How To Choose LED Lights For Your Office

Office lighting plays a huge role in the overall productivity of your office staff. Lighting that is too bright can be harsh on their eyes, trigger migraines, or disrupt their circadian rhythms causing low productivity. Alternatively, lighting that is too dim may strain their eyes or prompt sleep and drowsiness.

The perfect lighting for your office is simultaneously not too dim and not too bright. You also want lights that are efficient, high-quality, and energy-saving. This makes LED lights the obvious choice for your office.

 A LED (Light Emitting Diode) light is a source of light that does not use thin metal filaments to produce light. They work by having electrical current flow through semiconducting diodes which convert electricity into light.

However, there are a variety of LED lights in the market. How do you determine which one fits your office space best?

In this article, we will offer some tips on how to choose the right LED lights for your office. To better understand LED lights and why they are the best for lighting your office, let’s start by listing some of their benefits.

Benefits Of LED Lighting For Offices

Improves Office Productivity

One of the biggest benefits of LED lighting in offices is the improvement of employee productivity. Besides employee skills and capabilities, office lighting is also a determinant of how productive your office will be.

If you use lights that are not fit for your office space, you could see a huge decline in the daily productivity in your office even with highly skilled employees. Proper LED lighting is important since it positively influences employee perception, mood, and performance.

Saves Energy

Power costs are getting higher by the second around the world. Everybody wants to cut unnecessary costs off their bill. LED lights are a great way to save on energy costs.

LED lights are very energy efficient and save up to 70% of the energy that would have otherwise been used by incandescent or old traditional lights. This is a huge benefit in offices where lighting is required around the clock.

LED Lights Have A Long Lifespan

LED lights have a longer lifespan compared to incandescent bulbs and fluorescent lamps. On average, a LED light can last about 20,000 hours while incandescent bulbs and fluorescent lamps last about 1,000 hours and 8,000 hours respectively.

Offices that use quality LED lights from authorized manufacturers such as Olamled, eliminate the need for frequent replacement. This not only saves time but also, saves on maintenance costs.

Produces Less Heat

Most offices operate during daylight. The sun produces more than enough heat at this time. Using lights that generate a lot of heat could cause a lot of discomfort in the office resulting in poor performance among employees.

Additionally, this would push the office to incur more costs since the air conditioner would be propelled to work harder, using more energy, to maintain a stable temperature.

On the other hand, LED lights have a low operating temperature and, therefore, don’t produce much heat. This helps ensure the office temperature is stable and no more costs are incurred.

Is Eco-Friendly

Are you environmentally conscious and wondering how you can lower your carbon footprint? LED lights are a good way to go. LED lights are very eco-friendly and their low carbon emissions are proof enough. In a year, a LED light emits 514 lbs of carbon.

This makes it the appropriate option for people looking to have efficient office lighting with low carbon emissions.

Types Of LED Lights For Offices

1. LED Panel Lights

LED panel lights are the most popular LED lights for offices. They use SMD (Surface-Mounted Diode) technology which helps in the provision of powerful, high-quality light using very low energy.

LED Panel lights high popularity in offices is not accidental. They are super-efficient and therefore are the most preferred for light office spaces.

Some other benefits of LED panel lights include;

  • They last longer than other sources of light hence being more dependable
  • They consume very low energy
  • They are thin and easily adapted to fit different places
  • They make the office space look more professional

LED panel lights can be used in most offices. However, they are more appropriate for offices that are looking to get rid of fluorescent lamps. LED panel lights’ design makes them the best replacement for fluorescent tubes, since they are like-for-like, making installation quick and easy.

2. LED Linear Lights

LED linear lighting is when LEDs are packaged together in a long, narrow row to produce light. They came as a replacement for large, industrial incandescent bulbs which were formally used to light long spaces.

Their use in offices is steadily rising since they are a huge saver regarding costs and space. The same area that would have required at least four incandescent bulbs, requires only one LED linear light.

Besides being very efficient, some other advantages of LED Linear Lights are;

  • They are directional and therefore reduce the need to use reflectors.
  • They have a wide range of color temperatures such as cool white and warm white. This allows mood and atmosphere setting in an office space.
  • They save money. LED linear lights are a cheap way to light long spaces without using many sources.
  • LED linear lights also help the office space appear more attractive due to their unique and eye-catching designs.

If you have a massive office space and were wondering what kind of lighting to choose, LED linear lighting has a pretty strong offering. You will only require a few units to get the entire office space lit up.

3. Track Linear Lights

Track linear lights are LED lights usually installed in compatible lighting tracks. This is intended to direct light and spotlight decorative features in the office. Once installed, track linear lights can be moved along the track. Light can also be directed toward a specific area or item.

This kind of lighting has a lot of uses in office space. The benefits of track linear lighting include;

  • Light can be adjusted to focus on a specific area or object
  • They are affordable and easy to maintain
  • They are energy efficient and eco-friendly

Track linear lighting is best for offices where focused lighting is necessary. The light could be focused on a planned development project, a notification board, or any other object that requires attention.  

How To Choose The Right LED Lights For Your Office

Examine The Size And Layout Of Your Office

When choosing a LED light for your office, the first step is to examine your workspace. How big is your workspace? How much area do you need lighting? The answers to those questions will guide you in the direction of your preferred LED light.

If you are looking to light a huge office space, you’d require a LED light that will produce adequate light for this space such as the Olamled modular panel light (PG Series). It has a luminous efficacy of >150lm/W with a beam angle of 85%. This makes it the appropriate tool to light large office spaces.

How To Install The Olamled Modular Panel Light

There are multiple methods you can install an Olamled Modular Panel light successfully. These methods are recommended since they ensure no damage is done to the light or your workspace.

  • You can mount the modular panel light by fixing the aluminum frame to the ceiling.
  • You can also choose to fix the panel light directly into the ceiling.
  • Suspending the modular panel light from the ceiling with a rope is also a good installation method

Desired Brightness Level

Determining the level of brightness you want for your office space is another factor you should consider when choosing a LED light. You can determine this by figuring out how much natural light gets into your office.

If there are many windows or roof panels that allow a lot of natural light in, you’ll have to consider the Olamled track linear light. The TK02 series and TD02 series are designed to direct light to specific areas and objects.

If your office relies on natural light, the Olamled Track linear light will be a wise purchase. It will allow you to save a lot of energy since only areas where natural light does not reach will be lit.  

How To Install The Olamled Track Linear Light

  1. Drill a hole in the wall or ceiling where the track will commence
  2. Feed the non-metallic electrical cable from the hole to the switch
  3. Feed the cable from the hole into the end of the track
  4. Attach the tracks to the ceiling
  5. Connect the wires to the track
  6. Connect the lighting heads


If you are on a budget, a LED light that’s affordable will be the best way to go. However, you do not want the cheapest LED lights in the market since they would most likely be inefficient.

You want highly efficient LED lights that will meet all your other requirements at an affordable price. Olamled lights meet these criteria. Their most popular product, the Olamled panel light is the best LED light for businesses following a strict budget.

Before installation of the Olamled panel light, ensure you’ve followed basic safety precautions such as;

  • Disconnecting the power supply to avoid electrocution
  • Ensuring the panel light has enough space for heat dissipation

How To Install The Olamled Panel Light   

  1. Remove the ceiling plaster slab
  2. Connect the main AC wire to the panel
  3. Fix the panel into the plaster ceiling

Preferred Color Temperature

Led color temperatures range in color from warm hues to cool hues. Color temperatures are measured in kelvins following the criteria where the higher the kelvins, the cooler the color, and the lower the kelvins, the warmer the color.

To know which color temperature best fits your office space, you’ll have to evaluate the overall temperature of your office. If your office is cool, a warmer color would be the most appropriate choice. Alternatively, if your office is warm, a cooler color would be the way to go.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right LED light for your office is not a task you want to skim. Without proper lighting, your office productivity may drop significantly. However, with the right lighting, your office may turn into a more lively and productive space.

If it’s challenging for you to choose the right LED lights for your office, consider reading our guide on how to choose the right LED lights for your office.

The TK02 and TD02 track linear lights from Olamled have revolutionalized the office setting and brought a more reliable, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing setting. Day by day, corporations and businesses are switching to these modes of lighting ushering in a more productive era.

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