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About the Track Light You May Know

The tracks will use a lot of decoration now, used in very bright interiors, stylish, and I think a lot of people are fascinated by this light fixture, but before you buy, you need to know the relevant knowledge to be able to see track lights is the track common or not?

1.Is the track lamp common?

Generally speaking, the track lamp track is universal, but there are special cases, some tracks will be divided into two lines, three lines, only live line, zero line, three lines is to increase the ground line, four lines is the control line, to see what you need is which kind.

2.Track dimension of track light

The track lights usually have an orbit of the specifications of the length of 1 m, 1.5 m, 2 m, 3 m, generally use the orbits of the lamp, as a special track light general business, the family is not very popular, like clothing store shopping center, furniture stores, fresh store, store brand store, brand clothing, jewelry, such as auto show, star hotel, senior clubs, museums and galleries , business hall, counters and other places of key lighting.

3.Installation distance of track lamp

The track lamp should be installed at a certain distance from the wall, the position of the track lamp is generally 0.8 ~ 1.2m, the lighting height distance is generally 3 ~ 5m, and the installation distance of the track light is about 1m. Specific requirement vary according to the lighting quantity and installation density of different places. The track lamp can   turnable 350 degrees on the track rod. Lighting direction and area can be adjusted

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