Where are the Cleanroom Troffer Used?

  1. Operating theatres
  2. Cleanroom environments
  3. Healthcare applications
  4. Laboratories

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There are numerous such applications where maintaining high standards of cleanliness is one of the major concerns, followed by reliable illumination. In order to cater to such controlled environments, the role played by cleanroom troffers is always crucial.

These lighting fixtures cater to many industries, including biotechnology, medicine, aerospace, and even electronics, where ensuring cleanliness is essential. In this article below, we have in-depth featured an analysis of applications of cleanroom troffers and how it is creating a viable space in the market.

What are Cleanroom Troffers?

Cleanroom troffers are light fixtures designed to be used in such environments, which are regulated to maintain a controlled space. This ensures that air quality, contamination of particulates, and other environmental parameters must be very tightly regulated.

In such spaces, it is essential to ensure that surroundings are sterile and that no environmental factors interfere with the processes performed. The cleanroom troffers are the light fixtures with a sealed design, and hence it helps prevent contamination ingressing in the fixtures.

The materials used to make these lights are easy to clean and maintain and do not shed particles.

What are the Features of Cleanroom Troffers?

Cleanroom troffers are lighting fixtures ideally suitable for ensuring a seamless lighting experience in medical and cleanroom environments. They come with the following characteristics:

  • IP65 ensures that, compared to other lighting products, it has the maximum level of protection against dust particles, an essential requirement for a cleanroom environment.
  • They offer low glare light, which ensures a comfortable experience for the people working under it, especially during research processes or surgical procedures.
  • Cleanroom troffers offer a CRI, which is more than 90, ensuring that the actual colors of the objects can be seen, and hence the conclusions drawn under them are even valid enough.
  • Screwless trim and integrated clamp bracket make installation much more straightforward.

Factors to Consider In the Application of Cleanroom Troffers

Cleanroom troffers do cater to the purpose of ensuring to provide a contamination-free environment for susceptible applications. Still, when it comes to choosing them for applications, a few considerable things include the following:

  • To ensure uniform illumination, it is imperative to make sure that the size of the troffer and the ceiling space and layout match.
  • To meet the requirements of a cleanroom for air exchange and contamination control, the size of the opening matters a lot, and the troffer cutouts need to be aligned with the design specification of the room. Ensuring that the cleanroom troffer has an appropriately sized opening to exercise contamination control is essential.
  • To ensure reflectivity and cleanliness, these lights are also recommended to offer white or light-colored housings.

Applications of Cleanroom Troffers

Cleanroom troffers are used in many applications that tend to be performed in highly controlled environments; some of these may include the following:

Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology

The pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry researches and manufactures numerous life-saving drugs and comes up with medical therapies. Hence, the role of the cleanroom troffer is significant in this industry because it needs a controlled concentration of airborne particles to prevent the processes from contamination.

There are different ways in which cleanroom troffers prove to be helpful in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. Some of these include the following:

  • In manufacturing critical drugs and injectables, it is essential to ensure that the medications are protected from contamination. Cleanroom troffers are used as they provide precise and uniform lighting. If the medicines are contaminated, it causes a life risk to the patients.
  • During the research, numerous tests are being conducted by the researchers, and it is imperative to ensure that the environment is controlled and not contaminated. As contamination may interfere with the results and make it difficult for the researchers to conduct their experiments, the cleanroom troffers are quite helpful.
  • When the process of aseptic filling is conducted, it has to be made sure that no particles enter the aseptic when filled, and hence to control, and these cleanroom troffers offer great help.

Industry Manufacturing Medical Devices

The industries that manufacture medical devices also tend to use cleanroom troffers. Hence these devices are sensitive, and when assembled, it is essential to follow stringent regulations.

The health and safety of the patients cannot be compromised; hence, a lot of care is exercised to ensure a controlled environment is maintained.

  • The assembly process of medical devices is one of the most critical ones, and it is essential to ensure that in the case of assembling microelectronics, there is no compromise on the reliability and functionality of these devices. Contaminants are kept away. Cleanroom troffers aid this assembling process to a greater extent.
  • Certain medical devices to be implanted in the patient’s body, like artificial joints or dental implants, also require a sterile environment, and to prevent risks and infections, keeping the contaminants away is essential. Cleanroom troffers make sure that sufficient cleanliness is attained when it comes to assembling them.
  • The process of packaging medical devices is yet another critical stage where the devices are sterilized and approved for distribution. Cleanroom troffers could greatly help maintain a sterile and contamination-free environment for packaging purposes.


In hospitals as well, the cleanroom troffers are widely used in different ways; some of the ways they help keep the environment controlled in terms of cleanliness are as follows:

  • Operation theater is a crucial place where surgical processes are performed in the hospital. Hence, it is essential to maintain a sterile environment and to prevent any complications and infections during surgeries; cleanroom troffers are used. They work with high-efficiency filters; hence, the air quality is maintained, and all kinds of airborne contaminants are removed. They even ensure uniform illumination to the surgeons for better visibility.
  • In hospitals, there are isolation wards and rooms where maintaining a controlled and clean environment is crucial for patients suffering from contagious diseases. By installing the cleanroom troffers, the prevention of the spread of pathogens could be implemented as it will reduce the particles spread over.
  • Storage areas where medications and equipment are kept also need to meet the cleanliness requirements and need to be prevented from contamination; the cleanroom troffer is widely suitable for such areas.
  • Laboratories are essential to every hospital, and tests and experiments are being conducted here. Hence, the cleanroom troffers are used to ensure that these tests are conducted in a controlled environment with no intervention in the test relays with ample of precise lighting.
  • ICUs need to be clean and sterile, and hence cleanroom troffers help to improve the ICU units’ cleanliness.
  • Most hospitals even have on-site pharmacies where patients take their medications from them. The maintenance of cleanliness is a significant concern for these pharmacies, and the role played by cleanroom troffers is significant here.

The market of Cleanroom Troffer

There is a steady growth observed in the market of cleanroom troffers, and it is because many industries now demand a controlled environment in their production spaces.

The market for cleanroom troffers is quite strong in regions like Europe, Asia Pacific, North America, etc., as the industries here need a highly controlled environment. Moreover, in the cleanroom troffers, a massive technological advancement is observed with LED lighting ensuring that controlled and efficient performance is achieved.

The enhanced system of filtration also contributes to the growth of cleanroom troffer demand all over the world. Olamled offers its exclusive cleanroom troffer and panel under its CM series. The best thing about this cleanroom troffer is that it provides a low level of glare and is an IP65 light that offers protection against all kinds of contamination.

It is a highly efficient light with a simple installation method and a decent sleek design applicable for all kinds of locations and applications. Its high color rendering properties make it suitable for such applications where concentration is critical, like operation theaters.

The antimicrobial coating helps with the effective inhibition of bacteria and controls the infection; the making comprises a high-grade welded steel body and offers a flicker-free lighting experience.


The guide above must have given a deep insight into the cleanroom troffers and what benefits these could offer. However, one thing that needs attention is choosing the professional manufacturer, as these lights are critical, and only some factories may produce them how they need to be.

Hence, reputable manufacturers like Olamled should be chosen to meet the end-user requirements.

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