The Definitions About LED: Exploring Different Types of Lighting Fixtures

LED lighting has replaced halogen and incandescent lighting fixtures in no time, and this is because of the exemplary benefits it offers.

LED lights are semiconductors that emit light as soon as an electric current passes through them. LED lights have been improved over the period and have turned out to be very efficient to use and, at the same time, are not very expensive, consume less energy, and are environmentally friendly.

Due to the increasing popularity of LEDs, multiple lighting fixtures based on LEDs are now manufactured and floated in the market. These suit residential and commercial spaces like stores, malls, offices, and restaurants.

When it comes to understanding the LED light fixture definition, it is a kind of fixture comprising an LED lighting system, and when connected to the electrical circuit, it fulfills the lighting purpose.

There are different types of light fixtures; some are close-to-ceiling light fixtures, light fixtures that plug into wall and some may hang from the ceiling. These light fixtures may easily be operated with the help of a switch.


Types of Lighting

The term lighting means using light in a way that offers aesthetic effects to the place it is being used in. The use of light comprises multiple sources, and hence when it comes to understanding the different lighting types and fixtures, you can read through below:


Types of Lighting Styles

There are different types of lighting styles that have different purposes of lighting to serve; some of these lighting styles may include the following:


Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting is a prevalent form of lighting and is an ideal lighting  for homes, offices, and other spaces. It gives a soft glow and creates a perfect ambiance around your space.

It will not create any focus styled lighting effect in the room. However, it will evenly light up your room so that it can safely move around comfortably. People commonly use it, and if they please, they can use additional lighting fixtures along with ambient lighting to have the ambiance they want.

Task Lighting

Task lighting, as the name suggests, is lighting used directly to perform some task; this may include cooking, reading, writing, or doing any other work requiring direct light. It illuminates the smaller area with ample visibility. It allows focusing on the tasks and, at the same time, protects eyes from strain.

Task lighting is a very valuable form of light suitable for home and office spaces. It can be used in the kitchens and over the workbenches and allows focusing on small details that need more attention.

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is one such lighting type that allows you to create a particular area uplifted so that attention is drawn to that specific position. This kind of lighting allows for highlighting a particular area of your house when used as ceiling accent lighting.

This kind of lighting allows illumination and even creates shadows hence is a very dramatic kind of lighting. Many architectural details can be highlighted using such lighting as paintings, rockery in the garden, etc.

This kind of lighting is popular indoors and outdoors and can be used with versatility in almost every place.


Lighting Source

The lighting source is the point from where the illumination comes. The literal light source definition is that light sources are those devices that carry out the function of producing visible illumination. It may comprise LED lights, incandescent lights, and fluorescent lights.


Types of Light Sources

There are many types of light sources, of which the three commonly opted sources are discussed below:


Incandescent Light

The lighting devices that heat a material at a very high temperature tend to produce light in return, known as incandescent lights. It consists of heating either a solid or a gas, and the process of resistance or combustion creates an electric current and gives the color of light.


Fluorescent Light

The fluorescent light consists of using a gas discharge for lighting purposes. It uses a mercury vapor gas to discharge, a low-pressure gas that produces a UV light, and the lamp contains a phosphor coating that glows when this wave passes through.


LED Light

LED stands for light emitting diode and uses a semiconductor device that helps in light emission as soon as current passes through it. The electrons within the semiconductor reunite with the holes of electrons, and hence energy is released in photon form.

LED light is very energy-efficient, replacing incandescent and fluorescent lights in many lighting fixtures.


What is a Lighting Fixture?

 A basic light fixture can be defined as an electronic device that has a lamp that offers illumination. Every light fixture has a body over which either one or two lamps are present. These lamps are usually in the form of sockets and can be replaced.

A light fixture has some essential components that make the entire fixture complete, including a lamp holder, trim, reflector, junction box, wire, lamp, etc.


Light Fixture Types

There are different types of lighting fixtures, and some of the common ones are discussed below:


Ceiling Mounted Light Fixtures

One of the types of light fixtures in the ceiling is known as ceiling mount light fixtures, which are directly mounted to the ceiling. These are made using either fabric shade, glass shade, or a plastic shade that covers the light bulb and allows diffusing light evenly throughout.

These ceiling-mounted light fixtures are more on the side of providing ambient lighting rather than task or accent lighting because it does not focus or highlight one area; instead, it disperses light all over.


Cove Lighting Fixture

Cove lighting fixtures are primarily backed with an LED strip which gives ambient lighting and is found in the upper part of the ceiling or wall and offers indirect lighting. It provides a very appealing look to the area where it has been featured.


Lighting Fixtures Under Cabinet

Cabinets are usually dark, and their look and lighting may be enhanced by having lighting fixtures under them. This uplifts the overall appearance in terms of interiors and also allows having a lightened cabinet where finding things becomes easier. Such fixtures are popular with the kitchen cabinets at most.


Wall Mounted Light Fixtures

Wall-mounted light fixtures could be ideal because they are basic and suitable to cater to any place with balanced illumination. These are mounted to the walls consisting of covers made of plastic or glass. The light is evenly spread in the surroundings and illuminates the entire area perfectly.


Free Standing Light Fixtures

The free-standing light fixtures are ideal for living rooms because they enhance the overall look of the space in no time. The best part is that these are portable; you can call them standing lamps.

They can be moved from one place to another and may be the ideal task lighting option, which gives a seamless aesthetic appeal as it is a corner light fixture and makes the corner where it is placed a very nice-looking part of the entire room.


Corner Light Fixture

A corner light fixture is a fixture that can either be standing freely or may be attached to the wall by mounting it within the corner. It is ideal for use in the bedroom or living room because it gives a refreshing and uplifting look.

If they are in the standing position, the corner light fixtures offer portability and hence may easily be moved from one place to another as needed. On the other hand, they create very balanced lighting, which doesn’t strain the eyes and may easily be used as a task lighting for reading or writing something under it.


Hall Light Fixtures

Hall light fixtures are primarily used in corridors and could be used in the corridors of offices or homes. Depending on the choice, these fixtures may either be mounted to the ceiling or a little recessed.

Usually, at offices the mounted ones look good; however, at home, a little recessed wall light throughout the corridor with some gap will illuminate the corridor and, at the same time, will enhance the aesthetic look of the hall through the walkway.

Close-to-ceiling light fixtures

When looking forward to close-to-ceiling lights, the two most common types of light fixtures are flush mount and semi-flush mount.


Flush Mount Light Fixtures

The flush mount light fixtures are such that they offer either minimal or no space between the light and the ceiling. These lighting fixtures are suitable in such rooms where the ceiling height is around eight feet so that an even balance of illumination can be created.


Semi-Flush Mount Light Fixtures

On the other hand, there is a semi-flush mount ceiling light fixture which is mounted with a space between the canopy of the fixture and body, and hence a chain or a rod helps in suspending the light.

These close-to-ceiling fixtures are suitable in rooms with a ceiling height of about nine or ten feet, and they create ambient lighting with their suspension style.

These lights are beneficial because you can constantly adjust your preferences based on your ceiling height and move between the two categories. On the other hand, these fixtures are always in fashion and perfectly enhance the beauty of every place by adding ambient lighting to the space.



Chandleries are also light fixtures in the semi-flush mount light fixtures category. This kind of light fixture comprises multiple bulbs present in the form of a branch attached to the light fixture, which is present on the ceiling. Chandeliers are suitable for formal spaces.


Pendant Light Fixture

Pendant lights are also semi-flush mount fixtures that hang from the ceiling with either a rod, pipe, or cable, and a shade hanging encloses the bulb giving light in the downward direction.

These lights are also known as downlights and are widely used in kitchens as they are suitable to match the task lighting requirements.


Track Lighting Fixtures

Track lighting fixtures can be either mounted or suspended from the ceiling, creating a continuous track, as the name suggests, which follows a pattern and lights simultaneously. These lightings are very popularly used in retail stores and highlight the particular products in that store.


Types of Lighting in Terms of Direction

Lighting may be in different directions; for instance, depending on the light fixture and the requirement of a particular space, the light may be direct, indirect, or semidirect.


Direct Lighting

Direct lighting is a kind of lighting in which the fixture allows the light to fall on a specific object or point. It is created by allowing the fixture to focus on a particular required angle, creating seamless controls between shadow and light.


Indirect Lighting

On the other hand, indirect lighting is the opposite of direct lighting because it uses multiple fixtures and provides light in the form of reflection. The light is distributed through the space but aims to come from the ceiling and wall acting as a reflector.

This kind of lighting offers ambient light and is ideal when shadow minimization is needed.


Semidirect Lighting

This kind of lighting has a small portion of the light that is indirect and hence is reflected and a more significant portion that is direct. The best example of this kind of lighting is wall sconces lighting fixtures that allow the light to beam downward for most of its part.



Lighting fixtures and the kind of lighting opted to play a significant role when it comes to enhancing any space, irrespective of whether it is commercial space or residential one. Understanding every detail about lighting sources, the kinds of lighting, and the different types of lighting fixtures is fundamental.

After going through a detailed analysis above, you must have been well aware of many new things, and these will help you plan your interiors in terms of light in a better way now. However, LED lighting is taking the lead these days because of its different benefits, and you can have it in multiple fixtures and styles now.

So, if you are looking for the best LED lighting, you must get in touch with OLAM LED, and you will find multiple budget-friendly, high-quality, and environment-friendly options. We consistently ensure research and development to provide advanced lighting solutions.

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