LED Vs LEP: Which is a Better Lighting Solution?

Lighting solutions vary between various options; however, one of the options of lighting people need clarification on are the two types of lights; LED and LEP. These two offer lighting solutions for various spaces and have their pros and cons.

However, when a comparison between the types of lighting is made, LED proves to be a better choice for various reasons.

If you look forward to knowing more about LED and LEP lights and how they differ, go through this guide below, and you will get a detailed insight.

What is LED?

LED lights stand for Light Emitting Diode, a device that comprises a semiconductor within it and emits light when electricity passes through it. LED lights are used for multiple purposes and are widely known for their efficiency in energy, durability, and compact size.

Structure Of LED Lights

The structure of LED lights has various components, which are as follows:

  • Semiconductors prove to be the basic materials that determine the light color based on the compounds used in them.
  • The semiconductor material can be of various components according to which the fixture emits light, and the options of compounds may include gallium arsenide and gallium phosphide.
  • The LED lights also have a P-N junction; this is made using two types of semiconductor materials: P-type represents positive, and N-type represents negative; the junction is very important for the LED to function properly.
  • LED lights are also composed of two electrodes, which are also connected to semiconductor material with an anode and cathode, which allow the flow of current through the semiconductor.
  • The LED is also enclosed in a housing that protects it and offers mechanical support.

How Does It Work?

The working mechanism of LED lights is based on electroluminescence, and the working mechanism is as follows:

  • When voltage is applied across the PN junction, the electrons in the N-type material are energized, and they move towards the P-type material; the holes in the P-type material also move towards N-type materials, and this leads to electrical excitation.
  • When the electrons move towards one another, they combine at the PN junction and create photons by losing their energy.
  • The energy lost at the recombination stage on the PN junction is released in the form of light, and the light’s color depends on the semiconductor material used.
  • LED lights generate light electronically, making them more durable and efficient.

Types Of LED Lights

There are various types of LED lights, and some of them comprise the following:

·        LED Tubular Light

LED tubular light offers a lighting solution for areas subjected to harsh environmental conditions. These lights offer a rating of IP67 and IP69K, which allows them to stay durable even when challenged by work conditions. There are multiple powers and lengths to which these lights can be opted.

The LED tubular light is gas-proof; hence, in places subjected to gas and fumes or moisture, these lights work well, being a high-quality option offering a life of about 100,000 hours.

·        LED Modular Panel Light

LED modular panel lights consist of LED modules that can be replaced when needed, and there is no need to replace the light, which helps save money and reduces waste.

The LED modular panel lights also have an optical design, which helps to protect the eyes, and the optical lens diffuses the light evenly without any flicker and glare, protecting the eyes from strain.

LED modular light offers a very innovative light solution and enhances every space elegantly; it has various colors and sizes, which can be opted for based on the space requirement.

·        LED Modular Panel Light (Latest)

The LED modular panel lights are popular for their slim design and sleek layout. These are suitable for environments requiring minimalist designs and uniform illumination throughout the area.

The LED modular panel light with the PA series helps reduce the appearance of shadows and has various design options. The users can go for an aluminum frame or may have a light without any frame, which helps them match the light with the space theme.

This LED modular panel light also comprises PMMA and a reflector, which helps reduce glare and create uniform and comfortable lighting. It has multiple applications in hospitals, malls, offices, schools, and other environments. They are flexible in terms of installation; even the length can be chosen based on the requirement.

·        LED Panel Light

LED panel lights are the most popular light used almost everywhere as they have multiple benefits. The backlit lights offer illumination from the back of the panel, and the edge-lit light offers illumination from the edges.

These lights can be customized as needed and offer a very cost-effective lighting solution suitable for installation in lighting projects with a tight budget. It also has a unique structural design, which ensures high brightness and light efficiency reaches 180LM/W in the case of backlit panel light.

However, when the efficiency of edge-lit panel light is assessed, it is slightly lower because of the PMMA LGP and ranges between 100-120LM/W.

·        LED Track Panel Light

LED track panel lights offer high luminous efficacy, and it is a very important aspect for a retail environment, which is catered by the light; it consumes a very small amount of energy and yet offers brightness; hence, in the long run, it offers to be an economical option.

This light offers a rotation of 350 degrees so that your displays are properly focused, keeping them under the spotlight. These lights can be adjusted in the track system, which already exists.

The CRI and brightness of this light are also very important factors, and they can depict the real colors of the products so that the customers can easily distinguish between the products and improve their shopping experience.

·        LED Cleanroom Troffer

Cleanroom troffer is designed with the help of LED technology, specifically designed to cater to operation theaters and critical areas of healthcare facilities. These lights can offer low glare and offer a solution for the hygienic environment. It comprises an antimicrobial coating that resists bacteria contamination and helps in infection control.

The LED cleanroom troffer can withstand the demands of environments prone to bacteria and needs a shield for protection. It offers a defense mechanism against the contaminants.

·        LED Linear High Bay Light

LED linear high bay lights are used for huge stores and warehouses; they offer an economical lighting solution with sufficient brightness. When incorporating these lights, you can reduce the need for traditional lights by 60 percent, and they also offer a high level of durability.

·        LED Floor Standing Light

The LED floor standing light can act as an uplight and a downlight. It comprises an ability to provide uniform lighting and a touch screen with high sensitivity, which helps to adjust the CCT and dimming.

The overall look of this light is very modern and has a stable base; it has a UGR<16, which protects the eyes from brightness. The light also offers a 1-10v dimmable function and has a light and motion sensor offering energy saving and convenience.

·        LED Track Linear Light

LED track linear light offers a lighting solution that caters to huge spaces, including balls and halls. These lights are highly adaptable to illumination and can create a dynamic and attractive environment for the people coming.

·        LED Tri-Proof Light

The LED tri-proof lights are designed precisely and can deal with harsh environments. They have a sealed casing and robust materials that protect them from water, dust, and moisture.

These lights are highly suitable for areas where people conduct outdoor activities as they offer reliable performance and stand out as a light source for longer. These lights are designed for outdoor applications and areas subjected to harsh weather conditions.

They help reduce the cost of operation by consuming less energy and also offer brightness sufficient to illuminate the darkest corners.

·        UFO High Bay Light

Commercial spaces with high ceilings may find UFO LED high bay lights suitable; these lights offer brightness and are very easy to install. The design of these lights is unique and ensures a very efficient heat dissipation.

These lights suit industrial environments and warehouses and offer various benefits over traditional lighting options.

·        LED Linear Light

Linear light is a solution that caters to innovative lighting and has multiple benefits. These lights can help create connections, including T, X, L, and – shape. The lighting system with patterns in crosses, red cages, and squares can be created. It allows linking up to 10 lights at once.

Lifetime of LED lighting products

LED lighting is known for its longer lifespan, and this is because of the solid-state technology this light has. The LED lights offer efficient heat management and have no filaments that wear out after some time.

The LED lights are sustainable and eco-friendly; hence, they can last for a lifespan of about 50,000 hours.

Where to use LED Bulbs?

LED lights are widely used in various applications, which comprise commercial as well as residential setups. In residential setups, these lights help to illuminate living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and outdoor spaces.

In the case of commercial applications, these lights are offered in retail stores, warehouses, and office lighting. LED lighting is also widely used for street, automobile, and even electronic displays.

What is LEP?

LEP stands for Light Emitting Plasma, a lighting technology that works by discharging gas to produce light. LED lights are solid-state lighting, more or less the same as LEDs, but their working mechanism is slightly different.

Construction and Working

The LEP lighting comprises a ceramic capsule with a noble gas, usually argon, and a metal halide, which can be either sodium or mercury. When microwaves and high-frequency radio waves pass through the gas, it becomes ionized, and the phosphor coatings inside the capsule are stimulated. The phosphor coating then produces light in a spectrum of different colors.

Applications of LEP Light

There are various applications of LED lights, and some of these are discussed below:

  • The LEP lights are mostly used for street lighting as they offer a lot of brightness for outdoor spaces.
  • LEP is mainly used in scenarios that require strong lighting, such as tactical flashlights. Although the cost is higher, it can provide more effective strong lighting.
  • In the case of greenhouse lighting, these LEP lamps are used for the development and growth of plants.
  • LED lights are also used in industrial applications and provide bright and high-quality lighting for manufacturing and warehouse setups.
  • The LEP lighting is also used for stage lighting applications to emit light.
  • LEP lighting is used in research and development setups where lighting with precision and control is essential.

Sustainability of LEP light

The sustainability of the LEP lights comprises the following aspects:

  • LEP lights are energy efficient and can offer bright illumination by consuming less energy.
  • LEP lights offer durability and can be used for years and years compared to other traditional lighting sources; therefore, they help reduce waste and do not need frequent replacement.
  • LEP lights do not contain hazardous materials; hence, they are safe for the environment.

The Difference Between LED light and LEP light

LEP and LED light offer the same light source, but the color fidelity of LED is far better than that of LED. Also, the lighting efficiency of LED lights is higher with improved energy savings.

The life of the LEP is around 60000 hours, and the power supply of the LEP works for the same expected duration, which is about 20000 hours. Keeping both the lights in comparison, LED serves illuminance at medium and low levels, and LEP serves high output; however, the small size of LEP makes it cost-effective for applications that require high lumen output.

ANSWER: Which is the Better Lighting Solution: LED or LEP?

When it is about choosing the lighting solution that is better as far as LEP is concerned. In that case, it offers a high lighting efficiency because of the complex technology it indicates, but at the same time, it is expensive and consumes more energy than LED. LED lights are affordable and simple, which gives them an upper edge.

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