Introducing IP69K Tubular Light Used In Workshop


SUNSET WORKSHOP is a locally based workshop in Utrecht that deals with maintenance, repairs, and overhauls of cars.

● Location: Utrecht, Netherlands

● Product/service used: IP69K Tubulars Light


This customer contacted us for quality tri-proof LED lights that can be used in their equipment workshop. They stated that the equipment used in their workshop was often maintained with volatile solvents, and the staff regularly cleaned most of the equipment with cleaning chemicals such as chlorine and many more. After a productive discussion with our team, we realized that some chemical components from these cleaning chemicals would damage ordinary tubular lights, and the oil stains deposited on the tubular were difficult to clean. Tri-proof LED lights have various types; IP65, IP66, IP67, IP68, and IP69K, and they are mostly Water-proof, Gas-proof, and Dust-proof, so we recommended IP69K Tubulars Light to them.

We explained to them why IP69K Tubulars Light was the best option. It is designed for high-pressure water jets and high-temperature water jets for specific flushing applications or wash-downs. It also includes sensitization and chemical cleaning, making it ideal for industrial and chemical applications. Interestingly, the light is also sealed against dust, ensuring a long lifespan and low maintenance.


IP69K Tubulars Light has the following features;

● Waterproof, IK10 protection

● Paten cylinder design

● Flexible lighting; CCT/Power Adjustable

● High luminous efficacy up to 140LM/W

● 80mm diameter and Flicker-free

● Through-wired 3×1.5mm² / 3×2.5mm² / 5×1.5mm² / 5×2.5mm²

● Quick start instant 100% luminous flux

● Easy wiring, quick installation, and can be linkable

● PMMA housing, Aluminium board, stainless steel caps, and clips(316L)

● Anti-ammonia

● Wide beam angle (120°/180°)


● High CRI > 80Ra

● Environmentally friendly (no mercury, no UV, and no IR)

● 5years warranty.


IP69K Tubulars Light can be widely used in public lighting, commercial lighting, and industrial lighting. Such as

● Car Washing

● Food processing industry industry

● Farms

● Poultry

● Diaries

● Parking lots

● Metallurgy

● Chemical production

● Bus stations

● Metro Station and Airports

● Other types of production facilities


Our client was concerned about the potential damage to ordinary tubular lights caused by certain cleaning chemicals and the difficulty of cleaning oil stains deposited on tubular lights. These challenges can have significant implications for the performance, aesthetics, and longevity of the lighting fixtures.

Firstly, the use of cleaning chemicals that can damage ordinary tubular lights poses a substantial challenge. Tubular lights are generally used in numerous settings, including residential, commercial, and industrial spaces, for their efficient and widespread illumination. However, these lights are typically designed using delicate materials such as glass or plastic tubes and sensitive electrical components. When exposed to chemicals that are incompatible with their composition, these lights can experience damaging effects.

Certain cleaning chemicals may encompass corrosive or abrasive ingredients that can react with the materials of the tubular lights. Corrosion can result in the degradation of metal components, such as connectors or terminals. The result is reduced electrical conductivity and potential failure of the lighting system. Additionally, abrasive substances can scratch or damage the surface of the tubes, negatively impacting the diffusion of light and resulting in reduced luminosity or uneven lighting distribution.

Also, the difficulty of cleaning oil stains deposited on tubular lights poses another significant lighting challenge. Over time, tubular light can accumulate oil stains due to environmental factors, human touch, or improper maintenance. These oil stains diminish the visual appeal and performance of the lighting fixtures.

Cleaning oil stains from tubular lights is often challenging due to the nature of the stains and the delicate construction of the lights. Ordinary cleaning methods, such as wiping with a cloth or using generic cleaning agents, may prove ineffective in completely removing stubborn oil residues. As a result, the tubular lights may continue to exhibit unsightly marks, reducing the overall aesthetic appeal of the space illuminated by these fixtures. Additionally, the presence of oil stains on tubular lights can impact the quality of light output. Oil residues can create an uneven or diffused light pattern, leading to reduced clarity and decreased visibility.


The IP69K Tubular Light was mounted using specially designed mounting brackets that securely hold the tubular lights in place. These brackets are made of materials resistant to both cleaning chemicals and oil stains. The brackets were securely fastened to the mounting surface to ensure stability and prevent any potential damage or dislodging of the lights. We also used the clamping systems to provide a secure grip on the tubular lights without causing damage.

These clamps are made of materials that can withstand exposure to chemicals and oil stains. They are also adjustable to accommodate different tubular light sizes and provide a tight fit to prevent any movement or vibration or cleaning processes. We further arranged for the protective sleeves or covers specifically designed for IP69K tubular lights. These sleeves provide an additional layer of protection. They protect the light fixtures from chemicals and oil stains, acting as a barrier between the lights and the cleaning agents.

The sleeves are made of durable and resistant materials to ensure long-term effectiveness and easy maintenance. We topped everything up by employing sealing techniques to prevent the ingress of liquids and contaminants into the tubular lights. It includes the use of gaskets, seals, or silicone-based materials. These materials create a watertight and chemical-resistant barrier around the lights. We had to do proper sealing to protect the internal components of the lights and extend their lifespan.


It is fascinating to note that our client found out about us via our website and took a bold step to reach out. “I was impressed with the fact that they had options but decided to pick the best for my workshop. They also took the time to explain to me why the IP69K Tubulars Light is the suitable one. They were also nice, friendly, and cheerful. I love doing business with happy people.”  As a result of the above, the Client decided to give us the privilege of having to design the IP69K Tubulars Light for his workshop.

As regards the solution, we recommended the IP69K Tubulars Light instead of the conventional and regular Tubulars light for his workshop.

The IP69K Tubular Light is the optimal solution for the commercial lighting challenges of our customers. It offers a range of benefits, including resistance to chemical damage, and can effectively clean oil stains from tubular surfaces.

The IP69K Tubular Light is specifically designed to withstand harsh environments and resist damage from chemicals. Its robust construction and high-quality materials ensure durability and longevity even when subjected to aggressive cleaning agents. It is unlike the regular tubular lights.

With the IP69K Tubular Light, the oil stain challenge is effectively dealt with. The light’s powerful illumination and carefully engineered design enable it to penetrate and disperse light evenly across the tubular surface. It improves visibility and allows for more accurate identification and thorough cleaning of oil stains.

Also, the IP69K Tubular Light integrates features that facilitate easy maintenance and cleaning. Its sleek and streamlined design minimizes the accumulation of dirt and grime, reducing the need for frequent cleaning. Additionally, the light’s materials and construction are resistant to the adhesion of contaminants, making it easier to wipe away oil stains and other residues. It saves time and effort in the cleaning process while ensuring that the tubular lights remain in optimal condition.

Moreover, the IP69K Tubular Light offers a high level of protection against water and dust ingress. Its IP69K rating certifies its ability to withstand high-pressure and high-temperature water jets. Hence, ensuring that no water or cleaning solution can penetrate the light’s housing and affect its performance.


Our customer was impressed. A few weeks after installation, we contacted our customer during our customary feedback calls. Our customer is currently enjoying his IP69K Tubular Light. Here are some of the reviews given to us by our customers.

The IP69K Tubular Light rugged construction is a blessing as it ensures long-lasting performance. It has a high level of protection against water and dust. We have been able to clean properly and without any iota of fear or extra precaution.”

“Our workshop enjoys bright and uniform illumination. It has affected our work positively as we have minimal injuries and errors, unlike when we had poor lighting. Also, our new tubular light consumes less power, and it led to minimized energy costs, energy-efficient lighting, and an eco-friendly environment. Interestingly, we now spend less for maintenance while our LED light does a whole range of applications”.


When it comes to Tri-Proof LED fixtures, there are a ton of reasons why you should buy them, specifically IP69K Tubulars Light. 

OLAMED Lighting IP69K Tubulars Light is a fixture that works well in both public and private spaces, such as indoor parking lots, house farms, bus stations, offices, and many more.

It meets the needs of both environments by being Designed for high pressure and high temperature, offering sufficient brightness, not being affected by cold weather, being dust-proof, reducing maintenance costs, ensuring a longer lifespan, and so on. They are also robust and fully shielded from premature failure.

IP69K Tubulars Light is built to withstand the harshest working environments. Whether it’s a super-cold freezing environment, a severely humid environment, dusty workspaces, or factories that experience occasional projectiles, these fixtures can handle it all. Therefore, an IP69K Tubulars Light is one of the few fixtures that can guarantee great value for your money, energy efficiency, and low maintenance costs.

Interestingly, asides from being high-performance fixtures, IP69K Tubulars Light is also beautifully designed and customizable to meet your specifications.

How to Solve Common IP69K Tubular Light Malfunctions?


The IP69K Tubular Light Fixture Is Not Lighting Up?

After installing IP69K Tubular Light, it is not lighting up as expected. The first thing to look out for is usually faulty wiring.

Make sure to go over your wiring to see if the connection is right. If you can’t find any issue with the wiring, ask a professional to re-install and inspect the fixture to check if you made any mistakes during the wiring.

Why is my IP69K Tubular light flickering?

Flickering usually occurs as a result of an unstable power supply caused by the fixture’s driver. To fix this, ensure your wiring is not faulty to make sure everything is in place. If the flickering continues, then your fixture probably needs a new driver.

●  My motion sensor keeps acting up?

Most times, the issue behind a malfunctioning motion sensor is usually the location and proximity to the target area.

In terms of location, fixtures placed next to trees will light up automatically; even when it’s just a leaf falling. To avoid this, always install your fixture away from trees and hanging lines, When it comes to proximity, your motion sensor will fail to detect movement if it is placed far away from the target location. This feature is usually efficient if it is positioned optimally. Therefore, it is advisable to check the manufacturer’s recommendation on proximity to fix this issue.


Now you know everything about IP69K Tubular Light, and with positive feedback from another customer, OLAMED offers you some of the best, if not the best fixtures in the market. We are committed to giving you quality and better service delivery.

Our Tri-Proof LEDs are made using the best materials, designs, and concepts so that we can offer you durable, low maintenance cost, customizable design, energy efficient, and foolproof LED fixtures.

Don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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