trained employees and engineers with sufficient expertise to bring about innovative lighting solutions.

The production facility of this manufacturer is very impressive, and you can come across multiple machinery setups, each performing a specific task. They even ensure that the grille lights are tested before being delivered to the clients and that there are no defects.

7. Foshan Ronse Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.

Foshan Ronse Lighting Technology Co. Ltd was founded in 2010. Since its inception, it has been known to offer the finest lighting solutions for the commercial sector. They have improved over 14 years and have developed a very well-integrated setup where each of their activities is weaved into one another to ensure that the production output is always top-notch.

They have a massive space spanning over 34,000 square meters and versatile and advanced production units. 300 employees work day and night to ensure the commercial sector provides affordable, high-quality solutions. They have a wide range of products, and their grille lights are highly popular.  The headquarters of this company is in Guangdong, China.


Zhongshan Teicci Lighting Technology Co Ltd is a well-known and leading professional lighting manufacturer in Guangdong, China. They are known for their exclusive collection of linear lighting products, and this range comprises magnetic liner light and linear grille lighting.

The company is inclined to make the most of its research and development department to innovate new lighting products. They have advanced machinery and production capability, and they follow international standards to ensure the durability of the lights.

9. Aluds

Aluds came into being in 2017 and has its headquarters in Guangdong, China. The company has a team of 100 employees. They are known for producing the best quality lighting solutions that cater to almost all spaces. Their clientele comprises clubs, shopping malls, hotels, and rental villas. The grille lights are also ideal for the automobile sector, and they are committed to delivering the most innovative lighting solutions.

They have passed the ISO9001 certification and achieved certifications like CB, CE, and CCC.

10. Okelilamp

OKELI Lighting was established in 2009 and has its headquarters in Guangdong, China. The company comprises an area of 35000 square meters with departments like designing, marketing, manufacturing, and research and development. The company is known for producing various lighting products, among which grille lights are highly exceptional.

They have a team of more than 1000 employees looking after production, packaging, and research. The skilled team of engineers helps them design various lights now and then, associated with international certifications.

Types/Styles of LED Grille Lights

There are different types of LED Grille lights, some of which are discussed below.

1.  Spot Beam LED Grille Lights:

The spot beam LED grille lights emit a beam of light that is concentrated and focused, and at the same time, it is highly suitable for illuminating distant spaces and helping highlight specific areas.

2.  Flood Beam LED Grille Lights:

The flood beam LED grille light produces a broad and wide beam; hence, it helps illuminate space, offering a better version of the surroundings.

3.  Combo Beam LED Grille Lights:

The combo beam LED grille lights combine flood beam and spotlight in one fixture and are highly versatile for illuminating long distances and comprehensive area coverage.

4.  RGB LED Grille Lights:

The RGB LED Grille lights consist of three colors: red, green, and blue, and these three colors combine to produce more light colors. These lights are suitable for creating lighting effects.

5.                  Curved LED Grille Lights:

The curved LED grille lights feature a curved design, offering coverage of a wide field rather than straight, capturing the illumination area.

6.                  Straight LED Grille Lights:

The straight LED grille lights have a linear layout and are used for a focus lighting distribution in a straight direction.

7.                  Adjustable Mounting Bracket LED Grille Lights:

The adjustable mounting bracket LED grille lights consist of adjustable brackets that can offer flexibility so that the users can adjust the direction of the illumination according to their requirements.

8.                  Round LED Grille Lights:

The round LED grille lights have a round shape and look very unique aesthetically. These are suitable for vehicles that are used off-road and need auxiliary illumination.

9.                  Rectangular LED Grille Lights:

 The rectangular LED grille lights are shaped like a rectangle, giving a typical look that fits multiple vehicle styles.

Applications of LED Grille Lights

LED grille lights are used in the automobile industry for multiple vehicles as they are highly versatile and offer energy efficiency. Some of the common applications of these lights are as follows:

  • Off-road vehicles like trucks and SUVs widely use LED grille lights, which help them move smoothly on challenging roads and improve visibility; the spot and flood beam lights suit such cars.
  • Vehicles that are used for emergencies, such as ambulances, police cars, and fire structures, also make use of these LED grille lights, which help them signal that others care about their movement. Also, it helps in improving visibility.
  • LED grille lights are also used for construction vehicles and two trucks because they help work the side by providing additional illumination.
  • Vehicles used for the agricultural field, like tractors and other machinery, are also equipped with LED lights to improve visibility when working at night.
  • To improve navigation, the LED grille lights are even used in marine vehicles like boats and ships, and these are waterproof grille lights.
  • When used for recreational and entertainment activities, ATVs use LED grille lights and offer improved visibility.
  • Security patrol vehicles use LED grille lights for functional illumination, which is a deterrent.
  • Trucks have grille lights that help create unique patterns through them and add a unique look for aesthetic reasons.
  • Delivery trucks use LED grille lights to have a safe and visible light when moving on the roads at night.

Why You Should Consider Chinese LED Grille Lights Manufacturers?

There are various reasons that may compel people to choose Chinese manufacturers for LED grille lights, and some of these reasons are discussed below:

  • The production by Chinese manufacturers is cost-effective because of the lower labor cost; hence, when it comes to LED grille lights, you can have them at an affordable price.
  • The manufacturing capacity of Chinese manufacturers is usually very wide; hence, they can offer large volumes of LED grille lights, which help provide timely orders.
  • The range of LED grille lights they offer comprises diversity, and you can have multiple options in terms of designs, specifications, and features; moreover, they even offer customization based on your specific requirements.
  • The Chinese manufacturers are known for making hefty investments in R&D, and hence, they develop innovative LED lighting products.
  • Chinese manufacturers have a very strong presence at the global level, and hence, they export to multiple countries.

How can I find reliable Chinese griller light manufacturers?

If you are looking for a reliable Chinese grille light manufacturer, you can find them in various ways, and some of them are discussed below:

  • Online directories like Alibaba or Global Sources comprise various manufacturers in the form of lists. These platforms are equipped with information on the businesses, catalogs, and customer reviews, which help you make an easy selection followed by an assessment.
  • You can attend trade shows where these manufacturers display their products, which allows you to meet them in person; this way, you get an opportunity to inspect their products personally and get in touch with them directly.
  • Suppose you have chosen a manufacturer on your own and you are concerned about their reliability. In that case, consider using third-party verification services, which help assess the manufacturers’ reliability.
  • Always research the manufacturer’s background, consider their reputation and history, look for their certifications, and try to learn about their customer reviews.
  • Pay a visit to the factory, and you can look at the production process and quality control methods personally to see how they operate and manufacture the grille lights.
  • Always try to order a few samples and inspect the quality independently. It helps in understanding the reliability of the manufacturer and the product.

Factors to consider when selecting a Chinese griller light manufacturer

When you are choosing the Chinese grille light manufacturers, there are various things that you must consider, and some of these factors are as follows:

  • You must consider researching the manufacturer’s reputation, looking for customer reviews, and getting references from people who have worked with that client to see their track record.
  • Always assess the manufacturer’s experience in manufacturing LED grille lights; make sure to consider the years of experience so that you can determine how long they have been serving the industry.
  • Always consider the quality control processes that the manufacturer follows and ensure they meet international standards.
  • Keep an eye on the relevant certifications they have attained, like RoHS, CE, and ISO 9001. These indicate that the manufacturer follows the safety and quality standards required by the industry.
  • Always consider the capacity the manufacturer has to meet the requirements of your order; in this regard, you will need to assess the workforce and the production facilities they have.
  • Consider the innovation a manufacturer may come up with, whether the manufacturer invests in research and development, and whether they offer you advanced grille light features.
  • Try to consider a manufacturer with whom you do not have a language barrier so that communication becomes more accessible. If you wish to have a customized grille light for your project, consider a manufacturer ready to provide you with the relevant customization.
  • Request a sample for grille lights and ensure they have the required durability, specification, and quality and offer the performance you have been looking for.
  • You must inquire about the strength of the supply chain. They have a manufacturer with a consistent supply of raw materials and can commit to a timely delivery.
  • The manufacturer you choose must be socially and ethically responsible and adhere to environmental regulations and ethical standards.
  • Always discuss the shipping and logistics arrangements beforehand, keeping track of the lead time, shipping methods, and costs to ensure a smooth delivery of the final order.


1.  What is the typical lead time for Chinese griller light manufacturers’ orders?

Ans. The lead time for the Chinese grille light manufacturer orders varies depending on the factors, the volume of orders, the customization required, and the delivery destination; however, it may range between a few weeks to a few months.

2.  Are there any certifications or standards I should look for when sourcing griller lights from Chinese manufacturers?

Ans. Yes, you must look for certifications like ISO 9001, CE, and RoHS, as these certifications ensure the quality and safety adherence of the manufacturer.

3.  How can I ensure quality control when sourcing griller lights from Chinese manufacturers?

Ans. You can ensure the quality of grille lights when sourcing from a Chinese manufacturer. Make sure to ask for samples, as it is impossible to visit the factory, and discuss your concerns for quality with the manufacturer beforehand.

4.  Are Chinese griller lights of good quality?

Ans. The quality of the Chinese grille light varies between the manufacturers. If you choose a manufacturer carefully, you can source high-quality lights and conduct research by reviewing their former clients.

5.  Can Chinese griller light manufacturers customize products according to my specifications?

Ans. The Chinese grille light manufacturers provide various customization options; for this, you must communicate the required design and specifications for the grille light.

6.  What are the primary functions of grille lights on vehicles?

Ans. Grille lights on the vehicles ensure safety and visibility for the drivers and provide illumination in conditions with a lack of lighting. These are widely used for emergency and off-road vehicles.

7.  How do grille lights enhance visibility in different driving conditions?

Ans. Gille lights offer illumination by covering a wider area, with different beams serving different coverages. Spot beams cover long-range visibility, and flood beams cover wider areas; they also combine beams that help cover illumination for longer and wider areas.

8.  What are the critical differences between LED grille and traditional halogen lights?

Ans. The LED grille lights are highly energy efficient, have a longer life span, and are more durable than traditional halogen lights. They also offer bright illumination and resistance against impact.

9.   Are grille lights legal for use on public roads, and are there any regulations regarding their installation and usage?

Ans. The use of grille lights on public roads is a matter of jurisdiction in terms of legality, and the local laws for traffic must be assessed to ensure that these lights will be compliant with the use on public roads. Various factors prevail in this consideration, which comprises the placement and brightness of these lights.

10.  Can grille lights be easily installed on any vehicle grille?

Ans. Grille lights are installed on different vehicles based on the design compatibility for the design. Most grille lights consist of adjustable brackets supporting easy installation, and some may need the added accessories that help with modification.

11.  What everyday maintenance tasks are required to keep grille lights in optimal condition?

Ans. If you want to keep the grille lights in optimal condition, you must keep checking on them by suspecting them for dirt and dust, which should be cleaned timely; make sure that the brackets are fine and that there is no damage on the part of the wiring.

12.  How do grille lights contribute to the aesthetics of a vehicle’s exterior?

Ans. Grille lights add a stylish look to the vehicle’s exterior, as various designs and layouts with colors make the vehicle appealing and eye-catching.

13.   Are there grille lights specifically designed for off-road or emergency vehicle applications?

Ans. The grille lights are designed specifically for emergency and off-road vehicles, and hence, they have features like improved visibility, which helps drive the car in challenging conditions.

14.  Do grille lights have adjustable brightness settings or different lighting modes?

Ans. Modern grille lights have adjustable brightness settings; hence, you can adjust the intensity of the lights based on your requirements for different road conditions.

15.  Are grille lights available with additional features such as integrated turn signals or hazard warning functions?

Ans. Yes, the grille lights have multiple features, consisting of warning features in case of a hazard or turn signals integrated within these lights. They act as a light, ensuring vehicle safety and working as a signaling option.

Your One Stop LED Light Manufacturer – OlamLED

Looking for the right Chinese manufacturer for LED lighting is crucial to ensure that the quality of LED lighting in your projects is up to the mark. OLAMLED caters to the requirement due to its extensive and long-term experience in LED lighting and production expertise.

They have a wide range of LED lighting products, including LED tubular lights, LED linear lights, UFO high bay lights, and many more. These lights are equipped with easy installation advanced features, and for outdoor applications, the lighting options offered are provided with water resistance and impact resistance.

If you are searching for a leading Chinese LED lighting manufacturer, consider OLAMLED as your go-to option to ensure you have lighting products that are durable, affordable, and equipped with international certifications and quality standards.

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