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Here at OLAM, we deliver you a deeply customized and highly flexible LED commercial lighting solution with a reasonable MOQ.

Patented Products we are proud of and you are interested in

Lighting design integrates aesthetic sense and commercial practical value. Continuous research in building top-quality products has lead us to the creation of completely customizable lamps, to meet our customers’ needs. And here I’d like to highlight six main reasons why shouldn’t you miss us for the current or next project.

                                                                                             ——— Vicky Zhang

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Deep Customization & High Flexibility

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15-year engineering design team

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4 Benefits You Will Get From OLAMLED


Over 15 years professional knowledge in LED lighting design and production.

Fast Sampling

3-5 working days;
50% faster than average.

ODM Brand Partner

Fast molding, unique design.
Increase your competitiveness in the market.

Quality Workmanship

Over 200 partners in Europe and Australia, 99% customer satisfaction.

Who are our ideal customers?

Brand Owners

Help you better define what you want and achieve the perfect packaging solution for your brand.

Led Light manufacturers & Suppliers

We have cooperated with many lighting suppliers, for different projects, from an orginal concept to the desired lighting fixtures, we provide them with design, proofing, mold opening and mass production.


As a lighting factory over 14 years, we have built an efficient supply chain and professional R&D team. You will enjoy the best-quality products and the competitive price. This may largely help you expand your market.


We are willing to build a long-term and stable business partner relationship. With a sincere attitude, we supply the excellent VI design, marketing strategy and also do well in pre-sale, sale, the after-sales service.

Customized Lighting Solution

Are you considering how to get suitable LED Lights to meet your current project? Maybe you are in the right place now. Whether it is a customized fixture, a special dimension or different demand, OLAM can help you. We support the projects from the initial design to the final models.


Product Research & Development

Upon your request, we can provide the new models design and development, allowing it to meet a wide variety of usage scenarios.

File And Image Design

VI engineers can help you to design the catalog(fully color printing), picture and exhibition hall layout.

Product Color​

Silver, Black, White are wide used in lighting industry, but it is also ok if you need your own style. With Pantone number, different housing color would be acceptable.


We can provide products according to project requirements, such as power supply with different functions, The luminaire beads with different color temperatures, different installation methods, etc

In the case of OLAM panel light, Edgelit light structure largely helped customers to adjust the light softness and solve the dazzling feeling. we would not only analyze the needs of our customers, but also consider how to reduce light damage to the eyes, save energy and protect the environment.

For some special area, we take into account the lighting comfort and durability of the lamps. IP67 water-proof stainless steel and PC/PMMA housing are perfert for harsh environment. Choose the right product depending on the operating environment, installation and use restrictions, our team can provide you with professional support.

One of the places where IP69K Tubular light can be used is in the cleaning workshop, where it can withstand high-pressure water jets and steam cleaning. IP68 IP69K tubular lamp has a high level of water-proof and gas-proof performance, which means it can prevent water and dust from entering the lamp and causing damage. IP69K TUBULAR LIGHT is suitable for the special place where hygiene and safety are important, such as food processing, pharmaceutical, or chemical industries.

Compared with the fluorescent ceiling light, LED panel light is more energy-saving, especially in home and office, the larger panels will provide a brighter environment and shorten the regular maintenance time.

Modular design, the light source and power supply are easy to replace. This meets the friendly environmental rules and reusing resources.

One of the applications of modular panel light is in offices, where it can create a modern and elegant atmosphere. Modular panel light has a patent design of UGR<16, which means it has a low glare and can protect the eyes from excessive brightness. Modular panel light also has a unique feature of “there is light but there is no light”, which means it can produce a soft and uniform light without showing the light source, making the space more comfortable and lightful.

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In order to guarantee safety and reliability, not only our own products have passed the authoritative certification, but all raw materials also conform to international standards.


Here are some most popular FAQs during our 14 years experience as a lighting solution provider.

Yes, our products are mainly patented, like the IP67 IP69K LED tubular light, UGR

Our warranty is usually 5 years, if needed, we will ship the defective products back and forth for replacement during the warranty years.


We accept TT, PayPal, Alibaba insurance, LC at sight, usually for big orders, 30% TT in advance, balance to be paid before shipping.

Usually 5-7 working days for samples, 15-20 working days for big order.

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