Knowledge About Track Lights

Definition of track light:

As the name implies, a track light is a light installed on a similar track, and the illumination angle can be adjusted arbitrarily. It is generally used as a spotlight where key lighting is required.

The track lights must be installed on the matching track. The interior of the track contains a voltage input (220V AC input in China, and can also be customized as a low-voltage input), and there are conductive metal strips on both sides of the interior of the track (high-quality made of copper , the inferior quality is made of iron), and there is a rotatable conductive copper sheet at the joint of the track light. During installation, the conductive copper sheet on the track light contacts the conductive metal strip inside the track, and the track light can be energized. The track lights are turned on.

LED track lights, that is, track lights whose light source is LED. In 2012, it was the era when LEDs gradually matured. The track lights on the market were gradually replaced by LED light sources from the previous metal halide light sources, thus achieving more energy saving. , Environmental protection, what people usually call track lights, also slowly collectively referred to as LED track lights.

Application place of track light:

Track lights are generally used as a specific spotlight. Most of them are for commercial use, such as shopping malls (clothing stores, furniture stores and other brand stores), car displays, jewelry, star-rated hotels, brand clothing, high-end clubs, museums and cultural relics exhibition halls, chain shopping malls, brand business halls, professional windows, counters and other key lighting places.

Maintenance method of LED track light:

Try not to switch on and off frequently when using led track lighting, because the current through the filament is greater than the current during normal operation at the moment when the lamp is frequently started, causing the temperature of the filament to rise sharply and accelerate the sublimation, which will greatly reduce its service life. Therefore, it is necessary to minimize the switching of LED track light fixtures. During cleaning and maintenance, care should be taken not to change the structure of the lamps, nor to replace some parts of the led track light lamps. The light source parameters provided by the sign should replace the aging lamp in time. If it is found that the two ends of the lamp are red, the lamp is black or has shadows, and the lamp does not turn on, the lamp of the led track light should be replaced in time to prevent the occurrence of ballast. Burnout and other unsafe phenomena.

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