How to Choose Track Lights with Different Tracks?

Track lamp is a combination of “track” and “lamp”, also known as track lamp.  It can be moved and positioned according to different needs, and can adjust the irradiation Angle at any time.  It is favored by lighting scenes in business districts, galleries and museums.  In addition, they are easy to add, remove or replace.  

So how to choose track lights?

According to the number of lead wires in tracking, tracking can be divided into two lines (active person + neutral line), three lines (active person + neutral line + ground line), four lines (three with wires + neutral line) and so on. Among them, two – line, three – line and four – line track are the most common track types.

Second-wire and third- wire tracks are controlled by a single loop, which means that lights on the same track can only be controlled together, not individually. The difference wire in that the grounding wire of the second-line track is generally arranged on the outside of the guide rail, while the grounding wire of the third- wire track is designed on the inside of the track. Therefore, in order to meet the requirements of some special applications, some technicians may use three ground lines to track the zero line and convert it into a single control loop and two control loops (note: self-conversion is not recommended).

The diagram of the track section and four conductive wires (four-wire track)

A four-wire track has three live lines and one zero line, which means there are three control loops on the same track. Installation of four-line track lamp, adjustable gear, realize the control of different scenes.

Such as:

On four tracks, there are four track lights (1, 2, 3, 4), first gear lamp 1, second gear lamp 2, third gear lamp 3 + lamp 4. Therefore, multiple scenarios can be switched with three switches:

  1. Switch 1 controls light 1
  2. Switch 2 controls light 2
  3. Switch 3 controls light 3 & light 4

This is the separate control system of the four-wire track.

The separate control scenes of the four-wire track (enable different scenarios of switch control on the same track)

Apart from some applications of DALI control systems, five-wire and six-wire tracks are rarely used, with two of them serving as DALI signal wire In short, two – or three-wire track lights can achieve single loop control; Four wire track lamp or more line track light panel can be controlled separately; Five – wire or six – wire track lamp can realize system control.

The track panel light produced by OLAMLIGHT uses 4 wire 3 circuits, which can be matched with most track systems in Europe. Very suitable for all kinds of commercial places, such as: supermarkets, exhibition halls, art galleries, luxury shops, offices, etc.

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