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If you look forward to understanding CRI and SDCM and how they affect LED luminaires, you have landed at the right place.
Are you worried about parking lot lighting? This article will help you understand professional parking lot lighting solutions.
If you’re looking for track lighting, you must have heard about 1 or 3 circuits or phases already. On this page, Olam lighting will explain the difference between those two.
The surface of the cleanroom troffer panel adopts a special antibacterial spraying process,which can effectively resist bacteria, viruses and safe use environment.
There are different forms of LED grille lights, which include light bars of LED, strobe lights, and accent lighting as well.
This article will introduce us to a client in Melbourne for the implementation of the Introducing Ultra-thin Panel Light with Air Slots
This article will introduce us to a client in Berlin for the implementation of the Introducing Modular Panel Light With Microwave Sensor project.
Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Autumn Edition) Olamled will waiting for visit at 5C-D44.
We shed light on the LED lighting manufacturing world near the vibrant heart of Hong Kong.

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