LED Batten Light: A Cost-Effective and Eco-Friendly Solution for Indoor Lighting

Are you looking for illuminating indoor spaces without incurring much cost and saving on your energy bills? You must then look forward to installing LED batten lights. The LED batten light is one of the most cost-effective solutions, which is low maintenance and may be installed easily.

The LED batten tube lights are widely used in many places, comprising residential and commercial spaces indoors. They have the ability to illuminate the areas more effectively and still don’t end up being sore to the eyes as fluorescent light bulbs do.

There are many appealing features and benefits associated with LED batten light that you will learn here, and also the relevant applications of these lights.

You can go through this guide below to learn many things about LED batten lights and where to find the best-LED batten light. So, let’s read below.

What is LED Batten Light and How Does It Work?

LED batten lights are such light fixtures that are linear in structure and use LED technology to produce light. These lights have replaced fluorescent tube lights in many places and are widely used for indoor applications.

These lights are easy to install and consist of being housed in a rectangular shape that covers the LED and helps in the appropriate distribution of light. Apart from this, they are known for their uniform brightness distribution and long life span.

Features of LED Batten Light

LED batten lights have many such features that make them suitable for use, and some of these features are as follows:


LED batten lights are more budget-friendly than fluorescent tube lights and hence could be an affordable lighting solution.

Energy Efficiency

LED lights are energy efficient, and compared to fluorescent lights, they can save energy suitable for your bills, and protect the environment.

Long Lasting and Waterproof

LED batten lights have extra coverage, which protects the light from dust and moisture and hence ensures durability, allowing light to perform efficiently in unfavorable weather conditions.

Easy to Install

The installation process associated with LED batten lights is very easy. It can easily be mounted and works with plug-and-play mechanisms; hence, the installation process is unnecessary.

Excellent Output

The LED batten tube light output is balanced, well-lit, and evenly distributed. Hence, when used for office spaces, it could offer a balanced output that doesn’t cause any glare or strain on the eyes; also the ambiance lits very well.

Easy Replacement of Tube

LED batten lights do not really need quick tube replacements, but even if they do, the process is straightforward, and you can easily replace the tube without changing the entire fixture of the light.

Where to Use LED Batten Lights?

LED batten lights are highly suitable for indoor usage. When choosing them specifically and understanding where they suit the best, you can consider the below-suggested options.

Higher Ceilings

The brightness level of the LED batten light is quite impressive, which makes it suitable for a place with a high-height ceiling.

These lights are highly efficient, and hence with a small number of LED batten lights, you can quickly get a room of a heightened space to be lit very easily and with a well-balanced brightness.

Spacious Area

Led batten lights are most suitable when used in the spacious area because, compared to the other lights, they offer a 5 times higher brightness, and hence the spaces that need more brightness in terms of light or are larger spaces may have these lights installed.

However, to make the most of its brightness in a larger room, you must also ensure that these lights are placed accurately at the right angle.

Uniform Distribution of Light

Lighting with uniformity is very important, and with LED batten lights, you can achieve this uniform distribution. No matter whether these lights are used for business use, office spaces, residential use, or at the mall, you can easily have these places illuminated through this light.

You can have brighter versions with varying color temperatures depending on the place they are used. They will allow a uniform distribution highlighting everything you want to come under it.

Working of LED Batten Lights

The working mechanism of the LED batten tube light is as follows.

  • It consists of small semiconductors known as LED chips which are the main components that convert the electric energy into light allowing the light to emit photons and produce light in return.
  • LED batten light also contains a heat sink which helps dissipate heat released when the LED chips convert the electrical energy into light. Heat sink is significant because if it is not present in the LED batten lights, the overheating may lead to damage and cause a reduction in their lifespan.
  • An LED driver is also present in the LED batten light, which helps regulate the voltage and electric current, allowing for operation efficiency and helping with features like dimming, controlling light, and optimizing energy usage.
  • The diffuser has a translucent cover, which helps in the even distribution of light, ensuring the glare is reduced, and protects the components inside from moisture and dust.

How are LED, batten lights better than the traditional fluorescent tubes?

There are many reasons that have led to bring a change in the lighting structure, which has shifted from fluorescent tubes to LED batten lights, and some of the benefits of LED batten lights are discussed below:

Less Power Consumption

Fluorescent tube light usually consumes high power, leading to high utility bills. In contrast, their power consumption is significantly less, and therefore it proves to be a better choice when it comes to LED batten lights.

Extensive Lifespan

The lifespan of the LED batten lights is far longer than the fluorescent tubes; therefore, they are far more durable and better when chosen. The fluorescent tube lights have a lifespan of around 15000 hours, and the lifespan of LED batten lights is up to 50,000.

Flicker Free Experience

Fluorescent tube lights tend to flicker a lot, and hence they even take a lot of time to be totally bright. Whereas the LED batten lights are immediately illuminated and do not flicker.

Safe to Use

LED batten lights have no content of mercury, which is present within fluorescent lights; therefore, these are safe for the environment and the health of the people surrounding them.

How to Choose the Best LED Batten Light for Your Needs?

LED batten lights cater to various indoor lighting needs, and the best part is that it does it with many benefits. Hence, when it comes to choosing the best-LED batten lighting, you consider some of the important factors as provided below:

The layout of the LED Batten Light

LED batten light may be chosen from many options that differ in terms of shapes and sizes; hence, when it comes to choosing one, you must keep in mind the space where you need to install it.

Make sure to measure the light’s length, height, and width in accordance with the room where you have to install it so that you can enjoy proper light coverage.

Color Temperature of Light

When choosing LED batten lights, you will access many different color temperatures, and this may range between warm white, neutral white, and cool, which is a tone of blue. Depending on the space you have to use this light for, you can choose the color temperature and install it.

Level of Brightness

Brightness is another consideration when choosing LED batten lights, measured in lumens. Too much brightness would cause a glare to create, which is harmful to the eyes, and too little would dim the space. Hence, striking the right balance of brightness based on the space covered is very important to understand when choosing LED batten lighting.

Dimming Feature

Dimming is an added feature not present in all LED batten tube lights. However, you can have some of these backed with this feature. So, if you want to have LED batten lights with dimming capability, you must choose a model that offers this feature.

Warranty of the Light

The lifespan of LED batten tube light is longer, but when choosing the best LED batten light, make sure to choose the one with a warranty so that you can be assured of its reliability and quality.

Ingress Protection Rating

Ingress protection rating is that rating that will help you choose an LED batten light that offers protection against dust and moisture. Sometimes lights are installed in such places which are equipped with moisture and dust, and hence these areas need an LED batten light with a higher IP rating.

Applications of LED Batten Lights

LED batten lights are widely used at many locations, but the best applications of these lights have been discussed below:

  • Garages are locations that have ample space. Hence, they need high illumination, so LED batten lights with a higher brightness level and IP rating would be suitable when exposed to dust and moisture in the garage.
  • Shops are locations where LED batten lights are widely used, and these places may have a moderately brightened LED batten light depending on the size of the store, which helps illuminate it so that items on the shelves appear perfectly.
  • A warm tone of natural white LED batten light may illuminate the corridor very pleasantly and give a comfortable atmosphere, so in houses, offices, and schools, this could be a great option.
  • Office lighting has a significant impact on the working productivity of the employees, and this means that the selection of LED batten lights must comprise a balance of brightness that does not visually irritate the employees.
  • Warehouses may also be equipped with LED batten lights as they light up the bright warehouse enough to keep everything visible when needed. Usually, warehouses are stocked with so much material that appropriate clothing is very important for them.

Why Choose Olamled as Your LED Batten Light Supplier?

If you are looking for an LED batten light manufacturer, you must consider Olamled, as they are pioneers in the field. They have worked in this field for many years and have exclusive experience.

You can trust them as your high-quality LED batten light supplier, and many reasons make them the best option to purchase your lights from; some of these reasons are as follows.

Excellent Durability

The LED batten lights designed by Olamled are meant to have a longer lifespan, and their exceptional performance is meant to last longer. The components used in manufacturing these lights are also of the finest quality and hence offer durability.

Compliance with International Standards

Olamled is also known for its compliance with safety requirements and international standards; hence you can always be assured that the light you are using is up to the mark. You don’t have to worry about health issues or any environmental issues caused by using these LED batten lights.

Open to Customization

Olamled is always open to customization and has various LED batten lights with different features and specifications.

 You can have any color temperature you need, different wattages, sizes, and even dimming options, allowing you to customize the light according to your requirements for different places and applications.


After going through the details of LED batten lights above, you must now be well aware of the benefits LED batten tube light has over fluorescent tubes and how they can be useful for

different places.

Olamled is a well-reputed LED batten light manufacturer dealing in a wide variety of lights where you can choose the size and options you need and have it installed at indoor locations.

Olamled offers a reliable lighting solution for LED batten lighting, and the prices are even much more affordable, so you can always get in touch with us, and our team will visit for assistance and planning for lighting.   

We have a wide range of LED batten lighting. No matter which size of fixture you need and what features you expect, we create innovative LED batten lighting fixtures to cater to our clients.

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