Educational Lighting Design: Creating Effective, Efficient, and Engaging Learning Environments


Welcome to the world of educational lighting, where the right illumination can transform any learning environment! Whether you’re a facility manager, an educator, or a lighting distributor, understanding the nuances of lighting is key to creating spaces that are not only functional but also conducive to learning and productivity. In this comprehensive guide, we’re diving into the art and science of selecting the perfect LED lights for various educational settings.

In this guide, we delve into choosing the right LED lights for different educational settings. We cover key areas including selecting appropriate lighting for classrooms to enhance learning, finding the right lights for library browsing rooms to reduce glare, choosing productive lighting for teachers’ offices, selecting dynamic lights for indoor sports centers, and setting the right mood in meeting rooms. This comprehensive guide aims to help facility managers, educators, and lighting distributors in creating functional and conducive learning environments.

Today, OLAM Lighting will take you step by step to understand the different lighting applications in different places in the school

How to choose the classroom luminaire?

The selection of lamps in the classroom is generally recommended to choose grille panel lights, which are characterized by: low glare, UGR< 16, the light through the grating twice refraction to avoid direct light, so as to better protect the children’s eyes

OLAMLED PC series suit for it.

LED Grille Light- PC series

Choose a lamp that fits the blackboard

The teacher faces the blackboard for a long time every day, and the lamps used should pay special attention to the structural design and installation.

First, the lights should not be dazzling to avoid reflection, so low glare lamps should be selected.

Second, the installation method should meet the needs of the blackboard position, so the unique design of OLAMLED meets the above 2 points

How to choose the choice of indoor sport ground?

There are always many indoor sports fields in the school

Sports scenes have high requirements for the brightness of the light, so it is necessary to choose high-brightness lamps, but also to soft light, to avoid direct eye discomfort

At the same time, it must be strong and unbreakable, Therefore, the choice of materials should be strong

The LED Tri-proof lights K series of OLAM meets the needs of IP67 and IK10, and at the same time, the frosted cover makes the lamp look softer

Details please check the specification (K series)

How to choose a reading light?

Generally, the reading room has a large space. In addition to some broad general lighting on the ceiling, it is also necessary to configure some reading lights. The floor-standing panel light of OLAM Lighting can provide a good experience for reading on different desktops. You can adjust your favorite light color and brightness according to your own preferences

The light with sensor, when the people leave the seat, the light will be stop working after 5 mins.

Details please check the specification (Floor Standing Light series)

How to choose the teacher’s office lights?

In addition to the classroom, the most common place for teachers to stay is the office, they need to prepare lessons, revise students’ homework, read books, study and so on

So, We suggest choose, high lumen, lower glare and warm color panel light.

Details please check the specification (PA series)

the reading light LED floor standing panel light and LED floor linear light are also very suitable for teachers’ daily office use

What should you pay attention to when choosing luminaire for school?

Why choose LED fixtures with high CRI and low glare for school use?

Whether the lamps of OLAM lighting meet the requirements of school lighting?

There are 3 questions that you need to search for to answer, but professionally and correctly.

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