How to Design Office Lighting That Makes Employees Feel Relaxed and Comfortable?

How to Design Office Lighting That Makes Employees Feel Relaxed and Comfortable?

Do you often feel tired and sleepy at work? 

Do employees always absent-minded in meetings? 

Do employees often feel unhappy at work? 

Does the candidate leave a bad impression on the company?

In addition to improving a company’s systems, using proper lighting designs in offices can also make a difference.   Warm light has a comfortable feeling, cold light has a cool feeling, non-flashing light is beneficial to protect our eyes, the accent light let us focus on the vision, simple bright spot gorgeous, complex bright spot gorgeous…
Many people think that office lighting is the simplest lighting design, used only to illuminate a space, not to create a different atmosphere.   But that’s not the case.

Tired and sleepy at work?

The reason we feel tired and sleepy at work isn’t just that we don’t get enough rest, it’s that the lighting atmosphere in the office area isn’t right. For residential lighting, a lot of people may choose warm white light to build comfortable atmosphere, let a person feel relaxed. But in terms of office lighting, cold white light of around 5500K can not only create a serious office atmosphere, but also avoid the sleepy feeling caused by dim light. At the same time, the light should be soft and comfortable to avoid the eye fatigue brought by the brightness and flickering of the light.

Comparison of cold and warm light effects

Unhappy at work?

If the bright lights and serious atmosphere in the entire office building exist for a long time, it is bound to make employees numb, indifferent, rigid feeling, reduce the sense of belonging of employees.  For employees’ leisure areas, activity areas and other places, we can consider about 3500K warm lights with some unique modeling lights to create a warm and active atmosphere.  

Not impressed with the company?  

The front desk is the window of the enterprise, which can convey the strength and culture of the enterprise.  Therefore, it is necessary to customize decorative lighting according to the enterprise, and the overall brightness must be high enough to give an open, clear impression.  At the same time, the lighting and shape of each area should respond to each other and avoid being too complex.  Spotlights and LED strips can be used for local focused lighting in honor, culture and event display areas to improve the overall level and leave a better impression on visitors.  

The above is just a brief overview.   There is a lot of knowledge in real lighting design, for example, how does light CCT illumination change with the human body’s biorhythm intelligence to achieve the best working state of human?   How to achieve the balance between cost and benefit of enterprise lighting system……

Therefore, office lighting design is not a simple matter

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