Top 10 Leading Suppliers and Manufacturer Of Commercial LED Lighting In China

Lighting is a prime concern when designing any residential or commercial space. However, the two types of spaces have different requirements; the lights that are suitable for a commercial space may not be suitable for a residential one, and similarly, the residential ones may not be as good for commercial ones.

LED lighting for commercial sectors plays a vital role by enhancing the spaces’ look and ensuring comfort, energy efficiency, and affordability. The global commercial LED lighting market has been valued lately at $78.24 billion and is expected to grow to $298.38 by the year 2030.

Suppose you consider the Chinese LED lighting market in terms of commercial lighting specifically. In that case, the market size in the year 2024 is expected to be around $6 billion, and it is expected to reach $11.8 billion by 2030 as it will grow at a CAGR of about 10%.

If you are searching for the best commercial LED light suppliers in China, you may find this guide below very useful, so let’s read below.

Top Chinese Commercial LED Lighting Manufacturers and Suppliers

S. NOName of CompanyLocationYear FoundedNumber of Employees

1.      OPPLE

OPPLE is one of the leading lighting suppliers in China that was founded in 1996. The company has its headquarters in Shanghai and has manufacturing setups spread across the country in various provinces. They have a massive portfolio of LED lighting suitable for the commercial sector.

OPPLE has made a massive investment in research and development and has more than 150,000 sales outlets, which has given its sales a massive boost. Moreover, they also have more than 2000 patent applications under production.

A team of over 6000 employees works here, offering consistency, quality, and perfection in its lighting products. Their product range is equipped with various types of lighting, from basic commercial lights to smart LED lighting with innovative features.

2.      OLAMLED

OLAMLED has been manufacturing LED lighting for the past 15 years, with its headquarters in Shenzhen, China. The company specializes in manufacturing commercial LED lighting solutions for its clients with its excellent expertise and years of experience in the field.

Olamled is the best option if you are looking for a reasonable commercial lighting solution. They offer affordable lights manufactured, and you can even have the lighting system designed according to your required customization. They cater to small orders, and if you are a small business looking for a minimum lighting fixture quantity, you can always consider Olamled.

The company offers high quality LED lights and ensures that they are environmentally friendly and are manufactured and tested under the CE and RoHS certifications. The research and development department of Olamled is equipped with decades of experience, and they have always kept technology as their primary consideration in each design.

Along with the basic LED commercial lighting, the smart lighting features coated in the lighting fixtures by Olamled are also quite beneficial for the users. Keeping customer satisfaction as their top priority, they always serve their clients with great concern, no matter how big or small their order is.

3.      NVC

NVC Lighting was established in the year 1998 and since then has been floating versalite lighting solutions for the commercial sector. They offer a wide range of LED lighting products equipped with detailed and extensive research and development.

They have their headquarters in Guangdong, China, and an employee base of around 500 people. The company operates 34 operational centers and 80000 sales outlets. They bring about cost-effective and comfortable solutions mostly focused on indoor lighting for commercial offices.

4.      Midea

Midea Lighting is a subsidiary of Midea Group and leads in offering high-quality lighting products followed by smart door locks and switch sockets. They came into being in 2008 and have its headquarters in Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China.

They are known to follow a very stringent production process followed by excellent control of quality. They have also attained international certifications for their lighting products. They are known to cater to commercial LED lighting projects across the globe in Asia, South Africa, and Europe.

5.      TCL

TCL is an electronic manufacturer operating at the international level and offers a wide range of lighting products and other appliances. It has its subsidiary operation in China which came into being in 2000.

The lighting collection offered by TCL comprises multiple lights suitable for the commercial sector, including spotlights, track lights, and downlights. They offer a wide range of versatile smart lighting products equipped with expensive innovation, resulting from their research. They have their headquarters in Guangdong, China and are equipped with a team of around 5000 employees.

6.      CHINT

CHINT came into being in 1984 and it offers a widespread network internationally. They have also created their company in China with its headquarters in Shanghai. They offer a wide range of LED lighting products to cater to various commercial and industrial sectors.

The efficient lighting solutions offered by CHINT are suitable to provide a comfortable and well-illuminated space and come with energy cost savings. They have been producing new and improved lighting products that pass through a rigorous testing process before these lights are further distributed. The team of 10000 plus employees ensures that every single product of lighting manufactured by them meets the client’s expectations. They also incorporate advanced features which include smart lighting.

7.      DELIXI

Delixi was founded in 2007 and is one of the leading commercial lighting manufacturers. They specialize in manufacturing LED lights that are efficient, reliable and safe, offering high-quality lighting output.

They incorporate automated features and smart systems in their commercial LED lights, offering a versatile collection and ensuring that every light they manufacture passes quality inspection. They have multiple centers across China and its headquarters in Zhejiang with more than 10000 employees working.

8.      FSL

FSL stands for Foshan Electrical and Lighting Co., headquartered in Foshan. The company was established in 1958, and within this time, it has expanded its operations tremendously. They have over 200 production lines and 8000 employees working at different locations.

They offer the best commercial LED lighting from China as they have a very comprehensive research and development process equipped with an expert team fulfilling customer requirements. They have a wide range of commercial LED lighting products like indoor, outdoor, spotlights, etc.

9.      YANKON

Yankon Lighting is a leading lighting company in China that has been operational since 1975. This company is known to offer the best quality commercial LED lighting products.

They have their clientele spread across America, Europe, and Asia, and they have a mission to grow more by offering lighting solutions that offer affordability, sustainability, and energy efficiency.

They have headquarters in Zhejiang province, China and they are known to offer innovative lighting solutions. Their tubular lights are the best options, and they offer automated lighting solutions.


Conely is one of the leading lighting manufacturers in China, which has been operational since 1996. The company specializes in offering LED lighting, which is of high quality in various commercial setups. They have excelled in designing the lighting systems of well-known hotels and other commercial areas in China.

The company’s headquarters are in Guangdong, China, and its customer base is over 60 countries. They have stringent research and development, which keeps pace with innovation and technological advancement.

How To Choose The Best Commercial LED Lighting Manufacturer from China?

When it comes to choosing the best LED commercial lighting manufacturer in China, you must exercise a lot of caution, and some of the ways you can consider this selection is by following these tips below/

Research and Shortlist:

First, we need to find manufacturers specializing in LED lightning. You can research it by using various directories, searching through trade websites, or visiting different exhibitions conducted by industrialists. After doing this detailed research, you can shortlist the potential suppliers.

Check Credentials:

Credentials are very important when it comes to selecting a particular manufacturer. There are many different ways to do so which include checking their compliance with certain certifications for quality control and environmental management systems. Further, you must ensure that the manufacturers take precautions for safety standards and regulations.

Product Quality:

There are many different well-known brands of LEDs, such as Philips, Cree, Osram, and many others. You have to look for the manufacturer that provides you with the best quality product so that your product stands out the best. This could be done by looking at various samples or visiting their warehouse to view the product and get satisfied with the quality.

Customization Options:

A manufacturer that provides tailoring options will suit you the best because projects that are commercialized require certain LED lighting products that suit their business. Therefore, a flexible manufacturer providing customized products is more beneficial than one that doesn’t.

Experience and Reputation:

Experience and reputation play a vital part in selecting a manufacturer. The greater the experience, there are the chances of disappointment. There are various methods through which you can check for credibility such as by carrying out research from past clients or by checking their reviews.

Hiring a manufacturer known for delivering good quality products and meeting deadlines, along with one who provides after-sales service, should be your first choice.

Production Capacity and Lead Times:

A manufacturer should have a reasonable amount of workforce and stock levels so that productivity is not compromised and can easily meet the client’s deadline. Therefore, you should evaluate the manufacturer’s productivity to avoid disappointment. The greater the production capacity, the better it will be to meet bulk orders at the given time.

Cost and Pricing:

When hiring a particular manufacturer, people rush to find someone cheap, but it’s not about saving a few bucks. You should always look for someone who provides high-quality products at a competitive price.

Communication and Support:

Finding an appropriate manufacturer who has proper channels for timely communication and after-sales service is important. It is very vital to discuss all the requirements related to the project and then to solve any problem that may arise. Hence, effective communication is very important.

Warranty and After-Sales Service:

It is important to discuss the after-sales service and the warranty terms they offer with the manufacturers beforehand. It helps the client ensure that in case of any future defects or inconvenience, the manufacturer will be there to provide repair and maintenance or any other technical support and replacement of parts.

Sustainability and Environmental Practices:

Being environmentally friendly and complying with environmental policies is crucial.  Manufacturers that comply with these practices should be prioritized.

You should consider those companies that consider environmentally friendly policies such as using eco-friendly materials, conserving energy, and complying with the green manufacturing process. Adhering to such practices leads to social responsibility and a healthy, green environment.


1. How do I ensure the quality of commercial LED lighting products sourced from manufacturers in China?

Ans. You must conduct some research before sourcing LED lighting products, for which you must check the suppliers’ credentials and ask them if they offer customization options so that you can have your own choice of commercial lighting designed. Moreover, always consider their experience and reputation so that you can have an idea of the quality offered by them.

 2. Can manufacturers in China customize LED lighting products to meet specific commercial project requirements?

Ans.  Yes, most of the manufacturers in China offer you customized LED commercial lighting which specifically meets your project requirements; for instance, if you need LED lighting designed for a resort or hotel, you can provide them with detailed insight into your expectations about indoor and outdoor lighting, and they can offer you a combination of various features customized.


3. How long does it take to manufacture and deliver commercial LED lighting products from China?

Ans.  The lead time for manufacturing and delivering commercial LED lighting products varies from 4 weeks to 8 weeks.

4. What are the advantages of sourcing commercial LED lighting products from manufacturers in China?

Ans. There are various benefits of ordering LED lighting products from China which include that you can easily get bulk quantities of customized products at a competitive price.  

5. Are there any risks attached to sourcing LED lighting products from manufacturers in China?

Ans. There are some risks involved in sourcing LED lighting products from Chinese manufacturers, as the risk of inconsistent quality, fraud, language barriers, and issues of import and customs duties are prevalent in various cases. Hence, you need to consider all this before placing your order.

6. How can I communicate effectively with LED lighting manufacturers in China to ensure smooth collaboration and project execution?

Ans. Communication with the manufacturers can be done by providing them initially with a detailed description of your needs followed by frequent queries. Translators can also be used to ensure effective communication where there are language issues.

7. Can manufacturers in China provide samples or conduct factory visits for quality assurance purposes?

Ans.  Typically, yes, manufacturers send various samples and let the client carry out factory visits so that you can check the quality of the products before hiring them.

8. What payment terms and methods are typically accepted by manufacturers of commercial LED lighting in China?

Ans.  In this fast-revolving world, payment is not an issue. Manufacturers use various payment methods, including T/T, L/C, and Alibaba trade assurance.


9. Are there any regulatory considerations or import/export requirements when sourcing LED lighting products from manufacturers in China?

Ans.  Yes, certain regulatory considerations include checking for product certification, import/export, and customs compliance.

10. What steps are taken by Chinese manufacturers to ensure product safety and compliance with international standards?

Ans.  Manufacturers in China ensure product safety and compliance through quality control research and compliance with standards like ISO and CE.

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