How Office Lighting Fixtures Should Be Chosen to Provide Employees with a Comfortable Working Environment?

The role of adequate lighting must always be addressed to ensure productivity in the office environment. The office design must comprise such lighting fixtures that, apart from enhancing visibility, also improve the comfort level and productivity of the employees.

When you head to buy lights for offices, you will come across many lights, but which ones are suitable to ensure that the employees have a productive day is very important.

When you choose the right lighting fixture, the functionality and aesthetics of the office improve, and hence the team is more effective.

This guide below is all about the proper office lighting selection, and it helps you choose the office lights in a better way understanding the requirements of every corner. So, let’s read below and then decide regarding your office lighting fixtures.

Significance of Office Lighting

The lighting quality at the workplace directly impacts the performance, comfort, and efficiency of the employee. Apart from the efficiency of employees, it does affect the efficiency of the energy.

Hence, it is imperative to have the proper lighting in the office, which reduces fatigue and eye strain and creates an ambiance that allows for focus. Many factors lead to making office lighting selection one of the most essential aspects, and some of these are as follows:

Visual Comfort

When there is the provision of proper lighting, the tasks can be performed by employees with a lot of comfort because the eyes are not strained when the lighting is right. In case of insufficient lighting, there is a chance of feeling headaches and dizziness, leading to decreased employee efficiency.

Moreover, the perfectly designed light also tends to reduce glare and flicker, maintaining a comfortable environment.

Impact on Performance

When the lighting is right, it will have a positive impact on the productivity of the employee. When the lighting is not right, it could negatively impact the performance of employees.

They read documents and sit in front of the computer for a long time at the office; therefore, lighting is essential in these cases and must be appropriate.

Impact on Health

Lighting influences an employee’s well-being; therefore, health may suffer if poor lighting is observed at the workplace.

Office lighting fixtures may be harsh and contribute to migraine, the strain on the eyes, and headaches, making the environment unhealthy and uncomfortable for the employees.

Mood Disruptions

The role of lighting on mood is also quite evident since it impacts the atmosphere’s ambiance; hence the employees’ motivation may disrupt.

Office lighting fixtures may either promote comfort or add discomfort, which affects the mood and, thus, productivity.

Safety Concerns

Appropriate lighting is also essential for the safety of the employees because if the areas are not well-lit, the chances of accidents, falling off, and tipping may increase. Moreover, appropriate lighting even leads to help detect any security concerns.

How Does Office Lighting Provide Guidance?

Office design and office lighting go hand in hand; by way of the proper lighting, it is possible to create appropriate guidance lines in the workspace, enhancing the overall office scenario.

Space Division

By way of the right lighting fixtures, the space in the different areas of the office could be divided. You can opt for different intensities, and even by varying color temperature, you can designate different areas by creating a distinction.

Guidance for Directions

The lighting fixtures at offices can even be used to illuminate pathways or directional purposes so that a route could be specified using lights.

An example of this kind may comprise wall-mounted or pendant lights to create a visual path leading to specific areas like reception or meeting rooms.

Improvement of Focus

The employees’ focus could also be improved by way of the right lighting. When specific workstations are created with the right lighting fixtures, the attention stays focused, and productivity enhances.

Hence the glare is minimized, so are the shadows, and employees are able to work with more concentration. The proper lighting guides their attention to their workstations.

How to Choose the Perfect Color Temperature for Office Lighting?

Office luminaire is dependent upon several factors when it comes to choosing it. Still, one of the most important considerations directly related to an employee’s productivity is the color temperature.

Some of the most critical factors that need to be taken into account in this regard are discussed below:

Nature of Work

The nature of work performed by employees need to be understood when choosing the office lighting in terms of color temperature.

In areas where the focused and concentrated tasks are performed, like conference rooms and workstations, the color temperature should be around 5000-6500K. It ensures that the ambiance with daylight is created with a cooler color, hence improving productivity and focus.

On the other hand, areas like lounges and break rooms need a relaxed atmosphere, and here, you can choose to have warmer temperatures that range between 2700 to 3000 K. This range creates a comfortable ambiance.

Daylight Presence

The office design should capture as much daylight as possible to create a natural lighting ambiance.

Hence, if you have sufficient daylight integrated within your office, you must choose a color temperature that matches the color temperature of daylight so that the natural sleep-wake cycle of your employees is maintained.

Preference of Employees

You must also involve employees in your decision-making process regarding the office luminaries. Some employees prefer warmer lighting, and some prefer cooler lighting.

Hence, you should ask them about their preference and design your office lighting to ensure they are satisfied.

Adding Control for Lighting

When added to these lighting fixtures, the lighting controls may also make them designed so that the color temperature may be adjusted as needed.

The dimmers and individual desk lighting with adjustable color temperature allow for flexibility in the lighting process. The employees are at liberty to change lights regarding their tasks and preferences.

Role of Illumination in Office Lighting

Illumination is the intensity or brightness of light that falls on any area, measured in lux. When choosing office lighting, it is imperative to keep an eye on some of the factors associated with the level of illumination in offices. Some of these essential factors are as follows:

  • When choosing the lighting fixtures for the general office area, the illumination should either be 300 lux or more, and this level of lighting helps to perform visual tasks comfortably. It ensures no fatigue and eye strain are experienced by employees.
  • Every space in the office needs a different illumination level. Some require higher brightness, and some lesser. When choosing the illumination level, you have to consider the area to be lightened; for a reading area, the minimum brightness level should be around 600 lumens, and for break rooms and corridors, 100 lumens would work.
  • Task lighting is also one of the most essential parts of illumination needed at a workplace. Specific work areas need directly focused lamps and may comprise either desk lamps or the ones under the cabinets. These lights have an essential role to play in offices to supplement lighting.

Essential Aspects of Office Lighting Fixtures

When choosing office lighting fixtures, there are two important categories to focus on. One is the critical factor you must consider in the office lighting fixtures, and the other is the available lighting fixtures.

This section will highlight these two aspects of lighting fixtures for offices, and to know more about them, let’s read below:

Factors to Consider in Office Lighting Fixtures

Some of the essential factors that you must take into consideration when choosing office lighting are as follows:

  • When choosing office lighting fixtures, you must assess the lighting requirements regarding the office design and area, the needed ambiance, and the tasks performed.
  • Going for an energy-efficient lighting fixture for the office is always suggested. LED lights are the best ones to have because they help save energy and, at the same time, are offered in a massive variety.
  • Always look for lighting fixtures that offer uniformity in illumination, and this will eliminate the dark shadows and ensure lower glare office lights for a comfortable experience for employees.
  • When choosing office lighting, the CRI rating of light fixtures is also a significant concern. The light fixtures that have good colors are the ones that have high CRI ratings and hence represent colors more accurately.
  • It is always the best idea to opt for office lights that have dimming systems incorporated within them. Controls like dimming, daylight sensors, motion sensors, etc., can be beneficial to ensure automated lighting at the workplace.
  • Office lighting should be easy to maintain and have a longer life span, so replacements are unnecessary.
  • The design of the lighting must match and complement the design of your office so that it looks aesthetically pleasing. It is imperative to have an attractive workplace because it boosts employee motivation.
  • The lighting you choose for offices must also comply with environmental regulations and must be sustainable because light pollution may cause the health of employees and other associated people to be at risk.

Types of Office Lighting to Choose

One of the most important things to consider is the lighting for the office which ensures that it enhances the ambiance and is in no way out of the way.

It must complement the interiors, and there are many kinds of lighting options to choose from when it comes to offices and some of them are discussed below:

Recessed Ceiling Lights

Recessed ceiling lights are fixtures that offer recessed downlights consisting of LED panels and are suitable for the general lighting of offices. These lights provide a uniform light discretion with dimming features and are quite flexible.

Linear Lighting Fixtures

LED linear light for offices is available in many kinds of layouts; some are suspended styles from the ceiling, and some are fixed to the ceiling. These lights are used for general lighting purposes at the offices.

Surface Mounted Lighting Fixtures

Offices are generally huge spaces with different areas, so every area needs lighting that suits its nature.

Similarly, the use of surface-mounted fixtures for lighting is also quite common. These lights can be placed in meeting rooms, corridors, and break rooms, and some may also work as task lighting.

Pendant Lights

Pendant lights may instantly enhance the office’s appearance in no time; they add a decorative touch to the office space and are widely used to cater to the task lighting purpose.

These lights are quite common in reception, collaborative corners, and conference rooms because they are suitable for direct and indirect lighting.

Desk Lamps

Desk lamps provide task lighting and are placed at individual workstations of the employees. The LED desk lamps are suitable for energy saving and adjustable in illumination. They also have a flexible structure, and their arms and clamps can be adjusted.

Track Light

Track light comprises a lighting system with a track mounted on the wall or a ceiling with lighting fixtures attached. They are known to offer direct lighting on specific objects and are suitable for accent lighting.

These are mostly suitable in offices for receptions. Track pane lights are offered in different color temperatures and intensities and offer energy efficiency.

Lighting Under Cabinets

The overhead cabinets in the offices are a common storage space for finials and other stuff, and these also have lightings under them, which help to illuminate the work surfaces. These lights offer an exclusive ambiance and cover the uniformity the office needs regarding lighting.

Wall Sconces

Wall sconces are wall-mounted lighting fixtures ideal when the purpose of decorative and functional lighting is needed to be served.

These lights add a touch of class to the corridors and reception areas. They are ideal to add aesthetic appeal to the office and ensure a welcoming feel.

Linear Cove Lights

The cove lighting consists of having LED strips or linear light fixtures to be fixed in the coves of the walls or ceiling. They offer indirect lighting but with a very soft glow enhancing the overall interior of the offices.

Emergency Lights

Remember the significance of emergency lights, as they are essential to ensure the safety of the entire staff. These lights may comprise signs for the exit, lighting units that can be used in emergencies, and lighting that directs towards the escape routes.

However, make sure to choose such emergency lighting which complies with the local regulations. These should be sufficient to offer illumination in situations of power failure.

Floor Standing Light

Floor-standing lights are highly suitable for offices and can be a perfect addition to waiting areas, employees’ cabins, and conference rooms.

They could be chosen with variations in the form of a standing panel light or a standing linear light. These are moveable, backed with multiple automated features, and suitable for uniform illumination.

Suitable Office Lighting Fixture for Different Areas

Every office has multiple departments and areas, and they all need different lighting fixtures, depending on their function.

Olamled offers a massive variety of office luminaires for every space, and to have an idea of incorporating them in your office design, you may look at the details shared below:

Personal Office Area

The common office area is a very important one, and it should have a welcoming ambiance. It may be illuminated using standing panel light or a standing linear light. They both offer direct as well as indirect illumination.

Olamled has standing panel light in the PT series and standing linear light in the PW series, which offer two distinct lighting functions, direct or indirect, in the form of ambient or task lighting.

These standing lights offered by Olamled are lower-glare office lights that help save energy by being LED, and at the same time, they are backed with multiple sensors that add to energy saving. Daylight sensors, motion sensors, and dimming options are offered in these standing lights.

Conference Room

The conference room is also essential in any office because meetings are conducted there, and board decisions are taken there. Hence the lighting and ambiance should be up to the mark.

Therefore, this area should have LED panel lighting, which offers glare-free, comfortable, and uniform illumination.

Olamled is a renowned LED panel light supplier, and the PN and PG series offered by them are ideal for catering to conference rooms or offices. These lights consist of glare and flicker-free experience, protecting eyes against strain.

Moreover, these lights are very soft and have LED modules that can be replaced; they are made from recyclable materials and are environmentally friendly.

Walkways and Corridors

The entrance and passages of the offices usually have some long walkways and corridors, and lighting for these areas needs to be seamless. Usually, linear lights are quite suitable because they provide a continuous lighting pattern and offer accent lighting.

Olamled manufactures linear light in the PF series, which is perfect if you wish to add an aesthetic appeal to the office corridors. These are LED linear lights, and hence energy efficiency can be achieved.

These linear lights can be arranged in different ways and directions with various beam angles, supporting all forms of application.

Reception of Office

Reception of every office needs to be welcoming, and for this, the idea of choosing Olamled’s track panel light TK01 and TD01 series could be one of the best things. These lights offer a dual function, track lighting, and panel lighting


Olamled is known to be a well-known LED flat panel manufacturer, and this light may highlight specific areas of the reception that needs to be focused.

Why Choose Olamled for Your Office Lighting Design?

The lighting of an office has a significant role to play; it can uplift the overall business along with the entire staff, and hence choosing the right lighting expert is equally essential.

Olamled is one of the leading names in the lighting industry, and when it comes to choosing them, there are many reasons that make them the finest manufacturers. Some of these are discussed below:

  • The product quality offered by Olamled meets international quality standards; these lighting fixtures for offices are high-performing with energy efficiency and durability.
  • They cater to a wide range of products so that you can opt for different fixtures for different areas of your office; moreover, if you want to have something customized, you can do that too by specifying your requirements.
  • Olamled ensures that every product of lighting they manufacture comprises environment friendliness in a way that reduces the energy cost and hence offers sustainability.
  • Olamled is an experienced lighting manufacturer and has the best experience and knowledge that would be applied to your office lighting. Hence you can take their advice for your office lighting designs.
  • A well-reputed lighting supplier will always off its lighting products with applicable warranties and after-sales services. So, when you deal with Olamled, you get your hands on both of these things and if there are any defects and issues in the product, they will offer you a replacement.


The guide above features all the details that you need to keep an eye on when designing lighting systems for your office, and the major takeaways from this guide can be summarized in the points below:

  • The light you choose should be close to the natural one so that it offers comfort and visual relaxation to the employees.
  • It should be installed to eliminate direct contact with the eyes so that the glare doesn’t disturb the vision.
  • Choosing lighting fixtures and other essential lighting considerations is necessary based on the functionality and the area used in the office.
  • Office lighting fixtures must have relevant features like automated controls, dimming capabilities, daylight, motion sensors, etc.

Olamled offers a comprehensive collection of lighting fixtures for offices, providing a comfortable experience to the employees, which helps motivate them. So, you can always get in touch with them and take their suggestions for the lighting designs of your office.

As they are experts in lighting solutions, they can design your office lighting system, and they will keep in mind the impact of every light on the employee’s productivity.

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