Do You Know about Color Temperature of LED Lamps?

Color temperature is often mentioned in lighting equipment design, such as warm white, cold white, 3000K and so on. Therefore, in the design of LED drivers, in addition to simple brightness dimming, there is also a two-color temperature dimming. But can you give a clear answer to the following question?

What does 3000K color temperature mean?

What’s the difference between warm white and cool white?

How to apply different color temperatures in different applications?

What determines the color temperature adjustment function of the lamp?

How does the two-color temperature lamp adjust the color temperature?

OLAMLIGHT will tell you the answer in two minutes.

1. Color temperature definition

Color temperature is a measure of the color composition contained in the light source, indicating the color change of a blackbody when heated from absolute zero (-273℃). When a certain temperature is reached, the spectrum of a blackbody is the color temperature of that temperature, usually expressed in Kelvin (K).

Therefore, 3000K color temperature lamp color is 2727℃ (2727+273=3000) black body radiator color. Normal white color temperature 2700K-6500K. In theory, when heated, blackbodies gradually change from black to red, yellow, and white, and finally emit blue light. Therefore, the lower the K value, the more yellow the light color, and the higher the K value, the bluer the light color.

2. How does color temperature affect your mood?

Look at the picture

Do you feel the magic of color temperature? For the same scene, different lighting can give you a completely different feeling. In general, the closer the light color is to red (the lower the K value), the warmer and more excited the person feels; The more blue and white (the higher the K value), the colder and more likable people are perceived to be. This is the origin of warm white and cold white.

Warm light, meanwhile, has a pleasant hypnotic effect, while cold light wakes people up, depending on how well the body ADAPTS to the colour and temperature of natural light (pictured).

Therefore, color temperature can be used to create a different atmosphere. For example, warm light should be used at home to create a comfortable environment, while cold white should be used in the office to improve work efficiency. This is the influence of lighting design combined with color temperature effect on human rhythm.

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