LED Flicker: Main Causes and Best Solutions



The advent of LED panel lighting technology has heralded a new era of illumination, revolutionizing the lighting industry with its manifold benefits such as heightened energy efficiency, extended lifespan, and augmented design flexibility. Nevertheless, a conundrum that has reared its head with LED lighting is the predicament of flickering. Flickering, in essence, denotes the speedy and recurrent fluctuation of the LED’s light output, which can manifest as an unsavory visual effect.

LED bulbs flicker can manifest due to an array of reasons, including an insufficient power supply, electromagnetic interference, and shoddy circuit design. This can result in a gamut of deleterious consequences, such as headaches, eye strain, and in extreme cases, seizures. Besides, flickering can pose a conundrum for those who suffer from photosensitive conditions like epilepsy or migraines.

The significance of redressing LED flickering cannot be overstated. Apart from the adverse health effects, flickering can also mar the overall lighting quality of a project. For instance, flickering can engender color distortions, inferior dimming performance, and even lead to untimely LED failure.

With LED panel lighting technology on an upward trajectory of growth in popularity, it is imperative that the predicament of flickering is tackled head-on in lighting projects. By comprehending the root causes of flickering and implementing measures to assuage its effects, designers can ensure that their lighting projects are not only visually appealing and of the highest quality but also safe for users.

What is LED Flickering?

LED flickering, a highly complex and perplexing phenomenon, refers to the fluctuation of the light output of an LED light source, which pulsates rapidly and repeatedly, resulting in a visible and unsavory pulsation of light. Unlike traditional lighting, which may flicker due to voltage fluctuations or bulb-related issues, LED flickering is primarily caused by intricate issues related to the electronic components of the LED.

It is a widely held misconception that LED flickering is always visible to the naked eye, but this is not invariably true. LED flickering can take place at high frequencies, such as those beyond 100 Hz, which may not be discernible to human vision. Nevertheless, the flickering can still cause a plethora of issues, including headaches, eye strain, and other health concerns.

Furthermore, another fallacy regarding LED flickering is that all LED lights are susceptible to it. While it is factual that some LEDs may flicker due to design or manufacturing issues, many LED manufacturers have incorporated measures to alleviate or eradicate flickering in their products.

LED flickering diverges from traditional lighting flickering in several ways. Traditional lighting flickering is typically caused by voltage fluctuations or bulb-related issues, which can trigger a rapid dimming and brightening of the light. In contrast, LEDs flicker is caused by intricate issues related to the electronic components of the LED and can result in a discernible and unappealing pulsation of light at high frequencies.

Comprehending the complexities of LEDs flicker is crucial to address the issue in lighting projects. By comprehending what causes LED flickering and how it varies from traditional lighting flickering, designers can implement solutions to mitigate its effects and ensure that their lighting projects are safe, visually appealing, and of the highest quality.

The Major Causes of LED Flickering

So, why do LED lights flicker? A commonly encountered issue in lighting projects can result from a multitude of factors that necessitate identification and remediation. The major causes of LED flickering include voltage fluctuations and electrical issues, compatibility issues with dimmer switches, overheating and thermal management issues, and manufacturing defects and poor-quality control.

LED lights require a stable and consistent source of power to operate properly. Voltage fluctuations or other electrical issues arising from wiring or electrical supply problems, or issues with the power supply unit of the LED, can cause LED flickering. Additionally, dimmer switches are popular in controlling the brightness of LED lights, but the compatibility of LED lights with dimmer switches can cause LED flickering.

LED lights generate heat during operation, and if this heat is not properly managed, it can cause the LED to flicker or even fail prematurely. Poor thermal management design or installation, or inadequate ventilation in the LED fixture, can cause overheating and thermal management issues.

LED lights are not immune to production flaws or subpar quality control, just like any other product. Issues like flickering, color distortion, or early failure may result from this. It is suggested to get high-quality LED lights from reliable suppliers to reduce these problems.

By being aware of and taking action against the causes of LED flickering, designers can make sure their lighting projects are of the highest caliber and flicker-free. Consequently, figuring out the root causes of LED flickering is essential for solving the problem in lighting projects.

The Best Solutions for Flickering LED Lights

LED lights flicker can be a vexing dilemma for lighting projects, but there are some top-notch solutions that can help alleviate this issue. These solutions include implementing voltage regulators and stabilizers, upgrading to compatible dimmer switches, addressing overheating with proper heat dissipation methods, and sourcing high-quality LED bulbs and fixtures.

Voltage fluctuations can cause LED lights flicker, so implementing voltage regulators and stabilizers can help ensure a steady and uniform power supply to the LED lights, which can help decrease or eliminate flickering issues. When compatibility issues with dimmer switches are the cause of LED flickering, upgrading to compatible dimmer switches can help resolve the issue. Opting for high-quality dimmer switches specifically designed for use with LED lights can help ensure smooth dimming performance and avoid flickering.

Overheating can cause LED flickering, so it is important to implement proper heat dissipation methods to ensure that the LED lights are operating at a safe temperature. This can involve using high-quality heat sinks or fans, ensuring adequate ventilation in the fixture, and avoiding overloading the LED with too much current.

Manufacturing defects and poor-quality control can cause LED flickering, so sourcing high-quality LED bulbs and fixtures from reputable manufacturers is crucial. Doing so can ensure that the LED lights are designed and manufactured to meet high quality standards, which can reduce the risk of flickering issues.

Understanding these solutions can help designers ensure that their lighting projects are of the highest quality and free from flickering issues. By implementing these solutions, designers can mitigate LED flickering and achieve optimal lighting results.

Final Thoughts: Troubleshooting a Flickering Light!

Are you annoyed that your lighting installation includes LED flickering? Don’t give up since there are practical techniques to troubleshoot and fix the problem. To identify and resolve flickering lights, follow this step-by-step guide:

  • Step 1: Start by carefully inspecting the power source. LED flickering has been linked to voltage fluctuations, so make sure your power supply is steady and consistent to rule out this possibility.
  • Step 2:Examine the dimmer switch you are currently utilising in step two. You must make sure that it works with your LED lights. Flickering problems can be greatly improved by switching to an appropriate dimmer switch.
  • Step 3: Another issue to investigate is overheating. LED lights produce heat while in operation, and overheating can trigger flickering or premature failure. To address this issue, use proper heat dissipation methods such as high-quality heat sinks or fans, provide adequate ventilation in the fixture, and avoid overloading the LED with too much current.
  • Step 4: If all the above steps fail, scrutinize the possibility of manufacturing defects. Poor quality control and manufacturing defects are notorious for causing flickering, color distortion, or premature failure. To reduce the risk of such issues, consider sourcing high-quality LED bulbs and fixtures from reputable manufacturers.

In addition to these steps, online forums, manufacturer websites, and industry publications can provide valuable information and tips for resolving LED flickering issues. With these resources and troubleshooting steps at your disposal, you can ensure that your lighting project is of high quality and free from flickering problems.


LED flickering can cause issues in lighting projects, resulting in poor quality lighting and user experience. Understanding the causes of LED flickering and implementing solutions to mitigate the issue is essential.

As we have learned, voltage fluctuations, compatibility issues with dimmer switches, overheating, and manufacturing defects are the leading causes of LED flickering. To address these issues, one can use solutions such as voltage regulators and stabilizers, compatible dimmer switches, proper heat dissipation methods, and sourcing high-quality LED bulbs and fixtures.

It is crucial to address LED flickering to provide users with high-quality lighting experiences that meet their needs. Regardless of the application, investing in top-notch LED lighting solutions has long-term benefits, including energy savings and improved user experiences.

Olam LED is committed to delivering high-quality LED lighting solutions to its customers. Our products are engineered and manufactured to meet the highest quality standards, ensuring dependable performance, and decreasing the risk of flickering issues. We provide a wide range of LED lighting solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

We urge our readers to choose Olam LED for their lighting solution needs and prioritize resolving LED flickering issues in their lighting projects to provide the finest lighting experience possible.

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