TOP 10 LED Driver Brands In The World

LED lights have become a vital illumination source today; hence, choosing the right LED drivers for these lights is also fundamental. When choosing the finest quality LED lights, LED drivers must be considered.

If you are looking for the best options for LED drivers from the best brands worldwide, you are at the right place. This guide below will give you an insight into the top 10 LED driver brands, followed by some relevant information about the drivers, so let’s read below.

What is an LED Driver?

An LED driver helps to regulate the power supplied to the LED light. LED lights need a specified current that is stable so that they can operate efficiently; it helps LED lights receive the voltage correctly so that the light operates appropriately.

The primary purpose of LED drivers is to regulate current and voltage. Apart from this, these drivers also protect LED lights against an oversupply of current and ensure durability in these lights. Most LED drivers also offer dimming capacities so that users can control the brightness level of lights. They help maximize light efficiency by offering suitable power.

How Does an LED Driver Work?

LED drivers are composed of a working mechanism that offers the required electrical conditions for the LED lights, and it ensures that these lights work optimally. There are various aspects associated with the working mechanisms of LED drivers, as discussed below:

  • LED drivers can maintain a steady supply of current to the LED light, ensuring optimal performance as it is designed to deliver a fixed amount of current without any fluctuation. The LED driver can adjust the voltage across the LED light.
  • LED drivers are also equipped with dimming capabilities, which help the users control the brightness level of the LED. It offers dimming through multiple methods.
  • LED drivers also offer protection features, which consist of protection of LED lights from multiple potential issues; when needed, it also takes required corrective actions like shutting down the light temporarily and reducing the current.

Applications of LED Drivers

The applications of LED drivers can be seen in multiple applications as they are installed in LED devices and lighting fixtures. Some of the applications of LED drivers are as follows:

General Lighting Applications

LED drivers are commonly used in general lighting applications, including the LED lighting fixtures used for industrial, commercial, and residential lighting to ensure efficient performance.

Automobile Lighting

The lighting system used in vehicles comprises interior lights, tail lights, and headlights. These are also equipped with LED drivers, which help to offer stability in voltage and current supply and hence offer reliable lighting for the overall automobile environment.

Street Lighting

LED drivers are used in street lights, which help to control the power supply to LED lights; these LED drivers also help implement innovative features in street lights, including remote control and dimming.


LED drivers are used in LED TVs, electronic screens, and monitors for computers, which are equipped with backlighting. These LED drivers help in regulating the brightness of the LED light at the back of the display and offer an excellent visual performance followed by energy saving.

Decorative Display Lighting

Decorative displays are also sometimes equipped with lighting of such a nature that has different programs, and LED drivers are used in such cases to help offer ambient settings on these displays.

Types of LED Drivers:

There are different types of LED drivers, and each of them has its characteristics; the three most common types of LED drivers are as follows:

1. Constant-Power Drivers

Constant power LED drivers are rare; however, they help maintain a consistent power supply to LEDs. If the forward voltage of the LED changes, the driver adjusts the power output. This LED driver is used in applications that require constant power supply maintenance.

2. Constant-Current Drivers

The constant current LED drivers are prevalent in LED fixtures. They operate efficiently and supply a constant current. These drivers help regulate the current flow through LEDs and adjust the voltage that helps maintain a constant current. These drivers are used in LEDs connected in series.

3. Constant-Voltage Drivers

Constant voltage LED drivers are designed for such applications with multiple LEDs, and those LEDs are connected in parallel and need a fixed voltage supply across the LED array. These LED drivers help regulate the voltage supply to LEDs and are used in applications like LED strip lights, which need a fixed voltage supply through the entire strip.

Common Types of LED Driver Functions

The LED drivers perform multiple functions for an LED light, and some of these functions performed by these drivers are as follows:

1. On/Off

One of the basic functions of LED drivers is to turn the LED lights on or off and control the operation of LED lighting.

2. 1-10V dimmable

1-10V dimmable LED drivers offer dimming control that ranges between 1V to 10V. This driver adjusts the brightness of the LEDs by interpreting the signal and hence adjusts the right level of these lights. This type of dimming is used in industrial and commercial lighting.

3. DALI dimmable

DALI dimmable is a lighting control that works in two ways. It also allows dimming of the lighting, but the control is so precise that each luminaire in the DALI network may individually be adjusted for the brightness.

4. Triac dimmable

Triac dimmable LED drivers can work with phase-cut dimmers traditionally used in commercial and residential applications and help with dimming LED lighting fixtures.

5. Zigbee

Zigbee offers wireless communication, used in building and smart home automation systems. These LED drivers carry out wireless communication using a remote control and even offer scheduling of lights.

6. DALI-D4i

DALI D41 is an extensive version of DALI dimming. It has some additional features, which include seniors and a lighting system communication with multiple other systems. This type of LED driver offers highly innovative features, which comprise monitoring for energy, carrying out lighting diagnostics, and even interoperability with DALI-D4i devices.

Things To Consider When Choosing an LED Driver

 It is essential to choose the right LED driver when it comes to having an LED lighting system that works efficiently and is durable. Some of the essential factors that need attention in this case are as follows:

  • Make sure that the specifications of the LED driver and the output voltage match with one another; if these do not match, the lifespan and performance of the LEDs may be compromised.
  • The type of LED driver must be chosen based on the type of LED you have. The LEDs connected in series need a constant current driver, whereas the parallelly connected LEDs have constant voltage drivers.
  • The power rating of the LED driver is also a matter of concern; the LED driver should be capable of handling the power consumption of LEDs. It is essential to ensure that the power margin is sufficient to accommodate the variations and future additions to the lighting system.
  • The dimming function may also be needed for the lighting system, and various dimming features must be compatible with the lighting system. Make sure to choose a function compatible with your selected lighting system.
  • The LED modules used in a lighting system and driver must be compatible. Therefore, the requirements of the LED driver should be matched with those of the LED modules.
  • LED drivers also have a specific temperature range, and the environment in which it is installed must be considered when opting for an LED driver for the lighting system. If the temperature rating is not compatible, the life of the LEDs may be compromised.
  • LED drivers must be chosen based on the efficiency. If the efficiency of the LED drivers is high, the energy wasted in the form of heat is less, increasing the life of the LED light.
  • LED drivers that comprise built-in features for protection must be chosen as they can offer protection against overcurrent, overvoltage, and heat, which helps to prevent LED lights from damage.
  • LED drivers chosen for the LED lighting system must also comply with the safety standards and should have quality certification.
  • LED drivers for outdoor lighting systems must have a required IP rating to withstand dust, moisture, and other weather conditions.
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Top LED Driver Brands Globally

1. Meanwell

Meanwell is a leading brand known for producing the finest quality LED drivers. The business began in 1982 and is known for manufacturing customized and standardized LED drivers for modern lighting systems.

The company is headquartered in Taiwan, but it has branches all around the globe. They offer customized LED drivers by collaborating with lighting manufacturers based on their lighting systems.

The company has a reputable name, and many lighting companies rely on it; the LED drivers manufactured by Meanwell are even equipped with ISO certifications. Its distribution network is spread across China, the USA, Europe, and India. Meanwell’s team of employees comprises 2800 people working to look for innovations in LED drivers so that their clients may manufacture lighting systems based on advanced technology.

2. Inventronics

Inventronics is a worldwide manufacturer of various lighting products comprising LED modules, sensors, drivers, and other controlling systems. They have been in the business since 2007 and have their main office in China. Apart from China, their hips are spread in many countries worldwide.

They design the finest quality products used for lighting based on innovative designs and are equipped with cutting-edge technology. The Inventronics team comprises around 5000 employees offering their clients manufacturing services and technical support.

They are known for offering customized LED drivers based on the lighting system and its usage in terms of location and other factors. The company has its warehouses located globally to make the supply of products easier. They even have a very well-equipped technical team to look after any concerns that the clients may have.

3. Lifud

Lifud Technology offers LED drivers and intelligent solutions for lighting systems. Since its inception in 2007, the company has been dedicated to manufacturing high-standard lighting products that follow sustainability and environmental ethics. They are committed to producing LED drivers and other intelligent controls for lighting systems that offer innovation, energy saving, and have a healthy impact on the overall environment.

The company has its headquarters in China and employs more than 200 employees who conduct extensive research to develop its products. The company is known to attain multiple certifications, including ISO9001 and ISO14001, and has won multiple awards.

They supply the finest quality LED drivers with durability and efficiency to multiple lighting manufacturers. They are known to cater to multiple clients worldwide and have a product line that is up to the mark. They even offer customization for the LED drivers, which is done according to the requirements of clients based on their lighting systems, required controls, and intelligent systems.

4. Euchips

Euchips needs no introduction when looking for top-notch lighting product suppliers. The core manufacturing offered by Euchips comprises lighting control products. Their product range comprises LED drivers, lighting control systems, sensors, and LED modules. They established their business in China in 2005 and have been looking forward to researching to produce the most innovative lighting products.

Euchips has a very well-equipped team of professionals comprising around 200 employees and has received awards in various instances for being a leading manufacturer of LED lighting products. The lighting control products offered by Euchips are equipped with all the latest techniques, including DALI dimming, 1-10V dimming, Triac dimming, intelligent drivers, wireless systems, dimmers, and even sensor profiles.

The products manufactured by Euchips for lighting systems are used in the hospitality industry, commercial buildings, and even residential properties.

5. Moso

Moso is a leading brand that provides LED drivers to various lighting manufacturers. The company came into being in 2009 and has its headquarters in China. They manufacture smart LED drivers that cater to intelligent functions equipped with innovations.

They have a team of over 900 employees and operate in more than 100 countries. In China, they only have 3 production centers. The best part about dealing with Moso is that they deliver their products worldwide. Moreover, they even offer customized LED drivers according to the client’s requirements.

Due to the increasing innovation and advancement, the Moso team keeps up with research and development, which allows them to bring multiple new advances in LED drivers equipped with more control.

The company manufactures outdoor LED drivers, which can cover landscape lighting, road lighting, and other industrial lighting aspects.


LTECH Technology was founded in 2003 and has its headquarters in China. The company is known for producing lighting controls that help equip LED lights with efficient and better performance.

LTECH is consistently busy determining innovations and constantly working hard to bring about developments in their products. They have an employee base of around 500 plus people, comprising highly expert engineers busy manufacturing initial lighting solutions.

The customers of LTECH are well-known LED lighting solution providers that source these LED drivers and other controlling systems from them to incorporate them into their products. LTECH collaborates with the lighting manufacturers present worldwide and can supply its products worldwide.

LTECH has LED drivers in hotels, theme parks, offices, shopping malls, and homes. They have boosted the concept of smart offices and smart homes by using their technology in the best possible way to bring about intelligent lighting solutions.


OSRAM, headquartered in Germany, has been in the business since 1919. The company has a wide range of lighting solutions products, among which their LED drivers are popular. Apart from LED drivers, it also manufactures other products used for LED lighting, which comprises multi chips, semiconductors, and photodetectors.

The team of employees working at OSRAM is more than 20000 people, and they are known for producing cutting-edge products equipped with innovation that supports energy efficiency and sustainability. The lighting products offered by the company are suitable for all kinds of environments as they are designed outdoors and indoors based on the required specifications.

Moreover, according to every client’s requirements, they even offer customization of their LED drivers and other products, which helps to make them specialized in terms of usage.

8. Philips

Philips is a well-known lighting brand with multiple lighting products and components that lighting manufacturers source for their LED lights. The company began in 1891 and has since been offering some of the finest products manufactured by the intervention of more than 80000 employees. Its branches are spread in more than 100 countries.

Multiple lighting manufacturers rely on Phillips when it comes to manufacturing lighting products because the lighting control systems and LED drivers require innovation and advancements to make the lighting solutions automated and energy efficient.

Various profiles for lighting are manufactured and supplied by Phillips, which comprise features like dimming, automated lighting, and even sensors. Their client base is worldwide, and their headquarters is in the Netherlands.

9. Tridonic

Tridonic belongs to the Zumtobel Group, and the company came into being in Austria in 1956. They have been developing lighting solutions with ultimate technology and innovation. They are a leading provider of lighting products to multiple lighting manufacturers.

Tridonic is known to offer lighting products that comprise LED drivers, LED modules, and other lighting accessories. The company offers quality lighting products that offer durability and enhanced lighting systems. They customize the LED drivers based on the client’s requirement for the lighting they manufacture.

The team of employees at Tridonic comprises more than 1500 people, and they are consistently busy with research and development to incorporate innovations in their LED products. The world is now dependent on automation, which can be seen in the LED drivers manufactured by Tridonic. They supply their LED products globally to various countries with their extensive coverage. 

10. HEP

HEP was founded in 2002 and is known for manufacturing lighting controls with energy-saving, automation, and environmentally friendly properties. The company comprises over 500 employees trained to cater to the customers, spread across 50 countries. They have a very well-equipped research and development department where they initiate advanced lighting solutions.

The headquarters of HEP is in Taiwan, and it is known to follow quality standards and carry out deep inspections on all its products before supplying them. Their products are certified with ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001.

Apart from manufacturing lighting components indoors and outdoors for commercial and residential applications, the company also caters to automobile and rail system applications for lighting. They have a versatile product base, and each product has advanced technology. Multiple lighting manufacturers around the globe choose HEP to source LED drivers and modules from them.

OLAMLED Main Strategic Cooperation Brand 

OLAMLED offers a wide variety of lighting products, and these lighting solutions are equipped with advanced features that comprise sensors, dimmers, and remote-controlled options. The main reason behind offering such high-tech lighting mechanisms is the LED drivers used in their lighting fixtures.

OLAMLED sources its LED drivers from the following suppliers, and some details about their LED drivers are discussed below:


Tridonic is one of the leading lighting solution brands; they manufacture high-quality LED drivers and other control gears needed for lighting. The LED drivers offered by Tridonic consist of multiple advanced features, including energy efficiency, dimming features, and even compatibility with different lighting systems. They are known to offer innovation and durability in their lighting products.

2.    LIFUD

LIFUD is also an LED driver manufacturer from which OLAMLED sources its LED drivers. They offer a wide range of LED drivers, including constant current and voltage LED drivers used in multiple LED applications. These LED drivers are used because they offer energy efficiency, performance stability, and compliance with safety standards. The best part is that their LED drivers are also affordable.

3.    OSRAM

OSRAM is a lighting brand that is globally recognized, and it comprises a massive range of LED drivers. These drivers are high-quality LED drivers with robot construction, and the control features are highly advanced. OSRAM is a trusted lighting brand, and its LED drivers are used primarily on many professional lighting solutions.


The name Phillips is a globally recognized brand that has a massive role to play in the lighting industry. They have a wide range of LED drivers used for multiple LED lighting products. These LED drivers are opted for their energy efficiency, reliability, and their ability to work with advanced lighting systems. OLAMLED uses the high-quality LED drivers Philps offers for its lighting products. They offer flicker-free LED drivers equipped with dimming features of all kinds.

Key Point To Consider Of Good Quality LED Drivers

When it comes to looking for good quality LED drivers, some of the key points to consider are as follows:

1.    IC Chips

IC chips are Integrated Circuit chips used in LED drivers as an essential component. The quality of ICs in the LED drivers is known for offering a reliable and stable performance of the LED driver.

2.    Transfer Efficiency Of Led Driver

The LED driver’s efficiency in transferring electrical power in the required output is also a significant concern. Hence, a good quality LED driver should have an efficient transfer capability, ensuring minimal losses. The high transfer efficiency offers low heat generation and maximizing energy efficiency.

3.    Surge Protective Rate

LED drivers that have high surge protection have reliable and long-term lifespans. Such LED drivers are protected against any spike in the voltage that tends to damage the LED driver. High surge protection protects these LED drivers in case of sudden high voltage, keeping them stable.

4.    Temperature Protection

To ensure the durability of LED drivers, these should be equipped with temperature protection features. In case an LED driver is overheated, the performance of the driver and the LED light can be compromised. A good quality LED driver will have temperature protection features to prevent overheating.

5.    Lifetime

The lifespan of an LED driver is also a factor to consider. LED drivers, which are of high quality, have a long-term lifespan. They have durable components, offer effective thermal management, and adhere to industry standards. Such LED drivers also help to improve the life of LED lights and help reduce their maintenance costs.


1. How to calculate LED drivers?

Ans. To calculate the LED drivers, you must determine the voltage and current you need for the LEDs. In the case of constant current drivers, you must know the forward voltage as well as the desired current. For constant voltage drivers, you must determine the output voltage matching the LED requirement. Moreover, you need to consider the total wattage and choose a driver with a suitable power rating.

2. What is LED driver efficiency?

Ans. LED driver efficiency is the ability of the driver to effectively work when it comes to converting electrical power from the source to a suitable power for LED. The efficiency is a percentage calculated by dividing the power of output by the power of input and multiplying it by 100. In higher efficiency, the waste is less, and high power output is achieved.

3. What is the difference between an LED driver and a transformer?

Ans. LED drivers and transformers carry out the task of regulating and supplying the power to the lighting solution. However, these two have a different method of operation. LED drivers offer constant current and voltage based on the type of LED. Whereas transformers are used with traditional lighting technology and change the voltage level, the LEDs need precise control, which the transformers do not offer

4. Do LED drivers use power?

Ans. Yes, LED drivers use power. They are designed very efficiently to power LED lights but lose some energy during the conversion process. The efficiency of the LED drivers can be measured by considering the conversion of electrical power into light output. In the case of higher efficiency, the power wastage is less.

5. Do 12V LEDs need drivers?

 Ans. The 12V LEDs may or may not need drivers, depending on the type of LEDs. If the 12V LEDs are designed for low-power or automobile applications that do not need an LED driver. However, if they are designed for commercial applications and high-power applications, then to ensure efficient and stable performance, they need an LED driver.

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