Top 10 LED Street Light Manufacturers And Suppliers In China (2024)

LED light fixtures are used not only in residential and commercial sectors, for instance, malls and living rooms, but there are other applications as well. The use of LED street lights has also become prevalent; hence, the demand for LED street lights is increasing widely in no time.

The LED light market in China is expected to add an amount of $10.72 Billion by the end of 2028, and every year, an increase of 27.3% is expected. There are many reasons that make LED streetlights one of the best things to opt for, and the major reason is their energy savings.

If you are interested in knowing about the top manufacturers of LED street lights in China and what are the considerations to have when opting for these lights, you must go through this guide below:

Why Choose a Chinese LED Street Lights Manufacturer?

There are various reasons that may compel you to choose Chinese LED street light manufacturers, and some of these are discussed below:

  • Chinese manufacturers are known for their affordable prices, and they offer competitive prices because the cost of production they incur is usually low. Hence, you can have low-budget street lights with good quality.
  • China’s manufacturing capacity is also vast, and they have a huge infrastructure and a number of production plans; hence, they can manufacture street lights in huge volumes.
  • The Chinese manufacturers are known for their technological expertise; they constantly look for innovation and tend to improve products, and hence, when it comes to street lights, they equip them with durability, smart lighting features, and energy efficiency.
  • There is a wide range of diversified street lights offered by Chinese manufacturers, which vary in features and designs; hence, the requirements are met specifically.
  • Chinese manufacturers follow strict quality control measures; hence, the LED street lights they offer are of seamless quality and, therefore, durable and reliable.
  • The supply chain in China is very well established; hence, they arrange timely delivery of raw materials, which helps to reduce the lead times, and the orders are fulfilled quickly.

Top 10 Chinese LED Street Light Manufacturers And Suppliers 2024

Position Company NameEstablished Year Location Employee
2Yangzhou Tengfei Steel Lighting Equipment Co., Ltd1996Yangzhou260
3CL-Die Casting 2012Guangdong150
9Sokoyo Solar Lighting2008Jiangsu300

1.     Infralumin

Infralumin is a lighting company in China that is known for designing and manufacturing high-quality LED lights. They established their business in 2020 with a team of about 100 people that have established their headquarters in Guangdong. They are known for producing LED street lights, solar lights, high bay lights, and flood lights.

They are known to have achieved certifications like CE, CB, SAA, and RoHS for their lights, and they have their clients spread in more than 30 countries around the world having their LED lights manufactured.


2.     Yangzhou Tengfei Steel Lighting Equipment Co., Ltd

Yangzhou Tengfei Steel Lighting Equipment Co., Ltd was founded in 1996 and is headquartered in Yangzhou, a city in China. The company comprises a production base of 60000 square meters, over which more than 260 people are working to produce the best quality LED lights. They have a wide variety of lights, and each of the lights they manufacture passes through international standard testing and inspection.

The street lighting they manufacture is equipped with various smart features that provide these lights with innovation and ease.

3.     Cl-Diecasting

CL-Die Casting is a leading LED lighting manufacturer in China, headquartered in Guangdong. The company came into being in 2012 and comprises more than 150 people working at its premises.

They are known for producing various types of LED lights, including tunnel, flood, street, and stadium lights. They have everything in-house, from producing the LED housing to polishing the lighting fixtures. Every stage consists of control control, which ensures that the final lighting product offered to the clients is up to the mark. The company is known to provide its products to every corner of the globe.

4.     Wosen

Wosen came into being in 1992, with its headquarters in Guangdong, China. They are widely known for manufacturing high-quality LED street lighting. Along with the street lights, they also produce LED flood lights, LED ceiling lights, and LED solar lights, and they have a factory spread over an area of 30000 square meters. The employee count of this company is around 500 people, and they also have highly trained and experienced engineers.

They are inclined towards innovating new and improved technology in LED lighting; hence, their LED street lights are also equipped with various smart features. They have clientele in various countries and have also obtained certifications comprising ISO9001, SAA, and RoHS.


5.     Zgsm-China

ZGSM is a lighting company in China with headquarters in the city of Zhejiang; they came into being in 2005 and since then have been producing highly equipped LED lighting solutions for indoors and outdoors.

They produce the finest quality lights, equipped with various features like dimming, sensors, and energy efficiency. The team of engineers at the company always ensures that they make the most of their research and development department and bring about new product innovations. The quality of the lights they offer also consists of durability, and throughout lighting design and manufacturing, every stage is inspected.

The team of about 500 employees works day and night to deliver the finest quality lighting solution, which is certified.


6.     Grnled

GRNLED is a well-known name for looking for top-notch LED lighting manufacturers in China. The company has been known to produce indoor and outdoor LED lights since its inception in 2014. They offer a massive variety of LED street lights, equipped with smart features like dimming, sensors, timers for on and off, and energy efficiency.

They have their headquarters in Guangdong, China, and the team of employees is around 500. The company is inclined towards producing lighting solutions that are not only equipped with durability but also high performance. They have a wide customer base spread across the globe and are known to offer customized lighting solutions.


7.     Suneco

Suneco was established in 2004 and has its headquarters in Shandong, China. The company is known for manufacturing Solar LED street lights. The company even manufactures the street light parts independently, giving them an upper edge against other manufacturers.

The company manufactures every product with the highest quality inspection; hence, this offers the clients peace of mind that the LED street lights are up to the mark. They also offer ODM and OEM services; hence, you can also compose customized products.

8.     Hpwinner

Hpwinner is an LED street light manufacturer in China and has been in the field since 2011. The company has its headquarters in Zhejiang. They manufacture high-quality LED lights with die-cast aluminum, and the street lights they manufacture offer an IP rating of IP68.

They have a team of 1000 plus employees, and they ensure that the street lights they manufacture offer high luminous efficacy followed by durability and a waterproof layout so that they can last longer. In fact, the street lights they manufacture are energy efficient. They invest a lot in research, development, and quality inspection, so their product is always out of the box and long-lasting.


9.    Jiangsu Sokoyo Solar Lighting Co., Ltd.

Sokoyo Solar Lighting is a lighting manufacturer which is known for its solar LED street lights. These lights are of the finest quality and are known for optimal energy efficiency and performance. The company came into being in 2008 and comprises a workshop spread over 4000 square meters and a laboratory spread over 1000 square meters.

The company has headquarters in Jiangsu, China, and has a team of around 300 working to serve its clients. The solar LED streetlights the company offers come in various features, and you can also have a customized version for your project. They offer their production for various clients across the globe.


10.  Clodesun

Clodesun came into being in 2013 and has its headquarters in Shenzhen, China. The company comprises separate departments for research and development, production, and sales, and each department is monitored at all times to ensure high quality and excellent customer support.

Their light solution also comprises solar street lights, LED lights, and an MPPT controller followed by an intelligent charging mode. These lights are coupled with a motion sensor and offer an ideal amount of effective lighting. They have a team of around 1100 employees looking after the entire design and manufacturing process. They supply their products across the globe.

Types of LED street light

1.     Modular Streetlight

Modular streetlights consist of modules that are interchangeable, offering flexibility, and these are very easy to maintain.

2.     12v Street Lights

12V street lights, as the name suggests, are street lights that run on a power supply of 12 volts, and these are commonly used in solar power and off-grid lighting systems.

3.     100W/150W/200W/400W LED Street Light

The LED lights that have 100 watts, 150 watts, 200 watt and 400 watt have different power consumption and illumination brightness based on the wattage, and they are adopted depending on the applications.

4.     LED street light

LED stands for light-emitting diodes, which are used as a light source in street lights for their durability and energy efficiency.

5.     Cobrahead Street Lights

The cobrahead street lights have a head like cobra, which is used widely for street and roadway lighting.

6.     High Pressure Sodium Lamp 1

High-pressure sodium lamps produce lights when current is passed through a gas mixture that also comprises sodium vapor.

7.     Highway lighting

Highway lighting is designed especially for highways to ensure the safety and visibility of drivers.

8.     LED Street Light 300W

The LED street light, which has a power capacity of 300 watts, is the 300W LED street light.

9.     Metal Halide

Metal halide lamps are used as street lights and are composed of metal halide compounds that help produce light, which is white.

10.     Solar LED streetlights

Streetlights that consist of solar panels which collect solar energy throughout the day are called solar LED streetlights, which convert electricity into light at nighttime.

11.  LED Post Top Light

The LED lights with post top on the posts and poles mounted through the pathway are called the LED post top lights.

12.  Rilfe Series Street Light Led

The rifle series of LED street lights is a series of LED street lights from ZGSM China which comprises LED lamp beads equipped with high efficiency. These lights offer intelligent lighting control systems and meet certifications like CE, RoHS, CE, etc.

Difference between LED and traditional street light

Street lights are offered in LED as well as traditional lighting, which comprises halogen lamps, and these two types of lights have major differences, as discussed below:

High efficiency

LED street lights are equipped with LED modules, which act as a lighting source and are highly efficient. They offer performance efficiency followed by energy efficiency and hence help save about 80 percent of the energy cost, being eco-friendly compared to traditional street lighting options.

No toxic elements

LED lights are free from all kinds of toxic elements, which makes them highly suitable for the environment as a whole, and they are even recyclable, which means they cause no harm to the environment.


Fewer lights needed

The light distribution offered by LEDs is quite seamless; they are known for their performance efficiency and relatively bright illumination. Hence, when you opt for an LED light instead of a traditional lighting fixture, you can be at ease using fewer fixtures.


Long life span

The durability of the LED street lights is unmatchable, and they are equipped with LED modules and drivers, which are highly long-lasting; on top of that, they also have an IP rating, which makes them suitable for usage on the streets and ensures a long-lasting life span.

The wattage of LED street light

The most important factor to consider in the case of LED street lights is the wattage; the higher wattage means bright light in the usual circumstances; however, in the case of street lights, the requirement of identification of the lux on the ground is important, and it is determined through various factors.

Check the wattage of existing lamps

The wattage of the existing lights must be checked beforehand; for instance, if you are replacing an HPS sodium street light having 250W, the LED street light can be 100W in this case. The LED street lights must range between 25 percent to 40 percent compared to the HPS street light wattage.

Check the height of the pole

The height of the pile must also be analyzed when choosing the wattage; for instance, if the height of the pole is somewhere between 2.5m to 3m, then a 10w bulb will be suitable; in case it is between 3 to 4.5 meters 15 to 20w will be ideal.

In cases where the pole is taller, for instance, around 8-10 m, and the road has two to three lanes, then going for a 100-watt of LED light is a better idea.

Wattage as per lighting design

The lighting design is also very important when opting for an LED street light. The height of the pole, the width of the pole, and the distance between poles followed by the beam angles, and everything must be assessed beforehand. It helps to design street lights in a better way and allows one to have an idea of the lumen requirement in a particular street followed by traffic inflow.

Important Parameters to Consider of LED Street light

When opting to invest in an LED street light, some of the important parameters that you must consider are as follows:


The lower wattage offers a lower price, but the requests for the wattage depend on the project. Hence, if you have a low budget, you can opt for the lower wattage, as the price and wattage are the two most important factors.

LED driver

LED drivers are very, very important when it comes to opting for LED street lights. It is very important because it offers various features and functions, which comprise remote control, turning on and off, dimming and motion sensors. Hence, you must take into account the LED driver based on the required features.

LED chips

The quality of LED lights is dependent on the LED chips; hence, when it comes to the brightness and stability of the lights, the LED chips should be of the finest quality.


LED street lights are used to illuminate the roadside, highways, and streets, and hence, the achievement of light uniformity is very important.


CCT stands for Correlated Color Temperature, which describes the appearance of the LED light. The CCT also indicates whether the light is on the white, yellow or blue side, which varies between 2700K, 4000K and 5700K.


CRI determines the light quality; LED streetlights usually have a CRI of 100 or 70, and it proves to be the ideal CRI for outdoor lighting.

The common problem with LED streetlights

The LED street lights comprise vacuous problems, which comprise the inferior quality of LED chips, failure of the LED driver, low IK and IP, lack of heat dissipation, light distribution may be poor, and the powder coating can be poor which also leads to low efficiency and lack of light distribution.

Common Street Light Locations

The use of street lights is highly common, and there are various locations where these street lights are used, some of these locations are as follows:

Urban Streets

Urban streets are the locations where street lighting is found on urban streets, as it is very important for these streets to be illuminated. The street lighting improves the aesthetics of the streets and allows the flow of traffic to be safe and pedestrians to move carefully.

Industrial Park

Industrial parks require street lighting, which allows the employees to carry out their work properly. The industrial park requires appropriate illumination so that the work isn’t disrupted.

Rural roads

There are street lights required along the rural roads as people travel through these roads and to carry out a hassle-free flow of business so that these are well lit. The traffic can smoothly flow without any problem with the help of these lights.

Scenic Roads

The roads that consist of scenic beauty, which consist of beautiful views, are highlighted more by the street lights, and along with lighting them, they also improve poor visibility conditions. A beautiful highway with greenery in the surroundings and a well-lit look is always a great deal to have a look at.

Parking Lot, Airport, Port

Parking lots, ports and airports also need street lights that offer facilitation for parking as well as driving in such places. The pilots are also able to land safely, and ships can easily be docked at night time with the help of lighting.

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