LED Lighting for Offices: Boosting Productivity and Morale


The main aim of business is to progress in the best way, and for this, the productivity and morale of the employees matter the most. Usually, businesses focus on the interior and furniture at the workplace, but apart from this, lighting also plays an important role.

By implementing the right lights in the office, the mood and productivity of the employees tend to increase, and hence the business may prosper.

In this article below, you will learn about the significance of office light and how you can improve the efficiency of your employees by choosing the best office lighting.

Section 1: The Impact of Lighting on Productivity and Morale

In modern times, some research has been conducted that shows a direct relation of office lighting with the morale and productivity of the employees.

Employers always wish to create a positive and comfortable working environment, but they must realize the significance of working light and its impact on employees.

Proper lighting may boost enthusiasm among employees, making them efficient, and hence optimal results may be achieved. When the illumination is inappropriate, several health and concentration issues may be observed among the employees.

There are several ways in which lights in office prove to have a relation with employee performance, and some of these are discussed below:

Visual Comfort and Efficiency

Lighting conditions, if optimum, ensure that no eye strain or fatigue is bothering an employee. Hence, when workspaces are adequately lit, the employees also get a chance to work more accurately and efficiently as their focus is maintained..

Alertness of Mind

Allowing more natural light in the workplace or having sufficiently lit workspaces alerts the employees. Their energy levels are sustained throughout the day, so their cognitive performance improves.

Light has a significant connection with the sleep-wake cycles, and lack of proper light disrupts them. However, offices having adequate lighting ensure that these cycles are regulated, and employees remain alert.

Balancing Mood and Stress Levels

To retain employees with efficient skills and expertise, job satisfaction is one of the prime conditions. However, the lack of appropriate lighting with either too dim or too harsh impact leads to employees being dissatisfied and irritated.

Such dissatisfaction and irritation among employees take place because of the disturbed mood and stress levels that happen because of the lighting.

Appealing Ambience

Working in a well-lit environment with appropriate lighting and excellent aesthetic appeal always attracts everyone. Hence, when lighting is focused at work and gives an aesthetic appeal to the overall environment, it creates a sense of satisfaction and raises morale among employees.

Section 2: The Best Lighting for Office Spaces

Focusing to implement the best office lighting is essential. You must have understood how it impacts the employees. However, another essential thing is considering some important factors when choosing this lighting.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Office Lighting

Some of the most critical factors that must be kept in mind when choosing the proper office lighting are as follows:

Intensity of Light

Office lighting must be shopped for by considering the intensity of light. The main role in office lighting is played by intensity, and you need to find a balance of lighting.

If the spaces are underlit, they cause a lot of strain on the eyes, and when they are overlit, they create a glare that causes visual discomfort.

Be very exact in striking the right intensity; calculate the lumens you need for your space. This calculation requires you to take into consideration the area of the room you have to choose lighting for and then multiply that by lux, and you will be able to identify the lumen output you need.

Hence, once you have the lumen output, you can easily cater the lighting for that particular room by covering it with the number of bulbs that fulfill the requirement.

Power Consumption

Power consumption is also a significant factor; the light fixture should have the right intensity, consume less power, and be long-lasting.

Office lights are used for hours and hours almost throughout the day, so choosing a lighting fixture that ensures power saving is essential. To ensure this aspect of cost-effectiveness, opting for LED office lighting is recommended.

The illumination of LED lights is usually around 50,000 hours hence better quality and long-lasting output, and it consumes less electricity, which helps save on utility bills.

Apart from this, these days, highly efficient LED lights are present within the market, which have sensors and turn on only when needed.

Location of the Light in Office

The location of light at the workplace is another essential thing to consider; even if you have the best office lighting but placement is incorrect, the employees will lack productivity.

Hence, identifying its appropriate location is one of the most important things. To do this, you need to consider a few things, like whether your employees are on the computer all the time, how much of the light comes out of their devices, and whether there is a chance of natural lighting to come or not.

Ensure that the lights are adequately aligned, and every cubicle gets a properly distributed light; where recessed lights are needed, try to place them, ensuring that employees get a well-lit room.

Comparison of Different Types of Office Lighting

Different kinds of lighting may be used in commercial office light options, and they have pros and cons that must be considered. So, let’s read below to learn more about them.

Fluorescent Lighting

Fluorescent lighting is a form of lighting that saves a lot of energy but still lacks when it comes to LED office lighting options. Despite being highly energy efficient, it cannot beat LED lights.

However, fluorescent bulbs are known for their long-lasting durability as compared to LED lights and also offer a bright light, but many people at the workplace may find this light harsh on the eyes and hence less suitable than other options.

Incandescent Lighting

On the other hand, incandescent light is also used as office lighting but is not energy efficient. The light produced by incandescent bulbs is warm, and these bulbs have a very short lifespan and consume a high level of energy which does not make them sustainable to use.

LED Lighting

LED lighting is one of the most efficient and is used at workplaces and other commercial setups. There are many benefits associated with LED lights, and the first one is that it consumes significantly less energy. Hence, the electricity costs are cut down by a significant proportion.

The life span of these lights is around 50,000 hours or more than this, and they are highly flexible. You have them customized in terms of color temperature and capability to use them as in adding sensors; they also have multiple lighting fixture layouts too.

Moreover, they are known for their environmental friendliness. They are highly sustainable and do not contain any such material that is hard to decompose or cause any damage to the environment.

Section 3: LED Office Lighting: Key Features and Benefits

When looking for lighting fixtures for the office, the best option amounts to LED office lighting fixtures because of the ample benefits they offer. Some of the benefits of these fixtures are as follows:

Energy efficiency and cost savings

One of the primary reasons that make LED lighting one of the best choices is that it offers energy efficiency and cost saving. It consumes significantly less power than other lighting forms, reducing the energy bills for the offices.

The use of lights at offices is usually very high, and hence the bills are also expected to be high, therefore choosing LED lights to help save on that cost.

Longevity and low maintenance

LED lights’ lifespan is also very long; an LED bulb may last more than 50,000 hours. Hence, the problem of replacement and maintenance eliminates this and saves costs.

Hence, the office space may be well-lit consistently with minimum or no maintenance requirement; it makes them suitable for office spaces when they need to save time and money.

Better lighting quality and color rendering

The illumination of LED light is very uniform and efficiently bright so that neither it causes strain on the eyes nor ends up with a glare. Apart from this, it has many other features in its lighting fixtures that account for the adjustments of color temperature with multiple options.

Hence, the offices are free to adjust the lights and the color temperature according to their requirements and the space they have to cover with that light.

Improved comfort and reduced glare

As the distribution and brightness of the LED light are highly balanced, visual discomfort doesn’t exist, and employees enjoy a very comfortable working environment.

Most LED lighting fixtures are designed to ensure that the lights deliver a comfortable, flicker-free, and pleasant experience.

Flexibility and control options

LED lighting comes with multiple control options; many aspects of this lighting fixture can be adjusted with flexibility. The LED lights may be dimmed according to the requirement and also consist of other smart controls, for instance, automated sensors, scheduling of turning on and off, etc.

Section 4: Working with Olamled for Your Office Lighting Needs

As much as choosing the right LED is essential, choosing the right provider of the best quality LED lighting fixture is also equally significant. OLAMLED is a name in the lighting industry known for supplying high-quality and innovative LED solutions.

Their exceptional customer support and multiple customizations of LED fixtures have created a significant space in the industry.

Product Offerings and Customization Options:

OLAMLED ensures to focus on the different applications of its LED lights, among which the focus on office lighting is also very high.

They create lighting fixtures that suit office environments and, at the same time, can be customized in terms of sizes, color temperatures, and other features.

You can find all kinds of LED lighting solutions for your office space here, including LED panels, task lighting, downlights, track lights, and floor-standing LED lights.

Moreover, you can opt for sensor-based lighting or automated lights with multiple color temperature options that you may choose according to your requirements.

Customer Service and Support:

OLAMLED not only focuses on ensuring that they have high-quality and innovative LED lighting fixtures but also ensures that they are always available for their clients.

You can have exceptional customer support as their team comprises expert light assistants who help you design the right layouts and choose the right fixtures suitable for your offices.

Even after sales, they keep in touch with you and get a hold of all the queries and any after-sales services you might need.

Section 5: Office Lighting Ideas and Trends

Office lighting trends and ideas allow the creation of a better lighting design, and some of these ideas may greatly help you in designing your office lighting.

These commercial office lighting ideas consider the significance of having the proper lighting at a workplace for employees’ productivity.

Innovative Lighting Designs

The light design for offices these days may focus on different ideas. As offices comprise on working with focus, the task lighting must be incorporated to cover some areas where specified tasks are carried out.

Moreover, the light should be of such a nature that it helps the stress levels to be under control. At the same time, it ensures that employee satisfaction needs to be up to the mark. Hence, adding artwork in the office spaces and highlighting it using accent lighting is recommended.

Lights with changing colors may also be implemented to ensure that conference rooms are equipped with such aspects. During presentations, the colors may be adjusted according to the requirement.

Sustainable Lighting Practices

As much as the lighting focuses on innovation, it must recognize sustainability practices. Energy efficiency must be kept in mind when choosing lighting for office spaces, and the design should be such that it allows maximum natural lighting to the offices; hence energy can be saved.

LED lighting is one of the most sustainable kinds of illumination, and hence it is mainly preferred because it protects the environment and encourages green practices.

Emerging Trends in Office Lighting

As time progresses, office lighting is backed with multiple features of lighting, which has added the use of personalization in the lighting system, automation, and adjustments using the remote control.

These emerging trends also have made the light fixtures which comprise desk lamps and other LED fixtures, to be used with wireless charging, adding another capability to the latest lighting systems.


As you have gone through the article above, you must now be well aware of the significance of LED lighting for office spaces and how it can boost the productivity and morale of your employees. Hence designing better lighting may create a positive and pleasure-filled office environment.

LED lighting has multiple benefits and cost savings which are prime reasons for choosing them. OLAMLED is a leading name that delivers the finest quality LED lighting systems and even helps you design the entire lighting system of your office with innovative and beneficial ideas.

So, if you are planning the lighting system for your office, you must today get in touch with Olamled and let their representatives create a lighting plan for your office that will benefit you in the longer run.

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