What Kind of Wire is Suitable for Indoor LED Fixtures?

Lighting fixtures are essential and must be up to the mark in every aspect. There are different kinds of indoor LED fixtures, but the performance and quality of the indoor LED fixtures also depend on the wires used for assembling them.

It is thought that the focus should always be on the layout of the indoor light fixture, but as much as the lighting fixture is necessary, the significance of the right wire must be addressed.

This guide below provides insight into indoor lighting fixtures, what kind of wires they should have, and what role these wires play. If you are looking forward to having an idea of these details, you are at the right place.

Indoor LED Lighting Fixture

Indoor LED lighting fixtures are essential; they illuminate indoor areas, and there is a massive variety.

Every kind of indoor space has different illumination needs; offices and workspaces need various types of light, including standing lamps, lighting for lounges that may include chandeliers and lighting for corridor spaces that may compromise recessed lights.

Choosing the right lighting fixture illuminates the area well, and the well-lit spaces are significant.

Indoor LED Fixtures wire


Wire of the LED Lighting Fixture

Wiring is an essential component of indoor LED lighting fixtures. The wire determines the circuit, and in the absence of wire, it is nearly impossible for the lights to illuminate or light up. Hence, the significance of wires can never be disregarded.

Although it is a very small component, if not chosen correctly, it could lead to hazards and even deteriorate the life and quality of the LED light used indoors. It has to be suitable and must have all those characteristics that are needed for indoor light fixtures.

There are usually two categories of lighting wires: hard wires and soft wires. The hard wire consists of a thick copper core that doesn’t bend and is ideal when the light fixture is fixed, like a spotlight or chandelier.

However, when it comes to the soft wires, these are bendable and offer flexibility as they have a copper core, which is thin and easy to bend. Hence, these wires are ideally suitable for floor lamps, desk lamps, etc.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Wire for Indoor LED Lights

The selection of wire for indoor LED lights requires detailed consideration, and some of the essential factors that must be kept into consideration are as follows:

Compliance with the National Standards

It is essential to ensure the selection of indoor lighting wires carefully, and they should be up to the mark when it comes to quality. However, on the other hand, apart from quality standards, they should comply with national standards too.

Every country has a specific voltage requirement, and when it comes to choosing the wire, the country you will install them in and the voltage level applicable there should be considered. Monitor the cross-section of conduction, insulating material, and other relevant requirements.

Indoor LED Fixtures wire

Consider the Relevance of Wire

The wire chosen for the LED light must be relevant based on the type of the lamp and also the method of installation it has. Different kinds of lights have other methods of installation, and hence, the wire should be relevant.

For instance, the wires used in chandeliers must be hard and capable of handling the load without breaking, and portable, flexible lamps need flexible wires. Hence, you also need to assess the type of light to choose the wire.

Indoor LED Fixtures wire

Operating Environment

The consideration of the environment in which an LED light will operate is also important to consider. The environmental conditions do have an impact on the performance of the wire, and so does the lifespan.

In cases where the temperature is high or the environment is humid, the wire may corrode, and this causes short circuits; on the other hand, when the temperature is low, the wire may get hardened.

Size and Material of Conductor

The material and size of the wire used in making the LED light need attention. Copper is one of the very common materials to be used, and it offers exemplary durability and has good conductive properties.

Indoor LED Fixtures wire

Insulating Layer of Material

The wire used in the indoor LED light protects the light against electrical shocks; hence, its significance cannot be ignored. The materials commonly used for insulation of these wires are rubber or PVC. When choosing the insulating material, it is essential to assess the environmental considerations based on the applications.

Indoor LED Fixtures wire

How Does the Right Wire in Indoor Lighting Offer Benefits?

If you select the right wire according to your indoor LED light, the risk of electrical hazards is reduced and hence the life of the people in the surroundings and also the property can be saved. The conductivity of electricity is also up to the mark, which reduces the loss of power and voltage drop. Also, there is no interruption in the supply of power.

The selection of appropriate wire leads to ensuring low resistance and appropriate conductivity, which leads to having a transmission that is efficient and also tends to reduce any energy loss.

When a light is equipped with the right wire, the risk of continued repairs and replacements is eliminated, and hence, the cost can be saved in the long run. Also, there is no need to incur maintenance costs, and it even reduces the downtime.

Recommendation for Indoor Wiring as per European (VDE) Standards:

1.Wire Gauge & Diameter: 

In Europe, the wire’s cross-sectional area, expressed in square millimeters (mm²), is commonly used instead of American wire gauge. For most indoor lighting applications:

1.5 mm² is the standard for lighting circuits.

2.5 mm² might be used for higher amperage lighting or combined circuits.

2. Insulation Material:

H05VV-F is a common type of cable used for indoor applications in Europe. The “H” indicates it’s a harmonized cable. “05” means it’s rated for 300V to 500V. “VV” indicates that both the main and individual wire insulation is PVC. “F” means it’s flexible.

3. Voltage Rating:

For indoor residential lighting in Europe, the common voltage is 230V. Ensure the chosen wire can handle this voltage.

4. Current Rating:

The current rating should match the lighting circuit’s requirements. As a general rule:

1.5 mm² wire can typically handle up to 16A.

2.5 mm² wire is safe for up to 25A.

5. Wire Color:

Brown or Black: Live/Hot

Blue: Neutral

Green/Yellow stripe: Ground/Earth

6.Flexibility: For movable fixtures or adjustable lighting, opt for flexible multi-strand wires, often denoted by the letter “F” in European wire codes (e.g., H05VV-F).

7. Temperature Resistance: Especially relevant if the client uses high-intensity lighting. The wire should be resistant to the heat generated by the lighting. The H05VV-F type is suitable for most indoor applications.

8. Length: As always, it’s recommended to have a slightly longer wire than required to accommodate any adjustments or repositioning of fixtures.

9. Safety Certifications: Make sure the wire holds the VDE mark, indicating it’s compliant with German and, by extension, European safety standards.

In conclusion, when catering to a European client, offering VDE-certified H05VV-F 1.5 mm² or 2.5 mm² cables for indoor lighting fixtures would be an ideal recommendation. It’s always best to ensure the specific requirements of the client’s country, as local regulations might slightly differ across Europe.

Indoor LED Fixtures wire

Comprehensive Lighting and Wiring Solutions for Your Project

We-Olam Lighting pride ourselves on offering holistic solutions to cater to all your lighting needs. Beyond supplying professional-grade lighting fixtures, we recognize the intricacies involved in implementing a successful lighting project.

Integrated Wiring Services: Understanding the complexities of lighting installations, we’ve expanded our services to include providing the necessary wiring for your projects. This is in line with our commitment to delivering a seamless, hassle-free experience for our clients.


  1. Consistency in Quality: By sourcing both lighting fixtures and wiring from us, you can be assured of consistent quality across all components, ensuring longevity and optimal performance.
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  3. Tailored Solutions: Our team is equipped to provide wiring solutions tailored to your project’s specific requirements, ensuring compatibility and ease of installation.
  4. Safety & Compliance: Our wiring complies with leading international standards, ensuring safety and legal compliance for your projects.
  5. Expert Guidance: Our dedicated team is always available to guide you on the best wiring choices based on your lighting selections and the unique needs of your project.
  6. Cost-Efficiency: Bundling your lighting and wiring needs can lead to cost savings, making your project more budget-friendly.
Indoor LED Fixtures wire


Indoor lighting fixtures are very popular in almost all kinds of areas, commercial as well as residential, and hence, when it comes to ensuring that the right lighting fixtures are opted for, the wiring it has plays a significant role. As you have gone through the guide above, you must now be well aware of the benefits of having the right wired lights.

If you are looking for the right LED lighting solutions supplier, your go-to choice should be Olamled. Their lights have been designed perfectly, and keeping in mind the environmental impacts, indoor surroundings, and the significance of the correct voltage, their lights are designed with the right wires. So, get in touch today and choose the best lighting fixtures indoors.

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