What are the Product Characteristics of the LED Linear Light?


LED linear light offers a lighting fixture in which the LEDs are arranged in a linear way. It comprises a slim yet elongated housing in which LEDs are lined. These lights offer a very contemporary look, followed by energy-efficient lighting solutions.

The best thing about LED linear lights is that they are available in versatile options that comprise different lengths, colors and even brightness levels.

LED linear lights play a very crucial role in modern lighting. These are energy efficient and are long lasting followed by this they ensure a very seamless light quality. These lights consume a very small amount of power and also offer a reduction in utility bills followed by less environmental footprint.

The LED linear lights are high-quality flights that do not flicker, and you also do not need to replace them frequently. They are suitable for commercial as well as residential usage and offer great visibility and illumination.

If you are looking forward to learning more about LED linear light and need to find the right LED linear light supplier, this guide below offers commendable assistance. So, let’s read below.

Overview of OLAMLED LED Linear Light Series

OLAMLED is one of the leading LED linear light manufacturers in China and they’re popular for using the best quality materials in their LED linear lights. These lights are designed to reduce glare and ensure comfort for the user.

The LED linear lighting system from OLAMLED is equipped with quality and ensures seamless performance followed by exceptional durability. The life of these lights is long, and they offer excellent efficiency.

The concept of OLAMLED lies in ensuring that the structural design of the LED linear light minimizes glare, eye strain is minimized, and comfort is ensured. There are two series of LED linear lights offered by OLAMLED, and these are as follows:

PF Series

The PF series of LED linear lights ensures that the brightness of this light is very comfortable, not too loud, and rather soft. It comprises advanced features that help to control the brightness and ensure energy saving.

These lights can be opted to have a linear lighting system designed in different shape connections which includes T-shape, X-shape, L-shape and — Shape. Hence, you can design different patterns using these shapes. This series allows linking up to 10 LED linear lights in one go and it creates a uniform and aesthetically appealing layout which has no gap in between.

The PF series LED linear light offers a low UGR and hence the visual discomfort is less. Moreover, it comprises 6063 aluminum holders which covers the light body. It is long lasting, light in weight and offers corrosion resistance.

PD Series

PD series is the latest LED linear light by OLAMLED, and it is a highly flexible LED linear light. It offers high luminous efficacy followed by low glare and is suitable for various environments. It has a modern design and offers to be customized based on the needs of customers.

These lights can be of various lengths, and the continuous design ensures that there are no visible gaps between them. It comprises a secondary optical design and, hence, reflectors and lenses that help reduce glare.

This series is suitable for offices and classrooms and is also equipped with up and down lighting features. The light reflected from it spreads access to the overall space and ensures uniform lighting and; hence, people working here feel energetic.

PD series is a suspended LED linear light fixture that aims to be suitable for places where glare reduction is important to ensure eye strain is reduced.

Key Product Characteristics

The LED linear lights comprise various product characteristics, and some of these are as follows:

Design and Structure

LED linear lights have a sleek and slim profile and hence can fit into contemporary interiors. They have a minimalist layout, which enhances the aesthetics of a space and makes them suitable for architectural designs.

Versatile installation options (surface, recessed, suspended)

The installation options in an LED linear light are quite versatile; they can be opted as LED linear suspension light or can be mounted on the surface or recessed from the ceiling.

“___” Shape connector for connected 1 by 1

The LED linear light comprises “———” shape connector, which offers a seamless connection and allows joining multiple lights in a row, which leads to the creation of flexible lighting configuration.

Installation Accessories

LED linear lights have multiple accessories for installation which includes connectors, mounting braces and end caps. These accessories help to simplify the installation process, and ensure that these lights are secured professionally.

Lighting Quality

LED linear lights offer high luminous efficacy and have the capability to deliver more light to each watt of power that traditional lights consume. It helps to offer brighter illumination and offers less energy use. These lights are also designed for even light distribution and also help to minimize shadows and dark spots to reduce eye strain.

Energy Efficiency

LED linear lights are energy efficient and consume less energy. It helps to offer energy savings in the long run. Moreover, they have a lifespan of more than 50000 hours, which helps reduce maintenance and replacement costs.

Customization Options

The LED linear lights offer customization. They can be installed based on different lengths and color temperatures. There are dimmable linear LED lights too, which have dimmable switches and the users can adjust the brightness levels according to their convenience.

Comparative Analysis

When compared to traditional lighting solutions, the LED linear lighting system offers multiple benefits, as highlighted in this section.

Comparison with traditional lighting solution

  • LED linear lights consume less energy, which offers significant power savings on electricity bills when compared to traditional lighting solutions.
  • LED linear lights have a lifespan of more than 50,000 hours and they tend to reduce the need for frequent replacement. Whereas the incandescent bulbs may last for around 1000 hours and fluorescent lights last for 10000 hours, which adds to replacement and maintenance costs.
  • LED linear lights have high CRI, and these lights do not flicker and offer a comfortable environment. Incandescent bulbs have a suitable CRI, but due to their high energy consumption, they can flicker.
  • LED linear lights have no harmful substances like mercury, whereas traditional lights do have harmful substances leading to health risks.
  • The design of the LED linear lights is sleek and modern, they can be installed in different ways. Meanwhile, traditional lighting is heavy and offers less versatility in terms of design and installation.

Advantages over other LED lighting options

The LED lights offer multiple benefits in comparison to other lighting options, and some of these benefits are as follows:

LED linear lights offer a consistent illumination, it helps to minimize dark spots and shadows and are suitable for various applications.

LED linear light offers design flexibility; it can be connected in the shapes and styles you wish, and a creative lighting design is achieved.

LED linear lights are suitable for various applications commercial, industrial and residential. They have different lengths and installation methods, which makes them versatile.

LED linear lights offer an aesthetic look; they have a slim and modern design, which improves the aesthetic appeal of the space and hence the interiors.

LED lights are even compatible with smart home systems and offer more customization and control compared to other traditional lighting options.


There are various applications of LED linear lights, and some of these are discussed below:

Office spaces

LED linear lights are suitable in offices as they offer uniform and bright illumination, which ensures a reduction in eye strain and improves productivity. The task lighting offered by these lighting fixtures is very important for the workstations; the employees are able to read and write properly.

LED linear lights also offer general lighting and can be used in open areas of the office, such as corridors and meeting rooms. They create a well-lit environment and enhance the atmosphere.

Retail environments

Retail environments also make the most of LED linear lights, they help in highlighting the products and, in return, the shopping experience of the buyers enhances. These lights have high luminous efficacy and high CRI, which makes the display products attractive.

These lights are even used on the shelves and aisles of the store, and hence the customers can easily find different items. The window displays and signage can also be illuminated using the LED linear lights, which attract the passersby and help to increase sales.

Industrial settings

Industrial environments have larger areas and it is very important to have bright and uniform lighting in such areas. Therefore, the LED linear lights play a very important role in such places and help the industries to maintain high quality control standards. The LED linear lights  offer energy efficiency, have longer lifespan and also are low maintenance. Hence they can fit in perfectly with the industrial settings.

Residential applications

Residential applications use LED linear light for functional as well as aesthetic purposes. These lights can be used in various ways for instance, in the kitchen, they can be used as task lights along the countertops. In living areas, these lights can be used in hallways, and bedrooms offer general lighting.

Hence, the LED linear lights can be used for decorative and accent light purposes which also looks forward to high architectural features.

Invitation to Learn More

The guide above has given you a very deep insight to LED linear light and if you wish to learn more you can have a look at the videos offered by OLAMLED on their LED linear lighting. OLAMLED is one of the leading LED linear light manufacturers in China offering a wide range of LED lights. The LED linear lights designed by OLAMLED are also equipped with multiple features and each of the styles is designed to cater multiple applications.

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