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About Me

Hi, I’m Vicky Zhang, Co-funder of OLAMLED. I have been working in the LED lighting industry since 2006 and founded my own company in the winter of 2009. 

It started out as a small trading company with only 2-3 people, not enough capital and orders, which was very difficlut for us. In order to survive, I was not only the owner, but also an employee and the company’s cleaner, you know, for a startup, the owner assumes all positions. and this situation lasted for about 2 years before our operation started to improve. 

From the beginning of product diversification slowly turned into specialization, we were one of the first factories in China to produce LED Edgelit Panel Light. In the following three years, OLAM entered a period of rapid development. The quality and price of our panel lights have been recognized by many customers and the market, orders grew and our team gradually expanded.

As the marketplace changes, the factory which used to focus on LED panel light had to make strategic adjustments. So we started to develop new products ourselves, launching several series of new products every year on average. Despite many failures in the early stage, we continue to specialize in product, market and customer requirements, and with the team’s accumulated experience, we are slowly becoming more and more professional.

Now customers only need to tell their basic application requirements, we can provide them with commercial lighting solutions and full one-stop servies, from product structure design, appearance design, molding, sampling and mass production. And  there is not large orders requirement, instead, reasonable MOQ can be provied. 

Well, let me introduce OLAMLED to you!

Integrated the positioning concept of our products in the logo design, which incorporates the letter “M” into the commercial building elements to design the OLAM+LED intersection and present the latest brand of our lighting products.

The business philosophy of sustainable development must keep up with the development trend of the times, OLAMLED will continue to maintain product innovation, adhere to the high quality positioning of our products, to provide users with high-quality lighting products. We always advocate happy work and life for all our members and work hard to provide customers lighting with better quality.

The new brand is a new journey and beginning. We have been moving forward all the way by the unchanged dream! OLAMLED will create more possibilities for commercial space in the world of light!

What am I good at?

My personal work experience is very rich, such as  personnel management, quality management and ISO system training, which helped me a lot in starting up my own company, and makes me do better in company management than many other people. But what I like most now is to chat with you about products and market, of course, if there is a destiny between us, we can also drink tea and chat about life, our hobbies, and our colorful life with many trials and tribulations.


What can my company and I offer you?

From start to finish,our experienced and qualified engineers work closely with you to find an LED Commercial lighting solution that meets your business needs

1. Send Your Inquiry

You can provide us with your design drawings, or tell us where you need to use them, and we will recommend similar product series to you according to the application scenarios

2. Get Reviewed

After the engineering team receives your drawings or requirements, we will reply to you with our professional suggestions

3. Sample Molding

Design the mold according to the final requirements of your custom LED lamp. Ensure mold accuracy to meet your product requirements

4. First Sample

Before we start mass production, we will produce the sample within a week and send it to you for testing and confirmation.

5. Trial Order

Please feel free to order a small batch of your LED lights for test purposes. A trial order makes it easy for your entire LED light order to meet your criteria

6. Contract Details

Before signing a large order contract, we will confirm with you the details of the sample, drawings, production process requirements, etc., to ensure that there are no mistakes in the contract and related document requirements

7. Go into production

After confirming the order, we will strictly follow the order requirements to purchase materials and produce your order according to the relevant quality standards

8. Packaging & Delivery

All finished LED lights are packaged in your custom packaging and protected according to your mode of transport to ensure their safe and on-time arrival.

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I widely travel and record lots of beautiful moments in life

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