What Type of Office LED Lights Are Suitable For An Office?

Lighting plays a significant role in the office because it determines the productivity and moods of the employees. Choosing the right lighting at the office may enhance employees’ productivity, allow them to focus more and always play a vital role in ensuring that they remain healthy.

There is a wide range of LED lights to choose from when selecting the suitability of these lights at a workplace. However, one should ensure that the lighting at the office must be a combination of task lighting, ambient lighting and dispersed lighting. Factors like its lumens must be around 300 lux, and the color temperature should range between 3500K to 5500K.

There are multiple styles of LED lighting fixtures that are designed with their suitability for offices in mind, and if you also need to have an idea of them, this guide can be of great help. So, let’s read below.

Type of LED Lights Suitable for Office

There are various types of LED lights that can be opted for in offices; some of these types are discussed in detail below.

1. Panel LED Light Fixtures

LED panel light fixtures are widely used for office installation. They are ideal ceiling lights that offer high performance and flexibility when it comes to installation. These lights are available in multiple sizes, and there are usually two types of LED flat-panel lights:

  • Edge-lit panel lights are thinner in shape and installed on the edges of the light frame, but they are expensive and consume more electricity than other types of LED lights.
  • On the other hand, back-lit panel lights are installed behind the frame and can be illuminated by the diffuser. These lights are, however, affordable compared to edge-it panel lights.

Pros of LED Panel Light Fixtures

The LED panel lights offer multiple advantages, and some of these advantages are as follows:

  • The LED panel lights offer uniform illumination, which is glare-free, helps minimize eye strain, and keeps the working environment equipped with comfort.
  • LED technology is always known for its excellent energy efficiency, and when it comes to LED panel lights, they tend to consume a small amount of energy, which leads to savings in electricity costs.
  • LED panel lights also offer a longer life span, making them last for thousands of hours, and hence, the frequent maintenance costs are eliminated.
  • LED panel light fixtures have a slim design, making them suitable for use where aesthetic enhancement is needed. Panel lights are dimmable, so users can easily adjust the brightness according to their preference or the task’s requirements.
  • LED panel lights also emit negligible heat, which keeps the overall environment very comfortable, and the need for consistent cooling systems can be eliminated or reduced.

Cons of Panel LED Light Fixtures

The LED panel lights, to a certain extent, also have some downsides, as discussed below:

  • The initial cost of the LED panel light fixture is high, although due to the advancement of technology, LED lights have become affordable, which is still less affordable than traditional lighting. Hence, you must be prepared for high upfront costs when installing LED bulbs.
  • Installing the LED panel lights is challenging; you need a professional to do this job.
  • If the installation of the LED panel light is not carried out properly, there is a high chance that these lights may end up causing discomfort due to the high glare.
  • LED panel lights look modern and sleek, but when creating a unique lighting design, these panels may not be as customizable as other options like track and pendant lighting.

There are multiple types of LED panel lights offered by Olamled for office use, and some of these comprise the following:

The PN series comprises modular LED panel lights suitable for offices. These lights have a luminous efficacy greater than 130lm/W, followed by a shell of white housing with reflectors. These lights are designed with the concept of recycling and environmental friendliness.

PG series is also a panel light model with a luminous efficacy more significant than 150 lm/W, and these lights have a CRI of 80 Ra and 90 Ra. The light comprises detachable modules and a power supply, and there are multiple sizes to choose from, followed by a size customization option made available.

These lights can be installed differently by placing a surface mount into the ceiling or suspending it from the rope attached to the ceiling.

The PA series module panel lights are customizable in length, making them highly flexible and offering great illumination. The module’s length can be tailored based on the users’ requirements, making it perfect to fit in diverse spaces.

The module in this light can also be replaced as required, and it comprises a low UGR<16, ensuring that the eye strain is reduced to its minimum. There are multiple sizes of this light to choose from, and size customisation is also catered. It comes with dimming options and sensors as a means of smart lighting.

The edge-lit panel light is an anti-glare panel light that ensures the office’s working environment is equipped with productivity by eliminating glare, a major cause of eye strain and employee discomfort.

The light offers aluminum housing and can be flexible in size. It comprises PMMA LGP, ensuring that it never becomes yellow and comprises detachable drivers and modules.

Backlit panel lights emit light with the help of diffusion plates, which ensure uniform illumination. These lights are highly flexible and have multiple color temperatures, comprising 3000K, 5000K, 4000K, and 6000K; the CRI offered by these lights is greater than 80Ra, 90Ra and 95Ra.

The track panel lights consist of multiple lights connected in a series that work on the track and comprise a universal track adapter. These lights offer high luminous efficacy, up to 160 LM/W, and consist of a PMMA-efficient lens housed in an aluminum closure, offering great heat dissipation.

TD01 series is also a track panel light that blocks unwanted reflections and offers an anti-glare light solution that provides more clarity without putting any strain on the eyes. This light is ideal for those who spend most of their time indoors.

It offers a UGR<16 corpses of aluminum PCB to ensure thermal resistance and offers heat dissipation with the aluminum enclosure.

2. Suspended Office Lights

Suspended lights are also entirely usable when looking at them for offices. These lighting fixtures consist of LED bulbs and are hung from a ceiling. These are ideally used for applications where the heights of the ceilings are between low to medium.

These lights are relatively easy to install, offering a diffused light that gives an aesthetically appealing look. These lights provide multiple sizes and styles, followed by varied wattages.

3. Recessed Lighting Fixtures

The recessed lighting fixtures are inserted inside the wall or ceiling and work like a downlight. The look of a recessed lighting fixture is unique, and the best part is that the wiring is concealed within the wall or ceiling. Such lights are widely used in workspaces to illuminate spaces.

4. LED Office Wall Lights

The wall lights illuminate the shapes and add some decoration to the walls. These lights have been quite popular for office spaces for the past few years, giving the entire space a unique and classy look.

The best part is that these lights can convert more than 70% of the energy into power, making them more environmentally fidelity, efficient and long-lasting.

5. LED Linear Lights

LED linear lights are LED panels that consist of LEDs arranged in a linear way within an enclosure. These fixtures help illuminate, are uniform along a linear path, and are widely used for functional and decorative purposes. These lights are energy efficient, ensure uniform lighting and help save energy costs.

Olam Product Series:

Olamled offers a wide range of LED linear lights that are highly suitable for offices and help illuminate the workstations and reception areas. These lights are also suitable for corridors, giving a welcoming ambience.

There are multiple configurations of these lights, and according to the layout of the office, the right configuration can easily be selected. These lights ensure precision and focus and are composed of various features. The commonly adopted linear lights for the office spaces by Olamled include the following features:

  • The length of these lights is either 1500mm or 1200mm.
  • They offer 40W or 60W power.
  • They consist of an aluminum housing.
  • They have a luminous efficacy of greater than 130lm/w.
  • The color temperature ranges between 3000K, 5000K, 4000K and 6000K.

6. LED Floor Standing Panel & Linear Lights

LED floor standing panels and linear lights are kept on the floor and can easily be moved anywhere. It helps create a very comfortable environment around the offices and has various smart light features that can be adjusted with the help of a remote control.

Olam Product Series:

The PW series offered in floor standing light provides a linear light comprising a touch switch to turn on and off and an up lighting button. You can hold a button for dimming, and you can switch to downlighting.

The CCT can be adjusted in multiple color temperatures, ranging from 3000 K to 6000K. It consists of an IP65 design for the sensor, and it has a motion sensor as well. The detection angle is 120 degrees, and the lux level is adjustable.

PT series offers a free-standing floor lamp suitable for reading and work at the office. This consists of an intelligent control system comprising dimming and motion sensors. It has LED panels, and the ensure module is housed in an IP65 sensor housing design, which has a remote control for operation followed by an adjustable lux sensor.

7. Desk Lamps for Focused Task Lighting

Desk lamps are widely used for offices as they can be kept on the desks for focused lighting, and they have adjustable heads followed by adjustable brightness levels. Hence, the lighting can easily be customized as needed.

Factors to Consider When Selecting Your LED Office Lighting

Selection of office lighting is essential as it has a direct concern with the circadian rhythms of employees and ensures that their health and motivation remain stable; some of the important factors to consider in this regard are as follows:


The lighting fixtures that emit a lot of brightness in the form of light create a glare that makes the people around them uncomfortable. LED fixtures comprise diffusers and optics that help reduce glare.

Hence, lighting fixtures that offer the lowest glare must be chosen, and these should also be placed in a way that avoids direct glare.


The placement of the LED lighting fixtures is also essential to ensure uniform illumination followed by reduced shadows. The layout of the office must be considered when placing the LED fixtures. Hence, they should be placed so the light is evenly distributed and the dark spots are avoided.


LED fixtures are available in multiple sizes; however, considering the office space, they should be chosen. The ceiling height, dimensions of the room, and lighting requirements must be regarded to ensure adequate lighting without overpowering the space.

Overlooking Task-Specific Lighting:

Task-specific lighting is usually overlooked when the lighting design of the office is conducted. People need to consider having desk lamps in place, which is very important for task-specific lighting.

The desk lamps ensure that adjustable light is achieved when needed, and the employees maintain the precision of the task, which cannot be done in the dark.


The LED lighting fixtures are even dimmable; hence, the employees can adjust the lighting based on three requirements. Therefore, one must implement dimming capabilities in one’s office lighting design so that the employees can adjust the output per the task requirement and time of the day to maintain their comfort level.


Make sure to develop a budget that considers the costs involved in installing the LED lights and their savings and expenses in the long run. When you think of LED lights, the initial investment is high, but they also offer long-term savings.

However, you select if lighting must consider all the balancing considerations by taking factors like life span, consumption of energy and maintenance requirement.

Common Office Lighting Mistakes To Avoid

Office lighting is essential because employee health, productivity, moods, motivation, and the perfection of tasks are all related to it; hence, some mistakes that you must avoid in this case are discussed below:

Ignoring Natural Light:

The entire lighting design of the office must be independent of artificial light, and instead, you must look forward to incorporating natural light by designing your office space smartly. It helps to improve mood and, at the same time, helps save energy costs.

Incorrect Color Temperature Selection:

Color temperature plays a significant role in office spaces, and the cooler color temperature ensures concentration; the warmer ones are, however, for relaxation zones.

Inadequate Light Distribution:

Poor lighting layouts can lead to uneven distribution, causing glare and shadows. Ensuring even distribution and using diffusers where necessary can mitigate these issues, promoting visual comfort.

Overlooking Energy Efficiency:

It is always better to look for every effective lighting solution to save on operational costs. Try to incorporate LED lighting with intelligent controls like dimmers and sensors to reduce energy bills.

Neglecting Maintenance and Upgrades:

Timely maintenance is the key to perverse everything, and the same goes for light quality and efficiency. You must always look forward to updating and cleaning the lighting fixtures to ensure optimal performance.


1. What is the best LED color for the office?

Ans. The best LED color for the office is a natural white.

2. What type of lights are used in an office?

Ans. The types of light used in offices are usually fluorescent or LED.

3. Are LED lights suitable for the office?

Ans. Yes, LED lights are highly energy efficient and durable, hence suitable for offices.

4. What light is best for the eyes in the office?

Ans. Natural white light is the best choice for eyes in the office.

5. Is warm or cool light better for the office?

Ans. The neutral white light ranging between the color temperature of 4000K to 5000K is the most suitable option.

6. How many lumens do I need for the office?

Ans. In office, the lumens should range between 300 to 500 per square meter.

7. What is natural light in the office?

Ans. The natural light from the windows is the natural light in the office.

8. How bright should office lights be?

Ans. The brightness of office lights should ensure that proper visibility is achieved with comfort and no glare, and they should be around 5000 to 7000 lumens.

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