Top 10 Office Lighting Manufacturers In The World (2024)

An office is a place where light plays a very important role because the comfort of workers, as well as the aesthetics of the official environment, need to be balanced.

However, when it comes to looking for the right light for the office, one of the major concerns that you may have would be which are the most suitable lighting fixtures for a workplace and where you get them.

The very first thing that you must do is to make a list of the top 10 office lighting manufacturers, know about their products, the parameters of the lights offered, and how they suit your official environment. This guide below captures all the information that you may be looking forward to for the office lighting, so let’s walk through it.

Why is it Important To Choose the Correct Office Lighting?

Selecting the right office lighting is very important for the overall office environment as well as the people working there. Some of the reasons that make office lighting selection important are discussed below:

Impact on Health

Light is very important for the well-being of every individual, as we spend most of our time indoors. Hence, there is a very important need to find light that suits the sleep-wake cycles and also does not cause any strain on the eyes.

A light is said to be the most suitable office light when it goes totally unnoticed, that at the end of the day, you neither have sore eyes nor a headache. The influence of light on our sleep patterns and circadian rhythms is quite high; it also impacts our mood. Hence, for the well-being of employees, the selection of office lighting needs to be very accurate.

Impacts on Productivity

The way employees perform official tasks is also dependent on the light. When the right lighting selection is made, the alertness improves, offering the right color temperature. If the office lighting is too dim or too bright, or not even near to natural lighting, it causes a person to feel drained. Hence, productivity is impacted, and the work output is also less than what it should be.

Impact on Energy Efficiency

Office lighting is equipped with multiple fixtures, and the bigger the office space, the more the lighting requirement. Hence, the costs of electricity tend to increase. However, if the right lighting fixtures are chosen and LED lighting is implemented, the maximization of light is attained, and the minimization of bills is also achieved.

When the lighting at the office is planned accurately, the achievement of energy efficiency is possible, which not only helps save on energy costs but also helps reduce the environmental impact.

Types of Office Lighting

When it comes to looking at the office lighting fixtures that are highly suitable for the office environment and also offer a comfortable working experience, the lighting fixtures discussed below are the best options offered by OLAMLED.

1. LED Panel Lights

The LED panel lights offered by Us are equipped with multiple applications and benefits, and you can find various series, each having distinct features.


These LED panel lights offer multiple applications, and some of the applications in an office environment are discussed below:

  • LED panel lights are suitable for general lighting in the office, which helps to illuminate the space generally.
  • LED panel lights are also suitable to be installed above the desks or workstations so that bright and focused lighting can be achieved, reducing eye strain and helping to improve concentration.
  • Conference rooms may also be equipped with LED panel lights offering appropriate distribution so that during the presentations and meetings, the screens are not impacted by glare or any sort of visual discomfort.
  • The reception area may also be equipped with LED panel lights. It offers a welcoming environment for the visitors as it helps to light the area very well.


The LED panel lights offered by Us are equipped with multiple benefits, and these are discussed below:

  • LED panel lights offer energy efficiency, and compared to traditional lighting sources, they consume less energy. The offices are hence able to save on their energy costs.
  • LED panel lights are also highly durable; they have a longer lifespan, and therefore, the hassle of maintenance and replacement is minimized.
  • These panel lights also offer a consistent light, which helps to reduce shadows.
  • The LED panel lights can be equipped with dimming features, and hence, the users are at liberty to adjust the brightness according to their preferences.

Olam Products Series:

Olamled offers the following series of LED panel lights.

1:UGR<19 Panel Light-PM Series

The PM series of LED panel lights offered by Us comprise back-lit and edge-lit panel lights. These are suitable for an official workplace due to the specifications they possess. These lights can be installed in three different ways which are suspended, recessed and surface mounted.

The parameters of the PM series include multiple sizes, which comprise options like 600x600mm, 300x600mm, 600x1200mm, and 620x620mm. They have a CRI of >80 Ra or 90Ra.

These panel lights are also equipped with DALI dimming and have a glare rating of less than 19, followed by IP ratings of IP40 and IP54.

2:UGR<16 Modular Panel Light-PN Series

The  Modular luminaire PN series comes with protective features for the eyes and has modules that can easily be replaced. These lights offer a power of 30W and have a luminous efficacy of 130lm/W. The glare rating of this module panel series is less than 16, it is housed in iron, and the size offered is 595x595x38 mm and can be customized.

The light offers an IP rating of IP40, has a lifetime of 50000 hours, and has a warranty time of 3 to 5 years.

3:UGR<16 Modular Panel Light-PG Series

The  Modular office luminaire PG series, offered with a glare rating of less than 16, has a luminous efficacy of greater than 150lm/W and offers a fire resistance of 850 Celsius. It offers a CRI of 80Ra or 90Ra and has white housing consisting of reflectors.

This modular panel light can have detachable modules and can also be equipped with a sensor. The size variations could be 200x1200mm, 150x1200mm, and 300x1500mm, and apart from this, you can have more options in terms of size customization.

4:UGR<16 Modular Panel Light-PA Series

The modular panel lighting PA series is known for its slim design, and it offers uniform illumination by eliminating uneven lighting and shadows. The frame options available in these lighting fixtures consist of designs having aluminum frames or frameless designs, which can be chosen based on the theme of the office.

This LED modular panel light also comprises a PMMA lens and reflector that offers even light distribution and also reduces glare. It has a low glare, which is less than 16, and hence, it offers reduced eye strain. The luminous efficacy is up to 130/W, and the standard sizes offered are 620x620mm, 300x1200mm, 300x1500mm, 600x600mm, and 600x1200mm; you can also have customized dimensions.

2. LED Linear Lights

LED linear lights are also used in offices and are equipped with ample benefits and applications, as discussed below:


The applications offered by LED linear lights by OLAMLED have a lot to offer for office spaces, and some of these applications are as follows:

  • LED linear lights are used for general illumination in the office space and they are recessed from the ceiling.
  • Workstations and desks may also have linear lights installed above that help with writing, reading, or even working on a computer.
  • Linear lights are even used in conference rooms and offer a bright illumination that helps with presentations and meetings.
  • Waiting areas and receptions may also have linear lighting that enhances the visual appeal of such spaces.
  • Offices may have some architectural features which can also be enhanced using linear lights offering accent lighting.
  • Corridors and walkways have linear lights, ensuring a well-lit pathway for people coming into the office spaces.


The LED linear lights offered by us are equipped with countless benefits for office space, and some of these benefits comprise the following:

  • LED linear lights offer even lighting and it helps to reduce the shadows and offer consistent lighting throughout the office space.
  • LED linear lights are energy-efficient lights that offer cost savings and, at the same time, even reduce the impact on the environment compared to traditional lighting.
  • The life of LED linear lights is longer, and hence, they reduce the cost of replacement and maintenance.
  • These linear lights can be customized; there are multiple lengths and designs in which the linear lights can be customized, and hence, the office space can be illuminated.
  • The LED linear lights also offer flexibility in terms of brightness; in a way, they can be adjusted by its dimmable features and meet the lighting needs.
  • The LED linear lights, when designed appropriately, also help to reduce the glare and offer a visually appealing environment, which is ideal for office setups.
  • There is room to have tunable white or color temperature in terms of LED linear lights, which helps to improve the productivity of the employees and also impacts their well-being.

Olam Products Series:

Olamled offers its PF series for office lighting.

1. PF Series

The PF series offers a flexible diffuser plate and comprises a UGR, which is less than 19. The length of this linear light can be customized up to a length of 20m. There are multiple ways in which these lights can be installed; they can be in a linear shape, T shape, X shape, and L shape.

This LED linear PF series comprises a 6063 aluminum holder, which has a soft PC diffuser and is light in weight and corrosion resistant; this holder offers smooth lighting with uniform distribution and no shadows.

3. LED Floor Standing Panel & Linear Lights

LED floor standing panels and linear lights are also popular lighting fixtures for office space and offer a lot of ease; some of the details about these lights are discussed below.


The application of floor-standing panel lights in an office space can be seen in the following way.

  • Floor-standing panel lights offer a welcoming atmosphere for the people coming into an office and hence can be opted for the reception areas.
  • Floor-standing linear lights can also be added to an office for decorative purposes, offering a sophisticated touch.
  • Floor-standing linear lights also offer task lighting and can be suitable for lounge areas and workstations when it comes to reading.
  • Placement flooring standing linear lights in a conference room offer added illumination to the overall office space.


The LED floor standing lights are equipped with various benefits for office space, and some of these benefits are as follows:

  • Floor standing lights are highly flexible; they can easily be relocated when the layout of the office is being changed.
  • LED floor standing light panels, as well as linear can offer a lot of lighting, and hence, areas that are equipped with smaller spaces in an office may be suitable to cater to limited space.
  • Olamled’s floor standing lights are capable of being customized, and hence, the functional and aesthetic requirements of an office space can be matched.
  • There are multiple options in the color temperature of the LED floor standing lights, and hence, they can be designed based on the office requirements, enhancing the productivity of workers.
  • The LED floor standing lights are equipped with dimmable features, and the brightness level can be adjusted as required.
  • These lights are equipped with a longer span of life and need very little maintenance; hence, they help save the cost of maintenance.

Olam Products Series:

1.  PW Series

The LED floor standing linear light offered by us is a linear light that corresponds to low glare and high lumen output; it comes with a dimming feature and has a sensor that detects daylight and motion to adjust the light output.

It offers direct and indirect lighting for tasks like when employees work on a computer or read something. These lights are also equipped with CCT color adjustment, and hence, eye strain and headache may be reduced due to the soft lighting they offer. It comprises an IP65 sensor housing design. It has a remote color which helps to turn the motion sensor on and off or to adjust the dimming.

2.  PT Series

The floor standing panel light offered by us comes in under its PT series, and it has an on-and-off press which helps to turn the light on or off; it also has an uplighting button which helps to turn the light on and off and also comprises dimming which helps to adjust the brightness.

There is a CCT adjustment, and hence, any range between 3000K to 6000K can be selected; it has an IP65 sensor housing and has a remote controller setting, which allows it to turn the motion sensor on or off.

Office Lightening Best Practices

It is very important to create a productive and comfortable place for employees that is also visually appealing. Some of the best practices for office lighting are as follows:

  • It is very important to maximize the use of natural lighting in workspaces, and for this, you can try to incorporate workspaces near windows so that the natural light enters and the mood and productivity of employees improve.
  • It is suggested to implement a layered lighting approach which comprises accent and task lighting. It offers a well-balanced illumination and ensures a comfortable environment.
  • Energy-efficient LED lighting fixtures should be installed so that long-lasting lighting that consumes less energy is obtained.
  • Workstations must be equipped with task lighting, it helps in reducing the eyestrain and improves the focus.
  • By incorporating smart lighting controls, office lighting can be optimized; it consists of opting for lights that are composed of dimmers and sensors.
  • Selection of color temperature for lighting is very important for office spaces; the warmer color temperatures that range between 2700K to 3000K are suitable for areas of relaxation, whereas color temperatures ranging between 4000 K to 5000K are suitable for task-oriented spaces as they are cooler temperatures.
  • Lighting fixtures should be positioned keeping in mind that the glare on the computer screen and other reflective surfaces is minimized.
  • A regular maintenance schedule must be implemented to ensure that the lighting fixtures work in good working condition, and when required, they are replaced right away.

Office Lightening Manufacturers Worldwide:

1. Trilux

Trilux is a leading lighting manufacturer founded in 1912. It is known to offer customized lighting solutions for every application. It has 30 business subsidiaries and has 5000 employees working globally.

The company is known to produce energy-efficient lighting solutions that are equipped with customization, and based on the requirements of the client, they tend to offer lighting fixtures that match the specific applications.

They have ample options when it comes to office lighting from their indoor lighting solutions that can either be ordered as they are or can be adjusted according to your preferences.

2. Cree Lighting

Cree Lighting is a US-based manufacturer of LED lighting founded in the year 2007. The company is known to have spent more than 40 years in the lighting industry and has its wings spread across six global locations. 1200 employees are working for this company and manufacturing optimal lighting solutions.

The LED lighting offered by Cree Lighting for office spaces is equipped with multiple options that ensure sustainability and cost savings when it comes to energy costs. The lighting products offered by them are ISO 14001 certified, and hence, they implement and follow industrial compliance practices in manufacturing their lighting products.


Philips is a lighting company that needs no introduction, and it is one of the oldest and finest companies producing lighting for all sectors. The company was founded in the year 1891, and since then, it has been offering multiple lighting products worldwide.

Philips has an employee count of more than 80,000 and has its subsidiaries spread in more than 100 countries.

They have been producing the most innovative lighting solutions for offices, and the workers in the company also work very hard to bring consistent and advanced lighting products. They have a wide range of lighting solutions that have smart features like remote control, automated lighting, sensors and dimming.


Thorn Lighting is a UK-based lighting manufacturer that was founded in 1928. The company has a wide range of indoor and outdoor lighting products. They cater to multiple users, and their lighting solutions offer a wide range of applications, which also comprise office lighting.

The employee base of Thorn Lighting is more than 1000 employees, and they offer reliable, innovative lighting solutions. The office lighting provided by them is equipped with all the essential features needed for an office environment and the productivity of employees.


OSRAM offers lighting solutions followed by other products essential in lighting, like sensors, semiconductors, multi chips, photo detectors, and many other relevant accessories. The company came into being in 1919 and has its headquarters in Munich, Germany.

OSRAM, with its team of employees of more than 20,000 people, makes use of cutting-edge technological innovations and produces sustainable and energy-efficient light solutions. The office lighting products offered by them are highly durable and suitable to cater to the office environment.

They are known to offer customization, and each office lighting can be customized according to the needs of their clients. They incorporate various features in their office lighting, which comprises sensors, automata, and much more.


Olamled was founded in the year 2009; it has its headquarters located in Shenzhen, China. The company is known for producing the finest LED lighting solutions. The office lighting products offered by Olamled are versatile and known for improving the productivity and mood of employees.

They offer low-glare lighting solutions that are not just functional but also visually pleasing and, in an instant, lift the overall style of the office. Olamled offers multiple lights with distinct features and customization options.

The LED panel lights are of PN, PM, PG, and PA series, whereas the LED linear lights suitable for offices are composed of PF series. They also gave floor standing lights, among which the panel lights fall under the PT series and linear floor standing lights fall under PW series.

The lights offered by Olamled are versatile and equipped with a lot of options and may also be customized in terms of color temperature, sizes, and even features.

7. Alcon Lighting

Alcon Lighting came into being in the year 2009 and was founded in LA, USA. The company offers commercial lighting solutions by designing the finest spaces. Hence, their office lighting solutions are also worth opting for.

The LED lighting offered by Alcon for office spaces is equipped with an architectural lighting layout, and hence, energy efficiency and customized lighting solutions for offices can be attained. The team of employees comprises 50 people, and they work hard to deliver innovative lighting solutions.


8.Brandon Lighting Factory   

Brandon Lighting factory is located in Guangdong, China, and offers exceptional lighting solutions. When it comes to office lighting, Brandon Lighting Factory brings about ample options and lighting solutions. The lights they offer are equipped with the finest quality and durability that have their own features and are designed to ensure productivity among employees.

They have an employee base of more than 150 people, and the combined efforts made by them to ensure manufacturing seamless lighting solutions are always up to the mark. They incorporate all the advanced lighting solutions and innovative features in their LED making the office environment equipped with uniform and comfortable lighting.

9. Commercial LED Lights

Commercial LED Lights was founded in the year 2019, and its headquarters is located in Michigan, USA. The company is known to produce the finest light solutions. When it comes to their office lighting solutions there are various choices to go for. They can design a blend of multiple lighting fixtures to offer the best office lighting solutions.

They are known to manufacture LED lights that are durable as well and offer cost-effectiveness by consuming a lesser amount of energy. You can opt for a customized lighting solution as well, which is equipped with multiple features.

10. Lena Lighting

Lena Lighting has its headquarters located in Poland. It was founded in 2005, and since then, the company has been known to manufacture some of the finest LED lighting solutions. They have a prominent presence in the LED lighting industry, and they cater to multiple applications, among which office lighting solutions are also one.

They have a team of around 500 employees, and they make the best use of their research and development department to bring about innovative lighting solutions for offices. They create the finest blend of panel, standing, and linear lights according to the suitability of the offices and their insulation setups.


1. What is the Optimum Lighting an Office Must Have?

Ans. The optimum lighting an office must have is at least 500 lumens for a square meter.

2. What Type of Lighting is Suitable for Offices?

Ans. When it comes to office spaces, the neutral white light that ranges in color temperature from 4000K to 5000K is suitable for offices.

3. How Does Lighting Impact the Office Environment?

Ans. Office lighting has a major impact on the mood as well as the productivity of the employees. Harsh lighting leads to decreasing the productivity of the employees, whereas well-balanced lighting offers employee satisfaction.

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