How Do I Choose Nice Quality LED Panel Lights?

Selecting LED panel lights that are equipped with high quality requires a lot of factors to consider. It is essential to ensure that these lights have longevity and optimal performance. There are various aspects that need attention when choosing high-quality LED panel lights.

Moreover, different spaces require different lighting setups, which requires attention when choosing LED panel lights. This guide below provides insight into choosing the right LED panel lights from the wide range of lighting options available. You can walk through the guide below to capture more information on this subject.

Factors To Consider To Choose the Best Quality LED Panel Lights

1. Assessing Lighting Requirements

When choosing an LED lighting fixture, some requirements for lighting must be assessed. It comprises a wide range of aspects to consider, as discussed below:

Size: Space and Area Measurement

LED PanelSizeApplication of LED Panel Light
1×1 30×30 cm or 1×1 feetSuch LED panel lights are suitable for lighting up spaces that need accent lighting, or multiple LED panel lights can be used for a larger space to light up smaller areas.
1×2 30×60 cm or 1×2 feet This size of LED panel light goes for commercial lighting as well as residential setups which comprises walkways, offices and retail stores.
1×4 30x120cm or 1×4 feetIt is suitable for lighting up areas that have a narrow space or in areas where linear lighting design suits well for instance in walkways and hallways.
2×2 60×60 cm or 2×2 feet This size of LED panel lights is suitable for drop ceilings and commercial spaces, it offers a uniform lighting and goes well with the grid ceiling system.
2×4 60x120cm or 2×4 feet This size is suitable for schools, offices and healthcare setups and goes well with the grid ceiling of standard size.
4×4 120cm by 120cm or 4×4 feet The 4×4 size of LED panel is ideal for commercial settings that have high ceilings as they offer a brighter illumination.
Customized size optionsany sizeYou can also have your own customized size of LED panel light designed by OLAMLED

Desired Brightness:

There are different levels of brightness to choose from when it comes to LED panel lights. The selection of how bright or dim a lighting fixture may be depends on the space for which it is chosen.

Some areas need brighter illumination, whereas some need a dimmer, and brightness levels must be chosen to keep the light’s function.


The selection of LED panel lights and its kind also requires considering the purpose of installation. Every place has a different requirement, and some of the purposes that these lights may serve and their suitability to each of these are discussed below:

1.    Education

In the education sector, bright lighting is of core importance to allow students to learn efficiently, and the LED panel light must be chosen accordingly, considering the brightness and uniformity of light.

2.    Office

Offices are workspaces that need lighting, which boosts productivity and improves the mood of the employees; hence, task-oriented lighting must be selected for offices.

3.    Hospitals

Hospitals require a mixture of lighting; hence, a combination of task and general lighting must be chosen and installed based on the activity in a particular area.

4.    Halls/Auditoriums

Spaces where different events are carried out may need flexible and adjustable lighting based on the event’s nature.

5.    Warehouses and Garages

To ensure visibility and safety, warehouses and garages require brighter, more efficient lighting.

6.    Supermarkets and Mall

To create a welcoming environment, malls and supermarkets must combine accent and general lighting.

Installation Method:

The LED panel lights can be installed in multiple ways, and when choosing them, the installation method should be kept in mind; some of the techniques of installation for LED panel lights are provided below:

1.    Drop-in Ceiling

Drop-in ceiling is a prevalent installation method for LED panel light sources; the bulbs and fixtures that are already on the ceiling are removed, and this LED panel is installed right at the same place. It is one of the quickest installation methods for LED panels.

2.    Suspension

LED panels that hang after being suspended from the ceiling give any place a nice look by improving its aesthetics. This type of lighting setup is ideal for offices or a study room. The suspension cables are mounted to the ceiling, and the LED panel is then attached to the cables.

3.    Surface Mounted

Surface-mounted LED panel lights require mounting kits, and using this kit, the light can easily be mounted to the ceiling after installation.

4.    Recessed

Recessed LED panel lights are installed flush with the ceiling and give a very integrated look.

5.    Flush Mount

Flush mount is a method of flushing the LED panel light against the wall or ceiling. There is no need for any cables and mounting kits. With the help of screws, the lights are directly installed on the surface.


The latest LED panel lights are highly efficient, leading to high power output. However, despite this high power output, they offer energy efficiency and have a longer life span.

Lumens per Watt:

Lumens per watt measures how efficiently an LED panel light converts the electrical power in the visible light. The high lumen watt indicates high energy efficiency, and an LED panel light that offers a high efficiency is suitable for minimizing energy consumption.

Color Temperature:

The color temperature is measured in Kelvins, and it helps determine the warmth and coolness of the light. The area’s atmosphere to be lightened should be considered when opting for the color temperature of light. The warmer ones offer a cozy feel, and the cooler ones offer improved visibility.

2. Type of LED Panel Lights

There is a wide range of LED panel lights to choose from in various types, and some of the common types are provided below:

Rectangular / Square Panels:

Rectangular and square panel lights are mainly used for general lighting, and they have the shape of rectangles and squares.

Round Light Panels:

Round light panels are circular and give a very aesthetic appeal; hence, in spaces where circular lighting fixtures are needed, the round panel lights look perfect.

Standard panel lights backlit/edge-lit with different sizes:

LED lamps may also comprise panel lights with backlit and edge-lit offered in different sizes. The backlit LED panel light emits illumination from the back and the edge-lit emits from the edge.

Waterproof panel light:

Waterproof panel lights are LED lamps with a structure that protects them when used in moist areas. They are sealed so that they can be used in bathrooms and outdoor spaces without any water ingress into them.


Fire-rated LED panel lights are installed in places where meeting the fire safety standards is essential as they are based on such standards.

Low Glare

Low-glare LED panel lights are designed for spaces that need lights with low glare, ensuring a comfortable visual experience. These lights are ideally suitable for offices and educational institutions.

Sky Panels

Sky panels are lights that, when lightened up, create a look of the sky; they are meant to increase the aesthetics of a place and create a very calm and soothing environment.

Color-Selectable/RGB Panels:

RGB panels are panel lights that have a feature that helps to change the color of the lights as per the mood; these lights are suitable for casual spaces.

Dimmable Panels:

As the name suggests, a dimmable LED panel is an LED light with dimmable features, and the brightness level of such light can be adjusted as required.

Sensor led panel light:

Sensor LED panel light is a light that comprises sensors; these sensors could be daylight sensors or motion sensors that turn on or off or adjust the brightness according to their sensing capabilities. Such lights also add energy efficiency to their operation.

Emergency Backup:

LED panels that have emergency backup features consist of a battery that allows the lights to work even if there is a power outage. These lights are suitable for critical areas that need illumination during emergencies.

3. Driver and Power Supply

The quality and type of power supply and LED driver are essential for the LED panel lights to function properly. Hence, the LED panel lights with compatible drivers and power supply must be chosen.

4. Structure Design

The structure of LED panel lights comprises their durability in the making and the material they comprise. The right structure of the LED panel will ensure not only a long lifespan but also optimal performance.

5. Industry Certification

LED panels, equipped with industry certifications, comply with energy efficiency and safety standards, offering better efficiency and quality.

Benefits & Features Of LED Panel Lights:

LED panel lights have a lot of benefits to offer, and some of these include the following:

  • LED panel lights are highly energy efficient; they consume less power, and the illumination offered is bright, which helps reduce the environmental impact and lower the cost of electricity.
  • The durability of LED panel lights is also commendable compared to fluorescent tubes; hence, they can last for thousands of hours, reducing the need for frequent replacements.
  • LED panel lights offer uniform illumination, which helps to create a consistent lighting environment with reduced shadows.
  • The minimalist and sleek design of the LED panel lights makes them suitable for almost all applications as they give a very fine look.
  • These lights have multiple features like dimmability, sensors, and color temperature options; hence, there is massive room for customization.
  • The LED panel lights do not need warm-up time, so they start instantly. These lights are also low-maintenance lights that offer environmental friendliness.

What are the common quality problems of panel lights?

Although there are multiple benefits of LED panel lights, some quality problems too need to be considered when investing in LED panel lights, as given below.

1. Dark areas appear around the panel lights

When dark areas appear around the panel light, it shows uneven light distribution. It usually arises due to the inappropriate placement of light or the poor design of light. The panel light must be evenly illuminated to avoid dark spots.

2. Yellow light appears around the panel light frame

The LED panel light may have a yellow light around the frame; it is because of the lack of appropriate color consistency in the LED chips, or it may be due to a flaw in the design. No such issue arises when the LED panel light passes through quality inspection during manufacturing.

3. The middle part of the panel light turns yellow

The middle area of the LED panel light also turns yellow sometimes, and this is due to the aging or overheating of the LEDs. If appropriate heat dissipation is present in the design and components of good quality are used, such issues won’t arise.

4. Water ripples appear

Water ripples do appear in the light, and this may be because the light guide plate or the light diffuser has some problems. The panel light must be adequately sealed so the moisture doesn’t ingress.

5. LED panel lights flicker

The flicker issue occurs if the dimmer switches are incompatible or LED drivers of inferior quality are used. Hence, choosing high-quality drivers and compatible dimmers is crucial to eliminate such issues.

How Can OLAMLED Help You With Quality LED Panel Lights?

OLAMLED is one of the leading manufacturers looking at the diverse range of LED lights. The LED panel lights offered by OLAMLED are manufactured in different types, each with its own series.

The modular panel light offers three series, PN, PA, and PG, each having high-quality components and even light distribution with customizable sizes. The LED panel light offered by OLAMLED also comes with an edge-lit and backlit structure.

These lights have industry-standard certifications and high quality, offering excellent energy efficiency. Contact our team if you are looking forward to installing the LED panel lights and need to discuss the entire lighting setup.

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