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The Things you need to know about LED Panel Light

LED panel light, also called led flat panel light, it is a kind of LED energy-saving lamp.

There are many good characteristics, such as large lighting area, good illumination uniformity, high CRI, simple and generous shape.

Where is LED panel light used?

Compared with the traditional grill light, LED panel light has a longer lifespan, which plays a crucial role in saving maintenance cost and environmental protection. We could adjust the light color according to different needs, it can not only protect our eyes but also increase aesthetic sense.
LED Panel Light is more suitable for office, school, hospital, supermarket , meeting rooms , homes and other indoor places .

How to install LED Panel Light?

There are three main types about LED panel light Installation:

A.Recessed / In-Built

  • Take off ceiling plaster tablet
  • Connect the driver wire
  • Fix the panel light on the ceiling screens
  • After steady the panel light, you can
    connect the electric current to use

B.Suspending / Hanging

  • Take off the cassette and install the screw cassette
  • Fix the cassette onto the ceiling
  • Lock the line controller into the cassette
  • Adjust the length of the iron line well and then
    connect the power supplier, then you can power

C.Surface mounting / Ceiling

  • Fix the ceiling frame into the ceiling
  • Connect the wire (AC/ DC wire) and put the location well
  • Fix the panel light on the ceiling frame
  • After steady the panel light, you can connect the electric current to use

Turn off the power and make sure everything is safe when installing the fixtures because it is not a joke.

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