Lighting Design Scheme of Small upermarket

In recent years, the hypermarket industry seems to have become saturated, especially in western countries and especially in densely populated urban areas. This is due to the change in people’s consumption habits, people prefer to buy fresh food, forming a small shopping habit, so the small supermarket has become the most effective growth in the industry. Big chains like Wal-Mart, the retail giant, have begun experimenting with smaller stores. 

The rise of small supermarkets is actually the embodiment of improving the value of user experience and simplifying the shopping process. Due to the limited variety of small supermarkets, they have higher requirements for the display of goods. At this time, the lighting design of small supermarkets is more important than ever before. A good supermarket lighting design can make all your things appear in front of customers in a bright way

The following points should be considered in the lighting design scheme of small supermarket:

  • To provide customers with appropriate lighting design. For example, guide customers through the whole supermarket to the bright fresh cooked food area, focusing on the lighting design of agricultural products, meat, seafood, etc.
  • Effectively grasp the light and color temperature of light, and show the most natural color of fresh food
  • The fresh food is different from other food products. It is not only a physical supermarket, but also an important business category of small supermarkets. This is a measure to attract consumers to buy. It is undoubtedly the key object of the whole supermarket lighting design
  • The lighting design of key areas of small supermarkets should follow the principle of contrast, that is, the brightness of key areas is higher than that of surrounding areas, so as to attract the attention of consumers. At this time, the small supermarket is like a stage. When the surrounding lights are dark and the stage lights are on, you can’t help noticing everything on the stage.

Overly uniform supermarket lighting designs don’t do a good job of directing shoppers’ attention, while tweaking lighting in bright and dim areas can highlight important areas

In general, the illumination brightness of the key lighting area should be at least three times that of the surrounding area, and the key lighting brightness should overflow out to illuminate other surrounding areas. We can’t force customers to buy things, but by adopting a professional mini mall lighting design, we can make sure customers notice what we want to sell

A good small supermarket lighting design scheme can well highlight the high-end positioning of the supermarket. It can not only bring sales, but also bring people a sense of value and luxury shopping experience

Is there a lamp that can satisfy this kind of design plan? The answer is, of course

The latest design can adjust the power of the dial code track panel lamp, can adjust 44W-52W-60W-68W.

Features of Led Track Panel Light :

  1. Up to 160lm/W
  2. Beam angle: 60/90º
  3. Can adjust wattage:  44W/52W/60W/68W
  4. Track adapter: 4 wire 3 Phase
  5. Flexible adjust: 350º
  6. Color: Black / White

Can adjust different power according to different area, achieve different brightness thereby, avoid the power of lamps and lanterns of all sorts of dimensions put together, become disharmonious, not beautiful.

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