TOP 10 LED Tri-proof light manufacturers


Lighting is one of the main concerns of every place, indoors and outdoors. LED tri-proof lights are widely used outdoors due to their features. There are many kinds of LED tri-proof lights, but choosing them from the right LED tri-proof light supplier is what matters.

Lighting manufacturer vendors in China provide the best LED tri-proof lights. However, it is imperative to have some idea of the different vendors, their products, and how they function.

This guide below features one of China’s top 10 lighting manufacturer vendors known for their high-quality LED tri-proof lights, so let’s read below and learn something about them.

What is LED Tri-Proof Light?

LED tri-proof lights are ideal for outdoor use. These lights are dustproof, waterproof, and impact resistant. These lights are suitable for commercial and industrial applications.

The LED tri-proof lights are manufactured with a strength-oriented construction; they are energy efficient and offer seamless lighting. Hence these are suitable for use in spaces exposed to harsh environments and comprise moisture-oriented conditions.

What is the IP rating of LED Tri-proof light?

IP rating stands for Ingress Protection rating, and it indicates how much protection a lighting fixture offers against solid particles or liquid particles like dust and water.

IP rating in LED tri-proof light is essential because it helps determine whether a particular light suits multiple environments. IP rating comprises two digits, The first digit indicates the protection level against solids, and the second digit indicates the protection level against liquids.

Solid Particle Protection

The digits for solid particle protection are as follows:

  • 0 means no protection against solids.
  • 1 to 6 means protection against solid particles like dust, fingers, and tools.
  • 7 protects against dust.

Liquid Particle Protection

Liquid particle protection also has digits which are as follows:

  • 0 means no protection against liquids.
  • 1 to 8 means protection against liquids which consists of splashing water, immersion of water particles, or dripping water.

In LED tri-proof lights, the most common IP rating is IP65 or higher, and it has dust protection at level 6 and water level protection at level 5. Hence, this rating ensures that this lighting fixture is ideal for use outdoors, and therefore it is capable of withstanding rain, dust, and other particles.

Some of these lights may be IP68 LED tri-proof lights or IP67 waterproof standards with higher ratings. Hence, these lights offer durability in extremely high environments.


Top 10 LED Tri-Proof Light Manufacturers


Olamled has a wide variety of LED lights suitable for different purposes. You can even have customized lights from them to cater to your requirement.

Similarly, when it comes to looking for outdoor LED lights, having hands-on LED tri-proof light could be one of the best things to go for, and Olamled has many options with different IP ratings.

The IP68 luminaries by Olamled can withstand the immersion of water, which is at a depth of up to 1 meter for 30 minutes, and hence it is much more suitable for humid and wet conditions.

IP68 waterproof tabular light is available in three forms: K80, K70, and K45. K80 comes with a diameter of 80mm and is one of the most demanded products in the market with high demand.

The K70 tabular light has a diameter of 70mm, and many people who prefer a 70mm diameter opt for this. K45 has a diameter of 45mm and is suitable for a smaller area for decoration or if you wish to have it used for the advertising box, which is placed outdoors.

IP68 LED tri-proof lights are ideal for outdoor usage and are widely opted for installation in the car wash plant as they need a high water-resistant based light, and the IP rating of the tabular light is suitable for such places.

IP65 waterproof light is also one of the LED tri-proof lights manufactured by Olamled, which falls under its U-series. It is a suitable option for humid places and is widely adopted for overhead bridges.

These lights are highly durable and can withstand a temperature of up to 50 degrees. These lights are of such quality that they are sealed in a way that prevents the dust and water from entering and comprises an aluminum shell with a PC cover, which is fireproof.  

IP65 is a waterproof light and is a shockproof option, too, which also offers fire resistance. These lamps are designed to easily replace the fluorescent strips, which are less efficient for use under turbines and garages where humidity is high.

Olamled proves to be the finest choice of LED tri-proof light, and there are many benefits to choosing them.

  • The LED tri-proof lights manufactured by Olamled is a high-quality light that offers reliable performance and has a long lifespan.
  • They always keep investing in innovations to bring about technological advancements in their lighting products, providing multiple features like dimming, motion sensors, and custom controls.
  • LED lights offered by Olamled are known for their energy-saving abilities, and hence considerable cost savings and environmental benefits are attained.
  • Olamled offers LED tri-proof lights, which are affordable and hence match everyone’s budget. You don’t have to spend a fortune installing them in your outdoor spaces.
  • These lights are highly durable, and you can always count on them to get a hold of a lighting product that lasts longer than the other lighting options.
  • There is room for customization in LED tri-proof lights offered by Olamled; you can add your features and add as much automation as you want by discussing your requirements with the manufacturers.


Philips is the name of the lighting industry that needs no intinction. They are the pioneers and have manufactured multiple lighting products. After a shift in energy-saving concerns, Phillips has also been producing LED lights.

The tri-proof LED lights offered by Philips composed of multiple advantages, and some of these may comprise the following:

  • The making and designing of the LED tri-proof lights by Philips are robust. It is capable of withstanding moisture, dirt, and all kinds of harsh environments to justify the purpose of its manufacture.
  • It comprises LED tri-proof lights backed with higher IP ratings; it could be an IP65 tri-proof light or IP68 luminaire as both are ideal for protection against dust and moisture and are suitable for outdoor usage.
  • Energy efficiency is another factor that is looked into in lighting products these days, and Philips is known to manicure the most energy-efficient LED tri-proof lights, which lower energy costs over time.
  • Phillips pays attention to optical illumination by taking it crucially; they ensure that their lighting product offers uniform lighting, which is effective for industrial and commercial setups.
  • Philips designs its LED tri-proof lights in a way that they last longer and are durable enough to avoid any repeated maintenance and replacements.

Phillips is known to manufacture multiple waterproof LED tri-proof lights, which may comprise Pacific LED Gen 5, Coreline Waterproof, Ledinaire waterproof, and much more.


Osram Lighting produces the most innovative and durable LED lighting solutions, with all kinds of features that are lighting solutions these days. Many reasons make Osram among the finest LED tri-proof light manufacturers. Some of these may comprise the following:

  • Osram offers LED tri-proof lights that are of high quality, and hence their performance and durability are commendable.
  • They ensure that innovative, cutting-edge LED technology is implemented in the lighting products; these advanced features in the LED tri-proof lights may include connectivity, color tuning, innovative control options, and much more.
  • The main aim of manufacturing these lighting products by Osram is hands-on energy-efficient lighting; these LED tri-proof lights offer a corpse of energy-saving features and can be used for years without wear and tear.
  • Osram has a strong global network that allows customers to access their lighting products and make the most of their customer support.


FSL was founded in China in 1958, and they are committed to manufacturing green-conserving lighting products. The need for LED tri-proof light outdoors has become quite common and is also suitable.

LED tri-proof lights offer various benefits when installed outdoors due to their high IP rating, protecting them against water and dust particles. Many reasons make FSL one of the most reliable LED tri-proof lighting providers, and some of these are as follows:

  •  FSL offers competitive pricing, so these cost-effective LED tri-proof lights attract many people looking for high-quality and low-cost lighting solutions.
  • FSL has a wide variety of LED tri-proof lights. There are multiple sizes and structures, followed by various wattages and configurations.
  • You can rest assured that every single LED tri-proof light manufactured by FSL is provided with excellent quality and meets international manufacturing standards. They are safe to use and also safe for the environment too.
  • You can add customized features to these lights in color temperature, beam angles, and mounting options.
  • They hold international certifications for their commitment to safety and quality, like RoHS, CE, and many more.


TCL Lighting has been operational in China for many years and has been doing an excellent job producing innovative lighting solutions. If you look at their outdoor lighting options, you will come across their tri-proof lights, used for numerous outdoor applications.

TCL Lighting has gained a significant level of success for many reasons, some of these are as follows:

  • The product portfolio of TCL Lighting is quite diverse; you can come across many products which are used as LED lighting options and cater to different applications. These lights are available in many sizes, configurations, wattages, and features that suit customers’ needs.
  • The LED tri-proof lights from TCL Lighting use LED technology that helps to save energy and hence reduce energy bills; these lights are also very reliable, and by meeting industry standards, they ensure a longer life span.
  • TCL uses eco-friendly products to manufacture its lights and is committed to flexibility; hence you can opt for different customized options and innovative features.


Opple was founded in 1996 and has been flourishing with its team; it has a widespread setup with about 6000 employees and has its headquarters in Shanghai, China. There are many reasons which make Apple one of the leading ED tri-proof light suppliers in China, and some of these are:

  • Opple is known for its wide variety, high-quality lighting products, and long-lasting life. If you consider its LED tri-proof lights, you will find them to have all the reliability-oriented features which allow them to tolerate harsh environmental conditions.
  • These are energy-efficient lights; hence, they utilize less energy and help reduce electricity costs when installed.
  • Opple even caters to customized options for their LED tri-proof lights, and you can choose intelligent options, your choice of beam angles, and mounting options that suit your project.
  • They are global suppliers; hence, no matter where you are located, you can get a hold of their products.




NVC Lighting is a well-known lighting manufacturer located globally and serves many countries. They have a wide range of LED lights, including LED tri-proof lights, which are ideal for use in outdoor applications.

Some of the reasons that make NVC lighting one of the best options to choose may comprise the following:

  • NVC has a wide variety of lighting fixtures; you can opt for the ones you need according to your project. Their LED tri-proof lights are even offered in many sizes and with different features that make them ideal to be chosen.
  • LED tri-proof lights need to be robust because they are used in harsh environments, and when it comes to the ones manufactured by NVC lighting, you can always be assured that the reliability and performance of these lights are up to the mark.
  • NVC ensures that LED tri-proof lights manufactured are energy efficient, providing long-term cost savings on emergency bills.
  • NVC carries out the task of designing LED tri-proof lights and ensuring efficient lighting, which is provided by smart controls and features.


BOJO is located in China and is a leading brand supplying its lighting fixtures globally. It has a very well-equipped and advanced research and development department functional and produces improved versions of LED lights.

Many reasons may compel you to choose BOJO, and some of these are as follows:

  • The LED tri-proof light products are robust enough to withstand harsh environments; this comprises protection against dust, water, and other impacts that tend to cause damage.
  • They produce LED tri-proof lights specifically for industrial setups, which include warehouses, garages, and outdoor setups.
  • They ensure that their lighting products have a longer lifespan and they are durable enough to save your consistent replacement costs.
  • These lights offer sustainability and ensure that the outcome is environment friendly and no harmful element is used in manufacturing these lights.


Shenzhen Skyworth Lighting is a leading lighting company specializing in manufacturing high-quality LED tri-proof lights, which are backed with a durable life span. Some of the reasons that compel opting for this manufacturer are as follows:

  • They have a wide variety of LED lights, and among them, their LED tri-proof lights are also the finest quality options highly suitable for outdoor applications.
  • These lights are quality-oriented, offer reliability, and are even energy efficient. Hence, choosing them always ensures that they consume less electricity.
  • Skyworth comprises an advanced research and development department that carries out new developments and features like dimming, adjustment of color temperature, and many smart controls are added to these lights.
  • They have an efficient distribution system where they supply their products globally, and you can get a hold of these lights irrespective of your location.

GS Light

GS Light is known for manufacturing and supplying its finest LED tri-proof lights, which are high quality and suitable for outdoor use. GS Light offers multiple advantages for its clients, some of which are as follows:

  • LED tri-proof lights designed by GS Light are available in many options. You can go for their t-series, IP69, TL series, and many more to get these lights for use in environments exposed to water and dust.
  • These lights are used in parking lots and warehouses and are manufactured to ensure durability and protection from outdoor damage.
  • GS Light strives to manufacture such lightings that provide uniform illumination and ensure that the spaces are well-lit, providing energy efficiency to save the cost of bills.
  • These lights offered by GS Light have a higher IP rating which means they provide excellent protection against dust and water.


The most important thing when it comes to choosing lighting is the quality and performance. You have reviewed a list of suppliers above providing the best quality LED tri-proof lights.

These manufacturers ensure the provision of durable, high-performing lights and up to international standards. Choosing them for your projects is highly beneficial, and after you have gone through the details, you can quickly contact them and discuss your projects.

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