Define LED Linear Lighting: The Complete Guide


Modern lighting solutions are equipped with various types of light, among which LED linear light is a leading option. The main reason behind investing in LED linear lighting systems is their versatility, efficiency, and aesthetic look it offers.

The best part about LED linear light is that it offers to cater to every type of place and all sorts of applications. However, if you are looking forward to learning more about LED linear lighting, this guide below can greatly help. So, let’s read.

What is LED Linear Lighting?

When it comes to looking for a modern type of illumination, LED linear lighting plays a very important role. It comprises LEDs arranged in a linear design. This type of light is known for its long fixtures, which offer a uniform and continuous strip of light.

LED lights are known for various reasons, among which their energy efficiency takes the lead. They consume less power compared to traditional lighting and hence, they help to reduce the impact on the environment as well as the energy bills.

The LED linear light is also known for its durability; it lasts for thousands of hours and hence, the cost of replacement and maintenance also tends to reduce. There are multiple applications of these lights and they are versatile enough to suit residential, commercial, and even industrial settings.

Types of LED Linear Lights in OLAMLED

The LED linear light series offered by OLAMLED is described below in two of its series each having its own features, being a well-known LED linear light manufacturer in China and offers a wide range of lighting solutions.

PD Series

The LED linear light PD series from OLAMLED is designed keeping the aspects of high flexibility, high luminous efficacy and low glare in mind. Hence, they are able to cater to various types of environments with relevant functionality.  

Olamled’s PD series can be designed according to specific customer requirements. There are multiple lengths and layouts which can be created and it ensures integration with all types of applications. The main aim behind adding this flexibility is to ensure that there are no dark spots and that the continuously connected lighting pattern is achieved.

PD series of LED linear light offered by OLAMLED comprises lenses and reflectors, which ensures to provide a controlled and optimized light solution that ensures better illumination with low glare. This series is ideally suitable for commercial applications like classrooms, offices, or spaces where the need to reduce eye strain is very important.

These linear lights also offer up and down lighting consisting of ergonomic design. Hence it ensures comfortable and smooth lighting, which doesn’t cause any fatigue even if people are spending more time in the environment.

PF Series

PF series also offers an LED linear light that can be installed in various shape connections, and you can create different patterns. These lights comprise a PC diffuser, which offers a broad spread of light and hence suits general applications well.

The glare rating of this light is less than 19 and hence, it helps to ensure reduced eye strain. It is durable and corrosion-resistant. The PF series of LED linear light offers an even distribution which helps to eliminate shadows and hot spots. These lights are designed to be installed in surface-mounted as well as suspended form and they offer a flexible lighting solution with a sleek look.

Advantages and disadvantages of LED Linear Lighting


LED linear lighting offers multiple advantages, and with respect to OLAMLED’s lighting solutions, some of these advantages these lights offer are as follows.

  • Energy Efficiency

LED linear lights are known for their energy efficiency. They consume less power, and hence, they are able to reduce their electricity bills. Moreover, due to being energy efficient these lights even help in decreasing the carbon footprint.

The LED linear lights are suitable for commercial as well as residential applications and, hence help such applications to achieve the purpose of energy and cost conservation.

  • Longevity and Durability

LED linear lighting offers a long lifespan. It has the ability to last for thousands of hours which is not observed to happen with other types of lighting. Hence, the need for replacement is reduced, and even the maintenance costs are lowered.

LED linear lights are resistant to vibrations and external shocks, and they have proven to be durable. Moreover, they are suitable for warehouses, commercial spaces, and industrial applications which require robust lighting solutions.

  • Uniform Lighting

LED linear lights offer consistent illumination. It is very important to have uniform lighting to eliminate shadows and to ensure that every corner is properly lit in a space. This helps with even light distribution. This aspect of the LED linear lights creates a pleasant ambiance, reduces eye strain, and ensures safety with better visibility.

  • Aesthetic Customization

LED linear lights offer an aesthetic look, and the best part is they can be customized in different designs to cater to different applications. They are available in various styles, colors and materials and hence seamlessly integrate in different settings.

  • Disadvantages

Some of the downsides of the LED linear lights are also discussed below:

  • Initial Cost

The linear light price is high; initially you have to make a high investment when compared to the traditional lighting options; however, later on, this will result in energy cost savings.

  • Limited CRI

LED technology has undergone a high level of improvement over time; however, certain limitations could still be observed in its CRI. Hence, the way colors are perceived in a particular environment under this light is a major concern.

  • Dimming Capability

Every type of LED linear light is not dimmable and is not compatible with existing dimming systems. Hence, the flexibility of the light may be compromised a bit; however, you may get dimmable linear LED light, but not each of these will accommodate your existing system; you may need to modify them.

Installation Methods

There are various ways to install the LED linear lights offered by OLAMLED, and some of these are as follows:

  • Surface Mounted

Surface-mounted LED linear lights are attracted to the ceiling or a wall directly; this method consists of securing the fixture on the surface with the help of clips and brackets.

These surface-mounted lights are opted for commercial and residential spaces due to their versatility. These are also opted-in spaces where the ceiling height is not very high, giving a contemporary look.

  • Suspended

Suspended LED linear lights are hung with the help of cable or rods from the ceiling and create a floating look. This installation is suitable in spaces where the ceilings are high, and it goes well in offices, retail stores, and other industrial environments.

They offer a very contemporary look, and the height of the suspended light can be adjusted, which also helps to adjust the distribution of light. A suspended linear LED light fixture offers to reduce shadows and even enhance the illumination in the space.

  • Recessed

Recessed LED lights are fixed embedded in the ceiling giving a sleek look. This method of installation offers a modern look, and the fixtures are perfectly flushed within the ceiling, offering a neat look.

This type of installation is suitable in all types of spaces which have low ceilings and give the area widespread illumination.


There are multiple applications of LED linear light fixtures, and some of these are discussed below:

Commercial Spaces:

LED linear lights are very effective for commercial environments and are used in various places:

  • In offices, they offer bright illumination and improve the productivity of the employees by reducing eye strain and offering a comfortable workspace.
  • In retail stores, these lights help attract customers by enhancing the appearance of the products displayed on the shelves.
  • In showrooms these LED linear lights help to enhance the look of the vehicles and other artworks, ensuring the right lighting conditions and creating an appealing visual impact.

Residential Settings:

LED linear lights are used for residential purposes as well in various ways, and some of these are as follows:

  • In the kitchen, these lights can be used under the cabinets to offer sufficient illumination to cook and prepare food and, at the same time, give a stylish touch.
  • In the living room, these LED linear lights can be used in various ways to highlight architectural layouts and, at the same time, create a cozy ambiance.

Industrial Use:

LED linear lights are suitable for industrial setups and can be used for their durability and efficiency in different industrial settings.

  • In factories the LED linear lights ensure a well-lit space followed by durability and hence help in creating a safe working environment.
  • In warehouses, these lights help with uniform light distribution, which ensures accuracy in locating the products.

Maintenance Tips

In order to keep the lights working in the longer run, it is very important to maintain them as well, and some of the ways you can do this are as follows:

  • Regular Cleaning

The brightness and efficiency of the LED linear lights can be locked by keeping them clean. The dirt and dust that accumulate on the surface of these lights must be wiped off using a soft and dry piece of cloth so that the illumination of these lights doesn’t diminish.

  • Proper Ventilation

LED linear lights tend to produce less heat compared to traditional lighting solutions; however still, ventilation is very important to avoid overheating these lighting fixtures.

Overheating impacts the efficiency and lifespan of LED lights. Hence, you must ensure that they are incorporated in well–ventilated spaces.

  • Periodic Inspection

It is recommended to always keep an eye on the LED linear lights so that any damages or wear and tear are identified on time. Inspect these lights for cracks or loose connections securely if you access a decreased brightness.

Common Issues and Troubleshooting

Some of the issues and troubleshooting that you must consider in the context of the LED linear lights are as follows:

  • Flickering:

A very common issue with the LED linear lights is flickering which is ceased due to loose connection or wires of incompatible switches. In order to solve this issue, you must ensure that there is compatibility between the light and dimmer switch.

  • Buzzing:

Buzzing sounds from the LED linear lights are also produced due to the incompatible dimmer or drivers. Hence, it is important to ensure that the drivers and dimmers should be compatible and of good quality.

  • Dimming Issues:

In cases where the power supply is unstable and the components are incompatible, dimming issues take place. In order to resolve this issue, the LED driver, dimmer switch, and LED lights must be compatible with one another.

  • Not Turning On:

If your LED linear lights do not turn on, make sure to check the circuit breaker and installation to find the faults. You must ensure that the connections are secure and there are no damages to the wiring or the fixture.

LED Linear Lighting Solutions from Olamled

OLAMLED is one of the leading LED linear light suppliers that offers a wide range of LED lighting solutions. OLAMLED is inclined towards producing high-quality, durable, and innovative lighting solutions to enhance customer satisfaction. Some of the aspects of OLAMLED’s lighting solution are as follows:

  • Custom Solutions: They offer customized lighting solutions based on the application requirement, which helps you cater to the purpose well with proper illumination.
  • High-Quality Standards: The standards followed by OLAMLED for manufacturing their lighting solutions are always equipped with high quality and they follow international standards to ensure endless durability and safety.
  • Professional Support: The team is equipped with sufficient expertise, and they offer you consistent support for maintenance as well as installation.
  • Versatile Product Range: You have a wide range of linear LED lights to choose from. The high-end range to the affordable one in the form of PF and PD services tend to cater to your lighting requirements very well.


LED linear lighting fixtures are a solution to various applications, and when you have relevant knowledge of the pros and cons, applications, methods of installation, types, and everything essential to know, you are in a position to make the right decision regarding your purchase.

OLAMLED offers a detailed insight into its LED linear lights. To get in touch with them for further queries, you can always visit the website.

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