2022-2023 A’ Design Award Winners Announced

Grab your shades, folks, because we’re about to step into the dazzling world of the 2022-2023 A’ Design Award winners in the Lighting category!

Have you seen these designs? Each one bursts with creativity, lighting up every day and leaving us in awe. We’re not talking about your grandma’s chandelier here. These are audacious beams of brilliance straight from the minds of the world’s most innovative designers.

You see, there’s Bill. Bill’s design is a touch of genius, a playful twist on the old-fashioned desk lamp, transforming it into a modern art piece. And then there’s Maria, who blew the judges away with her eco-friendly, solar-powered garden lights. They’re like tiny suns that never set!

These aren’t just products, you know. They’re stories. Stories of late-night inspirations, countless sketches, prototypes, coffee-fueled reworks…and finally, the moment when the ordinary becomes extraordinary.

So, sit back, sip your coffee (or tea, we don’t judge), and join us as we dive into the stunning universe of these luminous marvels. Ready? Alright, here we go… into the light!

The A’ Design Award: A Celebration of Creativity in the Design World

1. Purpose and Goals

The A’ Design Award’s primary purpose is to bring together talented designers from across the globe and celebrate their creativity. The competition aims to celebrate and recognize talented designers, design studios, and manufacturers for their excellent work in numerous design fields. This competition is also an ideal platform for young designers to showcase their talent and work and to receive worldwide recognition. The A’ Design Award also actively encourages and promotes sustainable design practices by recognizing designs that incorporate sustainability.

2. Recognition by International Design Associations

The A’ Design Award is renowned, highly valued, and recognized by prominent international design associations such as ICOGRADA and BEDA. These associations support the A’ Design Award’s purpose and significance in the broader design community. The A’ Design Award strives to be the benchmark for outstanding design in the international community and offers designers a platform to showcase their work.

3. Award Categories and Recognitions

The A’ Design Award recognizes projects across various design disciplines, including product design, furniture design, architecture, graphics, and more. The competition is split into categories, each showcasing exceptional design from various fields. The number of submissions received yearly is remarkable, with over 100,000 entries from 200 countries each year, which attests to the A’ Design Award’s global appeal. Every submission undergoes a comprehensive evaluation process; only the most outstanding entries are recognized.

4. A’ Design Award Winners

Winning an A’ Design Award is a tremendous achievement in the design world, and the competition has seen notable works by architects, graphic designers, product designers, artists, and creative professionals from across the globe. Each year, the awards ceremony honors exceptional results of designers worldwide with the coveted A’ Design Prize, which includes a 3D printed trophy, an annual yearbook publication, and a range of other perks and benefits. Winning an A’ Design Award boosts the designer’s professional profile and provides them with international recognition.

5. Benefits of the A’ Design Award

The A’ Design Award is an excellent opportunity for designers and creative professionals to showcase their works to a global audience. Winners of the award receive outstanding perks, including international recognition, access to jury members, valuable feedback from peers, and so much more. The competition even offers free PR and marketing tools to help winners promote their designs.

2022-2023 A’ Design Award Winners Announced

Get ready for some fantastic lighting ideas! The 2022-2023 A’ Design Award winners in the Lighting Category have been announced, and their fantastic designs are here to brighten up our lives. Let’s celebrate these talented designers and their incredible creations that make our world more colorful and exciting!

Honey Drop Lighting by Akira Nakagomi:

Picture a piece of technology that’s both a beacon of light and a savior in distress. Akira Nakagomi’s Honey Drop Lighting is a marvel that serves a dual purpose. This intriguing creation is an aesthetic enhancer in ordinary circumstances, its luminescence adding a unique aura to your living spaces. But the real twist unfolds in emergencies when the Honey Drop transforms into an unexpected source of nutrition. Yes, you heard it right – it’s edible too. Merging utility with emergency preparedness, this design is a testament to Akira Nakagomi’s innovative approach to everyday objects.

Reflex Pendant Lamp by Alexey Danilin:

Enter the world of Alexey Danilin, where lighting solutions aren’t merely about brightening a room; they’re about kindling inner tranquility. The Reflex Pendant Lamp is a testament to this philosophy. Inspired by introspective psychology, the lamp is a versatile addition to any space, offering primary and directional lighting based on your needs. Whether casting a warm glow above a dining table or serving as a reading light by the bedside, it’s a beacon of peace and calm. Moreover, it’s adjustable height and easy maintenance make it a practical choice for modern homes.

Scacco Matto Portable Lamp by Francesco Cappuccio:

Meet the Scacco Matto Portable Lamp – a tangible manifestation of Francesco Cappuccio’s brilliant imagination. This isn’t a simple lamp; it explores form, function, and spectacle. With clever use of magnets, the design encourages the user to connect various elements to create five distinct light sculptures. It’s like an interactive art piece that illuminates your room and stimulates your creative sensibilities. Can your regular lamp do that? We think not!

Barro Lamp by Caterina Moretti

Akin to a poet composing verses in silence, Caterina Moretti weaves magic with her simple yet enchanting Barro Lamp. This masterpiece isn’t just a light source but a dialogue between raw materials and their artistic transformations. Made from Barro Negro clay and blown glass from Oaxaca, the lamp represents a marriage of traditional craftsmanship with modern design aesthetics. The glass dome envelopes the cylindrical clay structure, casting a warm, diffused, mesmerizing, soothing glow.

2D Lantern Urban Fixture by Bianca Tresoldi

Regarding lighting, Bianca Tresoldi plays with the unseen and the obvious. With its shape-shifting ability, the 2D Lantern Urban Fixture becomes an art form that emerges only when lit. During the day, it blends seamlessly into the urban environment, camouflaged yet vigilant. As night falls and it lights up, the fixture transforms into an illuminating spectacle, its existence now radiant and undeniable.

U Table Lamp by Monica Pinto de Almeida

Monica Pinto de Almeida plays the game of simplicity to perfection. She spins an elegant narrative of subtle design and sublime functionality with the U Table Lamp. The lamp’s inverted U-shaped structure, constructed from simple rectangular lines, commands attention while exuding a calming aura. The illumination emanating from it not only lights up the room but also alters its ambiance, adding a distinct charm to the surroundings.

Lead Recycled Cork LED Lantern by Takanori Urata

In Takanori Urata’s world, every design tells a story of sustainability. The Lead Recycled Cork LED Lantern is a testament to this philosophy, boasting a body made from recycled cork. Yet, its brilliance continues beyond eco-friendliness. The lantern comes alive with a simple switch press, bathing its cork surface in a warm, inviting glow. It’s portable, rechargeable, compact, and ready to be your loyal companion in daily life and emergencies.

Farol Ceiling Light by Katia Martins and Tiago Russo

Katia Martins and Tiago Russo take us on a fascinating journey of minimalist design and natural aesthetics with their Farol Ceiling Light. A harmonious blend of cork’s earthly tones with the sleek allure of painted steel gives life to this design. Its simplicity belies its ability to cast soft, serene beams of light, conjuring a warm, intimate atmosphere. Combining materials with daring structures goes beyond visual appeal; it creates an impactful experience, reminding us that illumination is not just about brightness but also the ambiance it crafts.

Objects Come Alive Ambience Lighting Systems by Fengsheng Cai

With the wave of his design wand, Fengsheng Cai bestows life upon inanimate objects. His creation, aptly named ‘Objects Come Alive,’ isn’t just a lighting system; it’s an entity that interacts with its surroundings. The lamp mimics nature’s response to external stimuli by drawing inspiration from the growth habits, movement patterns, and rhythms of wheat under the sun and dandelions in the wind. It adjusts its glow with changing temperatures, reacts to human touch, and responds to your breath’s warmth, offering a unique way to alleviate stress and fatigue.

The Alien Lighting by Sepideh Bayat

Step into Sepideh Bayat’s universe, and you’ll encounter a fascinating extraterrestrial entity – The Alien Lighting. Deriving its inspiration from alien forms, this lighting design doesn’t simply illuminate spaces; it transports you into an aura of mystery and intrigue. Its downlights directly focus light, while indirect side lighting casts an ethereal glow, creating an illusion of the fixture floating in an abyss of an enigma.

Hexa Light by Sepehr Mehrdadfar

Simplicity and functionality merge in Sepehr Mehrdadfar’s Hexa Light. It is composed of hexagonal modules, a lighting solution, and a geometric work of art. This modular masterpiece doesn’t merely provide illumination; it offers an aesthetic contribution to your space, adding a dash of futuristic charm. Moreover, its user-friendly design allows easy assembly, disassembly, and movement, ensuring you can tailor the lighting network to your preference.

Od Ana Lighting by Cenk Ahmet Kaya

Cenk Ahmet Kaya’s Od Ana Lighting personifies the versatility of anthropomorphic structures. Resembling a human form, this lamp provides more than mere illumination; it lends an engaging personality to your space. Designed with flexibility, it can transform from a desk lamp into a floor lamp, adapting to your changing needs while maintaining its enchanting appeal.

Ning Mood Lighting by Wei Peng Hung

Interactive and inspired, Wei Peng Hung’s Ning Mood Lighting is a testament to imaginative design. Drawing inspiration from spinning tops, the light breathes life into its surroundings as it starts spinning. The playful concept and engaging functionality elevate this design from a mere lamp to an interactive experience, shedding light on the mesmerizing blend of art, technology, and illumination.

The Jaipur Collection

“The Jaipur Collection” by Within, a symphony of tradition meets modernity, exemplifies the beauty of perplexity. Inspired by the rich heritage of Jaipur, the collection brings together intricate Rajasthani designs and contemporary aesthetics. It’s a lavish feast of geometric patterns and vivid colors, lit by the soft glow of artisanal craftsmanship. Each piece seems a labyrinth of artistic exploration, echoing stories of an ancient city while lighting up the corners of modern dwellings.

The Phantom Chair

“Phantom Chair” by Chen Weiqiang, contrarily, is a model of minimalist elegance, punctuated by bursts of extraordinary ingenuity. It’s a lesson in the power of simplicity, a stark contrast to Within’s Jaipur Collection, yet equally enchanting.

The seemingly mundane chair transforms into a captivating luminary spectacle when darkness cloaks the world. With cleverly integrated LED technology, it morphs into a ghostly figure, a phantom exuding ethereal beauty that challenges the norms of furniture design.

The Xu Wei Art Museum

The next marvel, “The Xu Wei Art Museum” by the Lighting Design Institute of UAD, encapsulates the sublime integration of architectural and lighting design. Here, burstiness manifests in the light and shadow variation along the museum’s walkways and galleries.

The design paints an emotional landscape from softer, diffused lights that create a tranquil ambiance to the high-contrast illumination highlighting Xu Wei’s artwork. The diversity in illumination techniques narrates the story of Xu Wei’s life and art, guiding visitors on a journey of luminous discovery.

The Sixth Sense Floor Lamp

Lastly, “The Sixth Sense Floor Lamp” by Xuanzhi Deng, a testament to interactive design and human intuition, adds to the perplexity. Its design philosophy hinges on intuitive human interaction – a gentle tap or swipe adjusts the lamp’s brightness and orientation.

A simple cylinder by day, it springs to life when activated, transforming into an interactive dance of light and human touch. It’s a magical embodiment of light as an extension of our senses, evoking wonderment in its unpredictability.

The Impact and Significance of Award-Winning Designs on the Design Industry

Design is the visual and aesthetic representation of innovation, creativity, and functionality. The most exceptional and award-winning designs capture these elements with remarkable ingenuity, inspiring people to think more profound about the art of design.

From architecture to fashion, automotive to lighting design, the industry recognizes award-winning designs’ invaluable contribution to pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

Let’s talk about the impact and significance of award-winning designs on the design industry, focusing on their innovation, potential influence, and contribution to technology and the aesthetic value of lighting design.

Innovation and Creativity

Innovation and creativity are the hallmarks of award-winning designs. These designs represent designers’ exceptional approach to creating something unique, appealing, and functional. For example, the Apple iPhone’s design, which won the 2008 IDEA Gold Award for design excellence, demonstrated an innovative approach to technology and design, combining a sleek look and a user-friendly interface.

Similarly, the Tesla Model S’s design won the 2013 IDEA Gold Award for design excellence, demonstrating the innovative approach to creating an electric vehicle with a futuristic look and advanced functionality. The award-winning designs inspire people and push the boundaries of what was previously thought impossible, resulting in more significant developments.

The Potential of Winning the Awards

The potential influence of award-winning designs on the design industry and beyond is enormous. Design plays a vital role in our lives, and award-winning designs have the potential to spark significant technological, social, and cultural changes. For example, the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain, designed by Frank Gehry, won the European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture – Mies van der Rohe Award.

It transformed how people view modern architecture by creating a building with unique, organic shapes, becoming a landmark and a symbol of modernism. Similarly, the Nike Fuelband’s innovative design, which won the 2013 Red Dot Award, revolutionized how people interact with their fitness tracking device, resulting in a cultural shift for a more active and fit lifestyle. The award-winning designs can create a ripple effect that extends beyond the design, influencing and inspiring change.

Technology Advancement

Award-winning designs also contribute to the advancement of technology and the aesthetic value of lighting design. The designs push the boundaries of what is possible and inspire innovation in technology development. For example, the Philips Hue smart lighting won the 2013 Red Dot Award for product design. It provides users programmable lighting that syncs with their music and mood, transforming their living space’s ambiance. The design of the Philips Hue contributes to the development of smart lighting technology and its continued evolution to more personalized home automation.

Similarly, the Artemide Tolomeo lamp, which won the Compasso d’Oro Award, combines elegance, functionality, and simplicity, transforming the traditional desk lamp into a modern and visually stunning accessory. The design inspires other lighting designers to push the limits of the aesthetic value of lighting fixtures, resulting in more beautiful and inspirational designs.


Award-winning designs significantly impact and significance on the design industry and beyond. They demonstrate exceptional creativity, innovation, and functionality that push the boundaries of what is possible, inspiring people to reach new heights of design excellence. The award-winning designs also have the potential to influence and inspire significant technological, social, and cultural changes, transforming the landscape of design development. Additionally, the designs contribute to the advancement of technology and the aesthetic value of lighting design, inspiring more beautiful and functional lighting designs. Award-winning designs represent the art of design at its best, and their impact and significance will continue to inspire and transform the design world.


What is the A’ Design Award?

The A’ Design Award is an international competition that rewards and recognizes design, innovation, and creativity excellence. Winners are selected based on exceptional design quality, originality, and functionality.

What are the criteria for winning a design award?

Design awards often look at innovation, creativity, and functionality as criteria for selection. Additionally, jurors will consider the design’s practicality, aesthetics, potential impact on society, and ability to set new trends in the industry.

How do award-winning designs influence the design industry?

Award-winning designs serve as a source of inspiration, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in terms of innovation and creativity. These designs have the potential to spark significant technological, social, and cultural changes, transforming the landscape of design development. Additionally, these designs can contribute to the advancement of technology and to improving the aesthetic value of lighting design.

What are some examples of award-winning designs?

Award-winning designs include the Apple iPhone, Tesla Model S, Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Nike Fuelband, and Philips Hue smart lighting. These designs have won various awards, including the IDEA Gold Award, European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture, and Red Dot Award.

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