How to Find the Suitable LED Luminaire for Your Office?


A workplace must be productive and efficient at all times for all the employees working over. Having these compromised could lead to a downfall in the business due to a lack of employee concentration.

It is usually not considered to focus on office lighting much, but it seriously impacts employee productivity and performance. By focusing on the right lighting fixtures and their installations at a workplace, one may look forward to ensuring a comfortable and productive workplace environment.

If you are looking forward to choosing the office luminaires and thinking about their impact and role in efficiency and what would be a suitable option, then you are at the right place. We will discuss these details here, so let’s read below.

Significance of Choosing the Right Luminaire for Office

Choosing the right luminaire for the office is imperative, and some of the reasons that make it essential are shared below.

Quality of Lighting

If the luminaire chosen is right, the quality of light will also be up to the mark. This light quality impacts the productivity as well as the health of the employees.

It is imperative for the lighting to have adequate levels and the right color temperature so that it can allow the office to be comfortable and visually appealing. The employees’ chances of headaches, dizziness, and fatigue also reduce.

Energy Efficiency

LED luminaires are extremely energy efficient when compared to traditional lighting options. When you choose the suitable luminaire for the office, and they turn out to be LED luminaries, you can save on your electricity costs.

LED lighting fixtures consume less power and offer a higher brightness level, leading to cost savings.

Durable Lighting Fixtures

LED luminaires have a longer life span, and when you choose the proper LED lighting for your office, you will get it equipped with high-quality, durable components.

By choosing such lighting options, you can save time and money on replacing and maintaining these lights.

Environment-Friendly Option

LED lights are environmentally friendly because they consume less energy and have less carbon footprint. By choosing such luminaries, you can rest assured that you are not adding to impact the environment. Moreover, such luminaries are even free from mercury and other harmful substances.

How is LED Luminaire Beneficial for the Office?

LED lighting offers multiple benefits when chosen for offices, and they even help to improve productivity due to the different versatility options provided. Some of these benefits may include the following:

  • The lighting quality offered by LED luminaires is outstanding; it is backed with consistent, bright, and uniform lighting provided in multiple color temperatures. Depending upon the needs of the workplace, relevant temperatures can be chosen, and even these lights provide a high CRI which helps with visual clarity.
  • LED luminaires are flicker-free and ensure instant illumination with no warm-up time needed. Hence, the employees can access immediate lighting and be protected against the unnecessary flickering of lights that cause discomfort.
  • LED luminaires used at workplaces can also be designed with versatile features like dimming capability and lighting controls. It helps in adjusting the lighting depending on the preferences of employees. These may contain smart sensors which help save energy when lights are not in use.
  • Depending upon workplace requirements, LED lights for offices come in various styles, shapes, and sizes. Different features include panel lights, track lights, standing LED lights, and much more.

Assessment of Lighting Requirements at the Workplace

There are specific lighting requirements at a workplace that must be met when choosing the right light fixture. These considerations that you must keep in mind when selecting your lighting fixture are as follows:

  • When selecting lighting fixtures for different areas of an office, analyze the nature of tasks performed in that area. How much visual accuracy do they need, and what could be the potential visual challenges that employees may face in that area. Remember all these aspects and choose a light that offers maximum visual comfort.
  • The level of illuminance is also an essential thing that you must keep in mind; every area and task has a different illuminance requirement, measured in lux. Make sure to study the illuminance level requirement in different workplace areas.
  • Color temperature is one of the essential considerations to have a look at when it comes to choosing office lighting. It is measured in kelvin and may range between 2700K to 3000L for warmer colors and 4000K to 5000K for brighter ones.
  • Assessment of color rendering index when choosing lights for a workplace also needs attention; you need to assess what kind of areas you have at your workplace for selecting the right CRI-based light, depending on whether it is a design studio or a laboratory, a higher CRI offers improved accuracy of color.
  • Glare control should also be paid attention to; too much brightness may cause visual discomfort hence choosing luminaries that minimize glare is essential.
  • Keeping an eye on the sleep-wake cycle of employees is very important to ensure they remain productive, and for this, you should integrate lighting that matches the natural light too.
  • To ensure energy-efficient lighting at the office, choose the lighting comprising smart controls like dimmers, occupancy sensors, and adjustment of timers. It helps to use light only when needed and saves energy costs.
  • Make sure to involve your employees when designing office lighting because their feedback is based on their requirements and comfort level, which should be a top priority.

Different Types of Suitable Luminaires for Office

There are many kinds of lighting fixtures that you can choose for offices based on the purpose of a particular office area, and some of these may comprise the following:

Linear Lights

Linear lights offer a uniform light distribution and consist of luminaires in narrow and long layouts. These lights provide general illumination in the office and can be used for areas like corridors, waiting rooms and could be installed above the workstations.

LED linear lights by Olamled are available in two different series, the PR series and the PF series. By choosing these lights, you can create other connections, L-shape, T-shape, and X-shape.

You can customize these lights according to your needs in terms of shapes, sizes, and even features at Olamled.

Panel Lights

Panel lights are very sleek and lightweight, offering uniform and bright lighting. They are installed in the ceiling and give a contemporary look. They are ideal for use in offices, especially in conference rooms. They have a longer span of life and offer a flicker-free operation.

The panel lights offered by Olamled are sleek and thin; they provide bright and uniform illumination, followed by being customized the way you like. It gives the PM series and air slot series, which help with better heat dissipation and offers anti-glare with no dark spots and shadows created.

Standing Lights

LED standing floor lamps are highly suitable office lighting fixtures that are portable and ideal for workplace use. They ensure to provide tasks and general lighting and can be adjusted at different angles.

Olamled’s LED standing floor lights are available in PT and PW series. These can be adjusted and customized with features like dimming and motion sensors and can be operated via remote control.

Role of Energy Efficiency and Sustainability in LED Luminaires at Offices

Offices usually turn the lights on most of the day because people spend much time working there. Hence, it is imperative to understand the role of LED lights in offices.

Reduced Consumption of Energy

LED lights are more efficient in terms of energy than traditional lighting and can convert a high percentage of energy into light by reducing wasted energy. LED luminaires could help reduce electricity bills due to the lesser energy consumption when used at offices.

Reduction in Environmental Impact

LED lights have a lower environmental impact as compared to traditional lighting options. These lights consume less energy, and hence the role of adding to carbon emissions is also reduced due to lower energy consumption.

Moreover, LED technology consists of using technology with no harmful substances like mercury, and the environment turns out to be safer. Also, when disposed of at the end of their life, they do not cause any harm to the environment.


Reduced Waste

LED lights last longer as compared to traditional ones. The need for bulb replacement is eliminated, and you can protect the environment by minimizing the waste due to replacements.

How Does LED Luminaire Improve the Design and Aesthetics of a Workplace?

LED lighting fixtures that have energy efficiency also have an appealing look which helps in improving the design and aesthetics of a workplace in different ways:

  • LED lighting fixtures are sleek and look modern, which helps make the look and feel of the workplace appealing. The slim profiles and multiple shapes and sizes make it possible for these lights to be incorporated into different architectures and interior layouts.
  • These LED lights can also be customized regarding color temperatures, brightness, and color-changing features. Hence, by incorporating these things in the lights, different adjustments can be made in light to change moods.
  • LED lighting fixtures can also be placed to help highlight the focal areas like reception, conference rooms, etc., which helps draw attention through these features.
  • LED lighting fixtures are available in a massive variety, meaning multiple fixtures can be incorporated, like panel lights, linear lights, track lights, floor standing lights, and much more, to make every area unique according to its purpose.

Factors to Consider in LED Luminaires Opted for Offices

When you are choosing the LED luminaires for your office space, there are a few things that you should keep an eye on and consider essential so that you end up choosing the perfect fixtures; these are discussed below:

Visual Comfort

The visual comfort of the employees is essential when it comes to choosing lighting fixtures at offices. These fixtures should be glare-free and equipped with the right CRI and color temperature.

The more you focus on the perfection of these lights, the better the output and the more comfortable the employees experience. The right color temperature, CRI, and brightness level will help improve the productivity and efficiency of the employees.

Maintenance and Durability

Choosing lighting fixtures that are equipped with the least maintenance requirements is imperative. The lifespan of the lighting fixtures matters a lot here, and the larger the lifespan of these fixtures, the easier it is to maintain them because fewer replacements are needed.

Focus on the fact that the fixtures chosen are resistant to dirt, dirt, and moisture and come with reliable warranties reducing the cost of maintenance.

Consideration of Cost

The cost consideration is also very important; consider the LED lighting fixtures, which come with a long-lasting life so that you can cover the initial costs over time.

Also, look for features that help save on every cost because that would allow you to save electricity bills in the longer run, and you will be able to control many expenses.

Testing the Luminaire

Testing a particular lighting fixture on a smaller area is always suggested before you spread it over a wider space. This will allow you to consider many things about it; you can evaluate its performance, visual comfort, and whether it suits your workplace.

By testing a lighting fixture, you will be able to take feedback from your employees, and in case any adjustments are needed, they could be made by customizing the light.


Office lighting has to be chosen and designed with a lot of care because it will directly impact the employees’ productivity. Moreover, the office environment should be welcoming, and one must invest in the right lighting fixtures.

Olamled is known to develop some of the finest lighting fixtures ideal for office use. They could be customized according to your preferences regarding options, features, shapes, and sizes.

You can only sometimes get in touch with their team and discuss your lighting preferences, and they will design a lighting layout for you which will be beneficial.

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