Discover Top LED Manufacturers Near Shenzhen Airport: A B2B Guide

Have you landed in the beautiful city of Shenzhen to find some of the finest LED manufacturers for sourcing lights for your clients? Well, in that case, this guide will be of great help to you, and the best part is that these manufacturers are even close to the airport, so if you are staying near the airport, you can make the most of this guide.

Let’s read below, then.

1. OLAM Lighting

OLAM Lighting is a leading manufacturer of LED lights of versatile uses and kinds. It came into being in 2009. The experience they have gathered over the years is commendable, and they have an in-depth understanding of the trends that follow the industry.

They have a well-equipped research and development department, so they bring about innovations in LED lighting. The quality of their lighting is also commendable, and you can trust their 5-year warranty, which ensures that you can rely on a long-term investment.

Contact Details and Address:

8F, Building 2, Jinchi Industry Park, Fuyuan 2Rd. Fuhai Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen, China



YouTube Video Link: mAps

You can find them on Google map at the following link:,113.8628166,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m6!3m5!1s0x34039351aaac499f:0xaa47a4a083fc0839!8m2!3d22.65535!4d113.86743!16s%2Fg%2F11swqd4h9r?entry=ttu

The product range of OLAMLED is highly diverse, and below, we have discussed each of their LED lights that will help you understand their functionality and application.

LED Tubular Light

LED tubular light offered by OLAM is ideal for harsh environments, and these lights are off IP67 and IP69K so that in case of any challenging situation, the lighting needs can be met irrespective of which environment they are in.

These lights are gas proof; hence, in environments where exposure to gas and fumes is prevalent, these luminaries can work very well. Moreover, they are resistant to water and moisture and have a practical life of 100,000 hours.

These lights are available in three distinct diameters, which are 45mm, 70mm, and 80mm. They’re offered with sensors and have a CRI greater than 80 Ra and 90 Ra.

LED Track Panel Light

They offer the LED track panel light in two options, TK01 and TD01. These lights are ideally suitable for application in stores and showrooms. They are equipped with high luminous efficacy and hence offer brightness and, at the same time, save energy. These lights provide a 360-degree rotation, and you can highlight specific displays as needed.

If the stores already have a track system, these lights can easily be adjusted into those, and their color rendering is highly exceptional, displaying the true colors of the products and improving the customer experience.

LED Track Linear Light

LED track liner light comes in two distinct models and is suitable for malls, showrooms, exhibition halls, and huge supermarkets. These are offered in the TK02 and TD02 series. The LED track liner light offers precision lighting and is highly energy efficient.

Its modern and sleek design makes it adaptable to all kinds of installation methods, including track, recessed, or suspended installation. It offers uniform lighting with sufficient brightness and is highly robust and durable.

LED Modular Panel Light

LED modular panel lights are commonly used for various applications; the best thing about them is that they have LED modules that can be replaced when needed rather than disposing off the entire light. It helps save costs and also reduces waste.

These lights are designed with a secondary optical lens, which helps diffuse the light evenly, prevent glare, and don’t flicker. There are three different kinds of LED modular panel lights, including the PG and PN series.

LED Cleanroom Troffer

LED cleanroom troffers are LED lights designed for healthcare facilities and comprise the latest LED technology. The lights are manufactured specifically to cater to operation theaters and possess seamless color rendering properties.

These lights offer low glare and hence are a comfortable solution; moreover, they have an antimicrobial coating that helps to resist contamination and infections. The components of these lights are designed keeping in mind the requirements specialized environments may have, and they offer to act as a barrier against bacteria.

LED Tri-Proof Light

The LED tri-proof lights are high-quality LED lights equipped with robust manufacturing that offers protection against water and dust. These lights are highly durable and provide excellent illumination by minimizing energy consumption. There are three types of tri-proof LED lights offered by Olam: U series, K80 series, and K70 series.

LED Linear High Bay Light

The linear high bay light offers an ideal solution for warehouse lighting. These are highly economical and bright enough to reduce your needed lights. The best part is that they are durable, and hence, they help save the maintenance cost.

There are two series for these lights, the D series and the HL series, which are ideally suitable for harsh environments.

UFO High Bay Light

UFO LED high bay lights are very easy to install. These lights are used for energy saving and have a very unique design. These lights have a shape with fins that help with heat dissipation.

High bay lights are used in industrial setups and warehouses, offer excellent brightness, and are installed these days instead of other traditional lights.

LED Modular Panel Light (PA Series)

LED modular panel lights in the PA series are very slim and sleek, suitable for minimalist environments. This light eliminates shadows and offers a visually pleasing space.

In the LED modular panel light PA series, the diffuser material is used, and it helps with diffusion properties; the materials commonly used consist of the reflector and PMMA lens, which helps reduce glaring and offers a proper light distribution.

LED Floor Standing Light

LED floor standing light by OLAM is a floor standing light that offers up and down lighting. It comprises a touch screen and is also dimmable. It is ideal for multiple residential and commercial applications. The light offers a low glare rating of UGR<16.

The light also offers a daylight sensor and excellent energy saving with its commendable features.

LED Linear Light

LED linear light by OLAM has different PR and PF series, which can be installed in various layouts. Multiple patterns can be created with these linear lights, including rectangles, crosses, and squares, and can be contacted individually.

LED Panel Light

LED panel lights offered by OLAM comprise edge panel lights and back-lit panel lights. These lights provide dimming capabilities that help adjust the light intensity according to preference and have varying CRIs.

The lights offer uniform distribution, and hence, comfortable illumination is achieved; the best part is that these lights have smart lighting features, such as scheduling their turning on and off, using a remote control, and using a sensor.


OLAM also offers you with light solutions for different applications and spaces, some of which are discussed below:

Farm Lighting

Farm lighting should be of such nature that it must meet the harsh environment and pollution present in the farms. Animals discharge feces, which releases ammonia gas, which causes light corrosion.

Hence, lighting suitable for farms should have IP68 and IP69K equipped within it; the lights may last longer if they are waterproof and dustproof. OLAM caters to providing such lighting equipped with the required features.

Commercial Lighting

The commercial spaces of stores need effective lighting, and for this, the track panel lights and track linear lights offered by OLAM are widely popular. The right color rendering properties and the requirement of highlighting specific products are also achieved.

Indoor Lighting

Indoor light comprises lighting in offices, homes, and other indoor places. The PN and PG series offer suitability for indoor spaces and have features that lead to the system’s protection and provide energy savings, followed by dimming and color adjustment features.

Industry Lighting

The industry lighting comprises high bay lights, which Olam offers and is used widely in warehouses, stadiums, and factories.

Office Lighting

Office lighting plays a vital role in employees’ productivity; hence, they should offer comfort level and low glare. The collection offered by OLAM for office lighting comprises floor-standing and LED linear lights.

Outdoor Lighting

OLAM manufactures tri-proof lights and tubular lights for outdoor lighting. These lights are equipped with impact resistance and are suitable for environments subjected to high temperatures. Moreover, they can be waterproof and dustproof.

Parking Lot Lighting

LED tri-proof lamps are used for efficient lighting in parking lots; they are equipped with moisture and proof properties and, hence, do not easily wear out or corrode.

Shop Lighting

The store lighting should attract customers, and for this, focusing on specific products is very important. The best lighting options offered by OLAM for shop lighting are LED track panel lights and track linear lights.

Station Lighting

The stations cater to various people simultaneously and have ample space that needs appropriate lighting. All series of tubular lights offered by OLAM are suitable for the station.


LIFUD is one of the leading LED driver suppliers founded in 2007. It has its headquarters in Shenzhen, China. The company consistently stays committed to innovation and produces energy-efficient and durable drivers for LED lights.


Their LED driver are used with panel lights, embedded downlights, wall lights, small power downlights, high-end guide rails, surface mounted downlights, ceiling lights, line lights, grid lights, three-guard lights, industrial and mining lights, street lights, plant lights

Here is a special introduction to a few main popular power supplies for you

Linear drivers

The linear LED drivers offered were emergency LED drivers, isolated LED drivers, backlit-panel LED drivers, etc.

In-track drivers

The series of in-track drivers consists of magnetic light non-dimmable LED drivers, magnetic light triac dimmable drivers, and built-in track light LED drivers.

Industry drivers

The industry drivers comprise adjustable highway drivers, non-isolated high bay drivers, etc.

Outdoor drivers

Outdoor LED driver, non-isolated linear LED driver, flicker-free linear LED driver suitable for outdoor lighting requirements.

Constant Voltage

 Zigbee LED driver, 5 1 LEd driver, Bluetooth LED drive, and many more.

How do you pick an LED manufacturer from Shenzhen?

When looking forward to picking an LED manufacturer from Shenzhen, some of the tips to follow comprise the following:

  • You need to define your requirements clearly in the first place: what specifications you need, the quantity required, and how much customization is necessary.
  • You must also identify the potential LED light manufacturers through online research through the industry directories.
  • Before choosing LED lighting manufacturers, ensure they comply with international quality standards and visit their manufacturing capacity.
  • It is also suggested that the previous projects of the selected manufacturer be considered, and the testimonials left behind by the clients be reviewed.
  • Discuss the cost of products and negotiate the contract terms, discussing the important aspects like delivery, payment, and quantity you need.


So, your visit to Shenzhen to source the finest quality lights must be simplified by going through this guide above, and you will be able to get your hands on the best suppliers near the airport. Olamled is a leading name that offers multiple products and lighting solutions, as discussed above, so if you wish to place your order or take a quote, contact them now!

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