Top 10 LED Strip Light Manufacturers And Suppliers In China (2024)

LED lights are widely popular, and they are available in multiple types; it is expected that by 2030, the light sources used globally will make 87% of LED lights. The current stats indicate that more than 60% of the commercial spaces are equipped with LED lighting.

The LED strip light is very commonly used in different instances. It comprises a width ranging between 10-12 mm and has a length of around 5 meters. These lights can easily be cut down from the given cutlines at a distance of 1 to 2 inches.

The strip lights consist of individual LEDs, and the backside has an adhesive that can be peeled off, and the LED light can easily be mounted. If you are also planning to get some information about the manufacturers and suppliers of LED lights. In that case, you must go through this guide below:

Top 10 Chinese LED Strip Light Manufacturers & Suppliers 2024

PositionNameYear LocationEmployees
2Jiangmen Nedar Lighting2007Guangdong20
7Sdiplight Guangdong200

1. Starwire

Starwire is among the top 10 LED strip light manufacturers offering high-quality LED lighting solutions. The company’s focus is mainly on LED downlights and strip lights. The company comprises more than 150 workers and has a product setup spread over an area of more than 8000 square meters.

Starwire came into being in 2009 and has its headquarters in Shenzhen, China. The company has the best equipment for manufacturing high-quality, ISO-certified, durable LED lights.

They hold certifications like BV and SGS, followed by meeting RoHS, SAA, CE standards, etc. The LED lighting products manufactured by Starwire are globally delivered to North America, Australia, Europe, and many more countries.


2. Jiangmen Nedar Lighting Co., Ltd.

NEDAR is a lighting company headquartered in Guangdong, China, established in 2007. They are known for manufacturing LED neon flex and LED strip lights. The company comprises around 20 employees, and they make the best use of their research and development to bring about innovation in their lighting products.

They have succeeded in LVD, EMC, and IP68 testing and attended ETL and CE certifications. The following quality standards have always been satisfactory for their customers; they even offer customized lighting solutions.


3. Lightstec

Lightsec is a leading strip light manufacturer with headquarters in Guangdong, and it was established in 2008. The company is known for manufacturing high-quality LED linear lights, LED aluminum profiles, and LED strip lights.

Lightstec is known to offer its clients high-quality products, and with its team of about 77 employees, it has attained clients globally. They have multiple products in their LED lighting, which comprises rigid LED strips, LED aluminum profiles, LED light channels, LED panel lights, and LED strip lights.

They have a production facility spread over an area of 2000 square meters, and their extensive research and development facility allows them to develop innovative lighting solutions.


4. Elstar

Elstar is a lighting manufacturer in China that came into being in 2009 with its headquarters in Guangdong. The company offers affordable lighting solutions. They are known for manufacturing the best quality LED strip lights and related accessories covering connectors, power supplies, controllers, etc.

They have a production capacity spread over 25000 square feet with more than 450 people working day and night to bring the finest lighting solutions. Their supplies extended to Europe and America, followed by other countries worldwide.

Elstar lighting products are equipped with RoHS and CE certification, which saves about 50% to 80% electricity compared to other lighting fixtures.


5. Lumimore

Lumimore was established in 2009, having its headquarters in Shenzhen, and the vision of this company is to provide cost-effective lighting solutions. They offer a wide collection of high-quality LED strip lights and related accessories with ample innovation, comprising a well-equipped research and development department.

The area covered by the production facility of Luminore is more than 1000 square feet and is equipped with the latest machinery and equipment that offer high-quality lighting manufacturer capabilities to the business.


6.   Hanron

Hanron Lighting is a leading lighting manufacturer in China. It was founded in 2010 and has its headquarters in Guangdong, China. The company is inclined towards manufacturing the best quality LED neon lights and LED strip lights.

They have a team of more than 100 employees, and they have also obtained the ISO9001 certification, followed by RoHS, TUV CB, BIS, and many more. The collection of lights offered by Hanron is more than 500, and they even offer customization followed by OEM and ODM services.

Their extensive research and development department enables them to bring about innovations in the lighting products they manufacture and supply.


7. Sdiplight

Sdiplight has its headquarters in Guangdong, China, and is one of the reliable manufacturers of LED strip lights. They bring various innovative lighting solutions equipped with technology and cater to clients worldwide.

The employees working at the Stoplight comprise about 200 people, including the engineers and sales team. Their research and development strategy focuses on the important solutions clients require and their industrial applications.

Sdiplight offers lighting solutions based on the client’s requirements, and they offer customization as needed. Hence, when it comes to LED strip lights, their durability and quality are commendable. You can have a choice in lumens, color temperature, and every other aspect without any issue.


8. Signcomplex

Signcomplex is known for manufacturing linear lighting, including LED strip lights, linear lights, downlights, panel lights, and high bay lights. The company came into being in 2006 and has its headquarters in Shenzhen, China.

There are more than 500 employees, and they have a production area of 50,000 square meters. The company comprises 50 production lines, followed by a manufacturing capacity of 20 million LED strips and 15 million lamps each year.

The research and development team of Signcomplex includes about 100 engineers, and their consistent capability to manufacture lighting with technological innovation is one of the most excellent approaches as they bring various innovations to their products.


9. Yoshinyled

Yoshiny Lighting Technology came into being in 2004. In the city of Guangdong, China, they focus on manufacturing AC LED strip lights, DC LED striplights, and Neon LED flex lights. They offer cost-effective manufacturing solutions with their 6 production lines, and the daily length of strip light they produce reaches 70000 meters.

The team of employees working at the company comprises 80 members, and they make endless efforts to produce the best quality and durable lighting solutions for their clients spread across the globe.


10. Gindestarled

Gindestarled has been operational since 2013, and with its headquarters in Dongguan, China, are producing the finest quality LED lights. The company’s LED strip lights and LED neon lights are highly popular and have 8 production lines over the 1500 meter square area.

The team members in the company comprised 80 people who look after the entire process of manufacturing lights, testing them for quality, and then packing and delivering them.

Due to the extensive emphasis on sustainability, they have also produced green PVC lights followed by silicone LED neon flex lights. They are the industry’s most popular LED strip light suppliers, and they cater to multiple countries globally.

Types of LED Strip Lights

There are various types of LED strip lights, each having its own characteristics. Some of the types are discussed below:

1.      Single-Colour LED Light Strips

Single-color LED light strips consist of a very simple lighting solution that is also quite versatile; it helps emit one color, which is stable, and the different color options include red, white, green, and blue.

The white light offers illumination for spaces that are task-oriented, like workspaces and kitchens, and the red light is suitable for relaxed surroundings, and green and blue offer a calming environment for the living room and bedroom.

2.      RGB LED Light Strips

RGB LED strip lights are innovative lights that create various colors by mixing primary colors like green, red, and blue. They consist of a remote control, and hence, the intensities and colors can be personalized based on this.

The LED strip lights offer lighting flexibility and also help in enhancing the surroundings. These are suitable for multiple applications in outdoor applications as well as homes and offices.

3.      RGBW LED Light Strips

RGBW LED light strips are composed of RGB strips followed by a white LED chip, which ensures the accuracy of color and also helps create different shades of light.

The presence of the white LED chip allows the strip to produce white light and also helps in combining the primary colors. These lights are highly suitable for commercial and residential surroundings and outdoor applications, offering a personalized lighting solution.

4.      Waterproof LED Light Strips

Waterproof LED strip lights are suitable for environments that are exposed to moisture and water; these lights are covered in a protective casing, which adds durability to the lights and helps make them water resistant.

The design of these laughs is such that they can be used for dry locations and have an IP rating of IP68. These lights offer ambient lighting and are suitable for use in bathrooms, patios, gardens, etc.

5.      Flexible vs. Rigid Light Strips

Flexible light strips are suitable for use over irregular and complex surfaces, such as if they have a bend or curve, and due to their flexibility, they can easily be fixed on those surfaces. These lights help create lighting effects that have curved walls and architectural elements.

The rigid LED strips, on the other hand, have a shape that is fixed. They are used in areas that need precise and consistent lighting, for instance, under cabinet lighting, display case, etc.

6.      Addressable LED Light Strips

The addressable LED light strips are capable of offering customized lighting solutions because the LEDs present on the strip can be controlled individually. It helps create different patterns of light, which makes the overall environment quite dynamic.

These LED strips create an ambient mood and are even capable of interacting with sound and music to respond to the relevant environment.

7.      Tunable White LED Light Strips

Tunable white LED light strips can bend in terms of color temperature. You can choose between warm to cool white color literature and create the devised moods and surroundings.

The warm color temperature is suitable for a cozy and relaxed environment, while the cooler temperature is suitable for a lively and energetic atmosphere. These lights also have various applications, like task lighting, and can be used in different spaces with the color temperature adjusted accordingly.

8.      COB LED Light Strips

 COB stands for Chip on Board LED strip lights, which are the most innovative in the LED lighting system. These lights offer uniform illumination and a very high output of light composed of LED chips packed closely on a single board. It provides consistent lighting and helps in reducing shadows.  There is a wide range of applications, and it can be used as a backlight for TV, under cabinet lighting, photography lighting, and much more. They are designed in a way that ensures heat dissipation happens appropriately and the life of these lights is enhanced.  They are highly flexible lights and offer a compact layout for use.

Factors To Consider Before Buying LED Strip Lights

When you are looking forward to buying LED strip lights, then some of the factors that are important to consider are as follows:

1.   Color and CCT

CCT means Correlated Color Temperature, and it measures the appearance of the color of the white light source. It is measured in Kelvins(K). The CCT describes the light source hue, and the lower temperature is on the warmer side, whereas the higher temperature is on the cooler side.

The 1800K is a warm CCT with a yellowish-orange hue and is used to create cozy environments like in restaurants. The 2400K is a blend of orange and brownish yellow, which also has a warm tone and is used for hospitals and wedding-type gatherings.

The 2700K CCT offers color, which is the same as an incandescent bulb, and is suitable for residential indoor spaces like bedrooms and living rooms.

The 3000K CCT provides a light similar to halogen lamps and is a warm white color, which is used in schools and offices for general lighting. 3500K is warm white and is suitable for retail applications, whereas 4000K is natural white with a blue tint. It is ideal for kitchen and other task lighting applications.

5000k is a hue that is the same as daylight and is suitable for applications that need high visibility, like laboratories and hospitals, whereas 6500K is cooler than 5000K and is ideal for videography and photography to give a natural look.

2.   Indoor or outdoor:

When selecting LED strip lights, you need to assess the application purpose, whether you need it for indoor lighting or outdoor lighting. In the case of indoor use, the IP20 rating is suitable, whereas in the case of outdoor applications, IP65 is ideal.

The IP rating depends on the requirements because we need to consider the light’s exposure to moisture. Hence, to ensure a durable lightning experience, it is important to have an LED strip light that has a better IP rating.

3.  12VDC or 24VDC

When choosing between 12V and 24 V LED strip lights, there are a few things that you must consider. Some people prefer having a 12V strip light because the power supplies for these are easily available. Moreover, the cuttable section of the 12V strip light is smaller than the 24V, and hence, it is easier to customize this light.

The 12V LED strip light is ideal for use in boats, yachts, and vehicles, and they have 12V power systems. The 24V LED strip lights, on the other hand, have also become much more popular and have a longer lifespan. Applications where continuous long LED strips are needed, the 24V LED strip lights prove to be suitable.

4.   Brightness

The brightness of the chosen LED strip light is very important because it creates the desired ambiance with the color and intensity and is measured in lumens. It features the amount of light which is produced by the light source and can be compared using different brightness levels.

5.  Lumen

Lumen is a measurement unit that represents the amount of light that has been emitted from a specified time. The lumen is also an indication of the brightness that is produced by the source. In order to describe the lighting intensity, a foot-candle unit is used where one foot-candle is equal to one lumen per square foot.

Hence, when choosing LED strip lights, the consideration of brightness is very important as it indicates the lumens per unit of length. If you need a bright LED strip light, you will choose a light that has a high lumen value and vice versa.

  • Luminous efficacy

Luminous efficacy is required for brightness; it represents the ratio of the value of the lumen to the power consumption of the light strip. It is a measure of the efficiency of light in using power and producing light.

The LED strip light, which has a higher luminous efficacy, produces more light by consuming a similar amount of power, which indicates that the light is cost-effective and energy efficient.

  • How many lumens do I need?

If you are thinking about the lumens needed for the space while installing the LED strip light, you must know the number of lumens per square foot, and these may vary depending on users’ preferences.

6.      CRI or color rendering index

CRI measures the ability of the light source to reproduce the colors of an object, and it is dependent on the concept of determining the original color of the object when it is illuminated by the light of the sun.

The color of the object should be close to the color when the object is under the sun, and the closer this comparison is, the higher the CRI. The light that has a high CRI offers more accurate colors than the one that has a low CRI.

7.      Length and width:

The LED strip lights are usually sold in lengths of 5 meters, and this is because of the voltage drop across the LED strip. When a 12V or 24V LED strip is used, the brightness of the LEDs at the end of the strip, which is longer than 5 meters, will be lower than at the start. The width options in LED strip lights may vary between 4mm to 10mm and also 12mm.

8.      LED power supply

The decision-making between the switch power supply and power adapter will depend on the following things:

  • The power adapters are easy to use and set up and can be opted for small projects like powering either one or two LED strip lights.
  • It is important to choose a power supply that belongs to a good brand for mid-sized projects.
  • A high-quality power supply helps in avoiding flicker.
  • When you choose a power supply for the LED strip lights, it is important that you consider the power and voltage requirements. The voltage of the power supply must match the voltage of the LED strip, and it should have enough power to light the LED strip light.

9.      Quality

The quality of the LED strip light depends on the material used in the manufacturing. The LEDs used must be of top quality, they should have double-sided red copper FPC boards, the material must be waterproof, and the quality can easily be assessed by looking and observing the strip lights.


1.      What temperature can LED strips operate at?

Ans. The LED strip lights work in the range of 122 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit, and in the case of Celsius, it may range between 50 to 60 degrees.

2.      How many days do LED strip lights last?

Ans. The lifespan of LED strip lights is about 50000 hours; however, this also depends on the quality of the light and material used in its manufacturing.

3.      How many times can you cut LED strip lights?

Ans.  In a span of every 10 cm, 30 LEDs per meter can be cut, and at every 5 cm, 60 LEDs can be cut per meter.

4.      What is the maximum run for an LED strip?

Ans. The low voltage LED strips like 12V and 24V have a run of 5 meters, and the voltage between 110V to 240V is around a length of 50 meters.

5.      Do LED strips produce heat?

Ans. The LED strips usually produce less heat, but it also depends on the quality. If the quality of the LED strip lights is good, they do not produce heat, but sometimes, in extreme temperatures, they produce heat.

6.      Do LED strips need cooling?

Ans. As compared to traditional lighting, LED strip lights usually do not need cooling, but in some cases, they might need it depending on the quality of the lights.

7.      Do LED strips use a lot of electricity?

Ans. No, LED lights are known for their energy efficiency, and the same applies to LED strip lights, which are also highly energy efficient.

8.      Does humidity affect LED lights?

Ans. Moisture and humidity always cause trouble for LED lights. There are specific types of lights that are meant to be installed in moisture-oriented spaces, and these do not get affected; the rest, however, do.

9.      How do you replace LED strip lights?

Ans. To replace the LED strip lights, you need to cut down the required length and then attach it to the power supply.

10.  Can I cut an LED strip anywhere?

Ans. The LED strip lights have marks where you can cut them, and apart from that, you shouldn’t cut them from anywhere else.

11.  Can you use leftover LED strips?

Ans. Yes, you can use the leftover LED strips.

12.  Can LED strips be reused?

Ans. Yes, LED strip lights are reusable and have a longer span of life.

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