Human-Centric Lighting For An Indoor Lifestyle

What is the Human-Centric Lighting?

Human-Centric Lighting (HCL) refers to lighting solutions that are designed to enhance the health, well-being, and performance of individuals by more closely aligning with the natural circadian rhythms of the human body. This approach to lighting takes into account not only the visual needs for performing tasks but also the physiological needs that impact humans on a deeper level.

Key Aspects of Human-Centric Lighting:

  1. Circadian Rhythms: Human-Centric Lighting aims to support the human circadian system, which is the internal process that regulates the sleep-wake cycle over a 24-hour period. Proper lighting can influence these rhythms by varying the intensity and color temperature of light throughout the day. For example, cooler, brighter lights are used during the morning to stimulate alertness and warmer, dimmer lights in the evening to promote relaxation and readiness for sleep.
  2. Color Temperature and Brightness: HCL systems often adjust color temperatures and brightness throughout the day. High-intensity, blue-rich light is beneficial during the morning for increasing energy and alertness, while warmer and softer light helps in winding down as the day progresses.
  3. Health and Well-being: Studies have shown that appropriate exposure to natural light or light that mimics natural patterns can reduce depression, improve mood, enhance sleep quality, and even increase productivity. HCL aims to provide these benefits by delivering light that supports natural human biorhythms.
  4. Technology and Control: Human-Centric Lighting often involves advanced technologies such as LEDs capable of changing colors and intensities, along with smart controls that can automate these changes based on time of day or the detected needs of room occupants.
  5. Applications: While particularly beneficial in settings such as hospitals, schools, and offices, where people spend significant amounts of time indoors, HCL is becoming increasingly popular for residential applications as well, enhancing everyday living environments.

How Has Human-Centric Lighting Transformed Our Indoor Environments?

Human-Centric Lighting (HCL) represents a significant shift towards creating environments that align more closely with natural human needs, emphasizing the role of light not just as a tool for visibility, but as an essential component in environmental design.

The evolution of technology across various sectors has dramatically altered user perceptions and the fundamental purposes of lighting. LED lighting, initially celebrated primarily for its energy efficiency, has evolved to serve much broader roles.

Incorporating human-centric lighting strategies to enhance the lifestyle and health of individuals spending considerable time indoors has revolutionized how lighting is perceived and utilized. This guide provides detailed insights into human-centric lighting, highlighting effective light sources and discussing key lighting brands that are making substantial contributions to this field. Continue reading to explore how human-centric lighting can improve your indoor experience.

Optimizing Cyan Wavelengths for Melatonin Regulation in Human-Centric Lighting

By optimizing the most important cyan wavelength during melatonin secretion, it helps control melatonin levels

In the realm of Human-Centric Lighting (HCL), the precision with which light impacts human biology is key. A critical aspect of this approach involves optimizing specific light wavelengths that influence bodily functions. Notably, the cyan wavelength plays a pivotal role during the natural secretion of melatonin, the hormone responsible for regulating sleep-wake cycles. By fine-tuning the cyan wavelength emitted by LED light sources, HCL systems can effectively manage melatonin levels, thereby promoting healthier sleep patterns and overall well-being. This optimization ensures that the lighting not only provides visual comfort but also supports the natural rhythms of the human body, making it a vital component in both residential and commercial settings.

OLAMLED’s Human-Centric Lighting Solutions – PA and PD Series!

OLAMLED is a leading lighting manufacturer and keeping pace with the evolving trends they have made the most of their research and development facilities to design human-centric lighting solutions. Two of its lighting fixtures namely the PD Series of LED Linear Light and the PA Series of Modular Panel Light are perfect human-centric lighting solutions.

These lighting fixtures regulate the melatonin hormones in the body of people who are usually in the surroundings and these hormones balance the physical activity among them. The lights are designed to optimize the cyan wavelengths which is one of the most important aspects to consider when looking into melatonin secretion.

Melatonin is a very important hormone in the human body that plays a vital role in the quality of sleep. The amount of melatonin during the daytime in the human body is decreased due to ample sunlight. However, at night the amount of melatonin increases which promotes better sleep quality.

The PD Linear Light and PA Modular Panel Light help in playing a vital role in balancing melatonin in the human body. During the day time, it creates an optimal spectrum which reduces the melatonin and during the night time it increases melatonin which maintains the human sleep cycle.

Key Features of Human-Centric Lighting

The key features on which the human-centric Lighting is based comprise the following:

  • The biological clock of humans follows a cycle of 24 hours which is called circadian rhythm. It is mostly influenced by natural light which is also known as the blue light spectrum and this lighting ensures its presence.
  • Due to the appropriate lighting, human-centric lights regulate the sleep-wake cycles of humans which impact their health and moods and hence help in reducing sleep disorders, health issues, and depression.
  • These lights have systems that ensure that adjustments in lighting can be achieved, this means that the intensity and color temperature of the light can be changed as needed.
  • The brighter light ensures alertness as it is known as the morning light.
  • The dimmer light on the other hand is on the warm side which leads to preparing the body for sleep.

How Do OLAMLED’s Human-Centric Lighting Solutions Prove to be Beneficial?

Olamled’s human-centric lighting solutions offer ample benefits for the users, some of which are discussed below:

  • When you are exposed to the right levels of light at the right time your melatonin production at night is enhanced which leads to better quality sleep.
  • Appropriate lighting is responsible for improving your mood, and reducing stress and hence proved to be very helpful in schools and offices.
  • The human-centric lighting solutions ensure a design that reduces eye strain and helps you attain maximum comfort by reducing glare and offering the right illumination.

Which Indoor Spaces May Make the Most of Olamled’s Human-Centric Lighting Solutions?

The human-centric lighting solutions suggested by OLAMLED are applicable in various spaces for indoor lighting and some of these are as follows:

Residential Spaces

Residential spaces are the ones where most of the time is spent in living areas and bedrooms. Hence, human-centric lights that are adjustable can be of great hin in living rooms to ensure relaxation.

However, on the other hand in bedrooms, these lights may offer various transitions from cool to warm which can help with better sleep by adjusting the biological clock of the body.


Workplaces like offices and industrial spaces are also such areas where humans spend most of their time working and the role played by lighting in such areas is pretty eminent.

When it comes to offices, these lights ensure productivity and concentration and also reduce fatigue. However, in industrial settings such lighting ensures safety and improved performance keeping people working here alert.

Educational Institutes

Educational institutes like colleges and schools must be equipped with the type of lighting that ensures that the focus of the students is maintained and their minds are alert. Such human-centric lights offered by OLAMLED are meant to cater to such places.

These lights not only manage the sleep-wake cycles of the students but at the same time also ensure that they minimize glare and hence the students have reduced strain on their eyes which ensures comfortable learning.

Healthcare Setups

Hospitals are spaces where patient recovery is very crucial and this can be achieved by regulated sleep patterns. Hence the role played by these lights is very important for the patient as well as the hospital staff.

What is the Future of Human Centric Lighting?

The future of human-centric lighting seems to be quite promising when it comes to transforming the lighting experience. It is equipped with various advances which include improved LED technology, adding advanced sensors, incorporating smart home lighting, and also offering personalized lighting solutions.

Such evolution will gradually see lighting fixtures which will adjust automatically to the circadian rhythms of people in their surroundings followed by improving their health and productivity. As time passes, these lighting solutions will become an important source of illumination in almost every sector.

Moreover, they will also help achieve sustainability goals which help improve the environment followed by human goals which comprise improved sleep, productivity, and moods.


OLAMLED is playing a vital role in the development of human-centric lighting solutions and the two of its series discussed above are evidence. Hence, these lighting solutions are meant to improve the health and productivity of people and if you wish to have them incorporated into your indoor settings you can get in touch with OLAMLED.

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