Powering Productivity 5 LED Office Lights That Drive Business Results

The office is a place where focus on work is crucial, and to achieve this focus, the surroundings should be ideal and motivating enough. Lighting in this regard is essential, and the proper office lighting ensures productivity among the employees and their focus is more aligned.

Hence, choosing the right office lighting is extremely important to create the appropriate work environment. It not only enlightens the place but also uplifts the employees’ moods and helps keep their sleep-wake cycle aligned.

To attain more productivity, the role of lighting is a primary one, and this guide below features the essential details on office lighting and how you can work on making the most of the different lights. So, let’s read below.

5 Best LED Lighting Options for Office

Every place has a specific requirement for lighting; the same goes for offices too, and when it comes to choosing LED lighting for offices, the best options include panel light, floor standing light, track panel light, track liner light, and modular panel light.

These lighting options are highly suitable for a workplace environment, and you can also design a custom office light system by combining these lighting options correctly.

In the guide below, you will find a detailed explanation regarding these lights and their suitability for offices.

1. Panel Light

Panel lights offer versatile lighting solutions and are quite popular in office setups. These lights normally have a flat panel comprising LEDs, offering uniform lighting. These panel lights can offer bright and glare-free lighting.

The panel lights are ideal not only for their seamless illumination but also for their aesthetic look that enhances the overall office space. Panel lights offer multiple advantages. The first thing is that they offer an illumination that is shadow-free; hence, they help create a controlled environment, reducing the strain on the eyes. It helps with productivity for the employees.

Panel lights consume less energy than traditional lighting fixtures, so the cost of business can be saved. The span of the LED panel lights is also longer, leading to reducing the maintenance requirements of these lights.

Panel lights can be used in an office setting in conference rooms and corridors; they are also suitable for work areas that are open; the LED panel 300 x 1500 mm is ideally suitable for such spaces. They integrate suspended ceilings perfectly and give a balanced illumination.

Olamled offers two types of layouts in their panel lights: edge-lit panel lights and back-lit panel lights. These lights are capable of being dimmed and can be customized according to the client’s requirements.

The back-lit panel lights offered by OLAMLED can be chosen from various sizes, and the options offered are 600x600mm, 300x600mm, 620x620mm, and 600x1200mm. These lights offer Dali-dimming and have a CRI with two options that include 80Ra and 90Ra. The back-lit panel light also has an IP rating of IP40 or IP54.

The edge-lit panel lights have multiple sizes and are equipped with various installation methods too; the standard size options comprise 600x600mm, 620x620mm, 600x1200mm, 300x600mm, and 300x1500mm. These lights have an IP rating of IP40 and a waterproof IP rating of IP65. They also comprise the DALI dimming features.

Olamled offers multiple sizes for custom panel lights, and you have choices for installation; you can go for suspended, wall-mounted, or recessed panel lights for office settings. Moreover, you can opt for a glare rating of UGR<25 or UGR<19 panel light.

2. Track Panel Light

Track panel lights offer flexible lighting solutions for offices. These lights consist of individual light panels mounted on a track system, and targeting lighting can be achieved in different directions.  

Track panel light is a custom office light that can be designed and adjusted to the required target. Hence, they are capable of being customized according to the layout of the office areas.

The track panel lights are manufactured with LED technology, and hence, this helps to save on electricity costs. Moreover, they offer sustainability due to their durable making. LED lights have a longer life than the traditional options; hence, they require minimal maintenance and can be used for years and years.

At a workplace, the track panel lights are highly suitable for desks and workstations, and by adjusting them accordingly, these lights offer precise lighting followed by a low-level glare. Moreover, the track panel lights are even suited to be incorporated into meeting rooms as they offer an optimal lighting solution during presentations and conferences.

Track panel light offered by OLAMLED has two models, TK01 and TD01. Their track panel lights have a 350-degree rotation that helps adjust lighting as needed. They offer customization of track panel lights; if you have an existing track already present at the office, the lights could be fixed.

TK01 comes with a 4-wire and 3-phase track adaptor with multiple beam angles comprising 60, 90, and DS 20 degrees. DALI dimming and 1 to 10V dimming options are offered with adjustable wattage of 44W, 60W, 52W, and 68 watts.

TD01 also has a 3-phase adapter with four wires and comes with beam angles of 60, 90 and DS20 degrees. The wattage dipswitch this series offers comprises 46W, 54W, 62W, and 70W options. It also has a universal track adaptor compatible with various European 3 circuit tracks.

The track panel lights give a very inviting appeal; hence, during board meetings, while giving presentations, these lights could be perfect.

3. Floor Standing Light

Floor standing lights offer multiple benefits to the office environment. It adds to the functionality of a workplace and also to the interior. It is designed to stand on the floor and give a very modern touch to the space.

The floor standing light is highly flexible, and the height and angles of this light can easily be adjusted according to the requirement. These lights can be installed easily and, when needed, can be relocated because they are not fixed to any wall or ceiling.

Floor standing lights are meant to offer tasks and ambient lighting and can be positioned around the workstations. The floor-standing lights offered by OLAMLED have multiple benefits. They offer two PW series and PT series for the floor standing lights.

The PT series of floor standing lights offered by OLAMLED has an IP65 sensor housing design comprising a remote control that can be used for setting. The light also has a motion sensor, which can be either enabled or disabled. It also has a detection sensor of 120 degrees and a daylight threshold of 10, 25, and 50 Lux.

On the other hand, the PW series has the same features as the PT series and also comes with a hold time of 5 seconds, 1 minute, 3 minutes, and 10 minutes.

These lights offered by OLAMLED are equipped with CCT adjustment and dimming options that allow the creation of a comfortable lighting environment. They offer a low glare rating, which is UGR<16, and the intensity adjustment images between 1 to 10v. It even has motion and daylight sensors that automatically turn the light on and off and help save electricity.

They allow an aesthetic look and modern automation at a workplace; when you walk into the room, the light turns on, and when you leave, it turns off. This offers a unique feature.

These lights can be replaced without any hassle in case the infrastructure of the office changes, and even if a workplace relocates, these lights may go to another location and be used perfectly there and then without any hassle of installation.

4. Track Linear Light

Track linear lights are meant to offer a very decent lighting solution, and this setup comprises LED fixtures that are mounted on the track system. It enhances the office spaces in a very stylish way and is ideal for larger spaces.

The track linear lights offer a modern design representing sophistication; these lights offer flexibility and are suitable for achieving uniform lighting in an office space. Due to their mechanism being equipped with LED, these lights can offer bright lighting and, at the same time, consume less energy.

Track linear lights offer the ability to highlight specific spaces that may comprise meeting areas and are also suitable for widespread illumination. OLAMLED’s track linear light is a versatile option for office settings. The TK02 and TD02 series they offer are the options used for multiple areas, among which office setups are also prevalent.

The TK02 series has an IP rating of IP44. This light is offered in two color options, black and white, and the wattage can be selected. It has a track adapter of 4 wire 3 phase. The standard lengths are 1152mm and 1442mm with a beam angle of 60, 80, and DS20 degrees. This light also has DALI and 1-10V dimming options.

TD 02 series has a glare rating of UGR<19 and a four wire 3 phase adapter. The beam angle is 80 degrees, offering DALI dimming and 1 to 10V dimming.

These lights are easy to install and have multiple angles to cover. They also can be installed in various layouts consisting of recessed or suspended lights and may be tracked on a trunking system. Offering a lifetime of about 50,000 hours, these lights are highly durable and require minimal maintenance.

5. Modular Panel Light

Modular panel lights are custom panels designed to adapt to different office layouts. These lights have panels that can be interconnected in different configurations; hence, the lighting requirements are met for different office spaces.

Various options in terms of color temperature can be opted for according to the requirements of different office spaces; for instance, meeting rooms may have different requirements, and workstations may have different requirements.

LED technology is also suitable for office environments because it helps reduce electricity consumption at the office. Moreover, these lights are mostly equipped with intelligent controls, which means they can be equipped with sensors that turn them on and off based on occupancy and light, which also helps save energy.

The PN and PG series are modular panel lights offered by OLAMLED that offer comfortable, efficient, uniform lighting equipped with low glare.

The standard dimensions of the PN and PG series are 595x595mm, 295x1195mm, 295x595mm, and 595x1195mm. These offer a light source of CRI>80Ra, >90Ra. It offers various functions like sensors, 1-10V dimming, DALI dimming, etc. However, the PN series offers a beam angle of 80 degrees with a lighting efficiency of >130lm/W, and the PG series offers a beam angle of 85 degrees with a lighting efficiency of 150lm/W.

The newly launched PA series of modular lights comprises LED modules that are easily replaceable and have a low UGR<16, reducing eye strain. Multiple sizes are offered for this series, and it offers a luminous efficacy of 130/W. The PA series has the sizes offered 600x600mm, 620x620mm, 300x1200mm, 300x1500m, and 600x1200mm.

All three series of modular panel lights offered by OLAMLED are customizable, and any size, layout, and installation method can be adjusted in these lights to suit the relevant office requirements.


The lighting selection for a workplace environment must be accurate; employees’ productivity is directly related to the type of lighting and how comfortable it is. The lack of appropriate lighting destroys the offices’ overall sophistication and professional environment and drains the employees.

Olamled has been in the business for the past many years and, with its experience, brings about a massive collection of lighting with a suitable level for each type of space. Hence, if you wish to give your office space design equipped with the finest light that ensures productivity, reduces glare and brightness, and offers uniform lighting, you should contact OLAMLED today!

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