How To Choose A High-Quality LED Light Supplier?

There has been a new trend where people are now heavily investing in their lighting systems. A proper lighting design is crucial for every place because it helps with productivity and creates an appealing environment.

LED lighting is now commonly used because it has various benefits, leads to energy savings, and is cost-effective because it has a good life span.

Selecting a supplier for LED lighting could be a task. Below is a detailed guide to help you decide which supplier to choose based on various factors. So, let’s read below.

Factors To Consider for Choosing a High Quality LED Supplier

Before hiring a supplier for your LED lighting needs, many factors should be considered, some of which are as follows.

· Understanding Your Business Needs

Once you have a clear picture of the purpose for which you need LED lights, you can easily select the proper manufacturer for the type of LED you want. It depends on whether you are looking for lights to be installed within your office, or looking for landscape lighting, or any other purpose.

· Experience and Expertise

When selecting a supplier, choosing a manufacturer who has been in the industry for a long time is essential. This way you can be sure about the quality of the products and the expertise too.

Usually, suppliers who have good experience tend to provide after-sales service and timely delivery to retain their clients.

· Quality of Products

Since lighting is essential to create an appealing atmosphere in any space, the quality of the lighting fixtures must not be impaired. A supplier using the best quality material for production to avoid inconvenience should be selected.

· Customization Capabilities

A supplier that offers a wide range of customization services should be chosen since each workspace requires a different lighting system depending on the area and the nature of the business.

· Product Design

Regarding product design, a manufacturer who is versatile and keeps up with the trend is preferred. A manufacturer should also provide fixtures that are easy to install rather than those that offer complex installation.

· New Technologies

Due to the evolving trends, a manufacturer must be updated with the latest technology. Only suppliers who are capable of providing customers with regular upgrades will be able to flourish in the market.

Sensored LED lights are now being used since they are energy efficient and can be turned on in the presence of anyone while conserving energy when nobody is around. Not only this, but these also include sensors that can dim the light when there is natural light and automatically brighten up the space at night.

· Energy Efficiency

Finding a supplier who provides energy-efficient and cost-effective LEDs is essential. Suppliers should offer products with a sensor installed, which can quickly dim or brighten up the space depending upon the natural light in that space. All this will help reduce the running costs of the working environment.

· Warranty and Support

While investing in ordering products from a supplier, it is essential to see whether the supplier provides after-sales support. A supplier who continues to help after the product’s sale offers replacement, and is there to solve any query is always the number one choice for any business.

· Certifications and Standards

A supplier who complies with all the necessary quality standards should be given priority. This means that the relevant bodies approve the products used.

· Price

Along with the other factors, the product’s price is also significant. A supplier that provides competitive prices for high-quality products that are energy efficient and are produced using environment-friendly practices should be selected.

· Compliance with Regulations

A supplier should adhere to all the necessary rules and regulations to comply with environment-friendly practices and ensure that the products used in manufacturing are of good quality and safe for the environment.

· Reputation and Reviews

A thorough market research and reviews from other businesses will help you decide which supplier to choose for your business. Reviews will reveal the quality of the products being provided and the supplier’s reliability.

Why Choose OLAMLED as Your LED Supplier?

OLAMLED is one of the leading lighting suppliers in China, and it has been working in the field of LED lighting since 2009. The company specializes in designing and manufacturing residential and commercial lighting solutions.

They have a wide range of high-quality lighting products that cater to various indoor and outdoor illumination applications. Their team’s extensive experience and expertise, followed by a consistently working production line, offer you a wide range of lighting fixtures that are both energy efficient and environment friendly.

They offer a fast read time and customization based on your project requirements. The best part is that they are always ready to cater to your minimum orders and offer samples in a few days.

OLAMLED has always kept quality control as the top priority. Hence, they manufacture lighting products that pass through structure inspections and testing before they are delivered to you.

Their wide range of lighting comprises LED panel lights, linear lights, floor-standing LED lights, clean-room troffers, tri-proof lights, and much more to cater to indoor and outdoor lighting applications.

OLAM Lighting Solutions

· Farm Lighting

A farm is a place that is usually outdoors and is equipped with a lot of moisture, dirt, and dust. Moreover, the animals living on the farm produce ammonia gas in the form of their feces, which has a more significant impact on lighting.

Hence, to ensure that lighting requirements in a farm are fulfilled with the appropriate durability and performance, choosing lighting fixtures with IP68 and IP69K features is essential. These lights are capable of withstanding the harsh conditions a farm may have and can easily withstand the cleaning process in the farm that takes place with high pressure of water supply and ammonia release.

OLAMLED offers tubular lights designed primarily for use in places like farms, as they have a PMMA/PC housing structure. It helps to ensure that the light stays corrosion-free and avoids the vapors of moisture and water ingress inside the fixture.

· Commercial Lighting

Commercial lighting selection is a hazardous task because it depends a lot on your lighting in a commercial space whether you can retain a customer. When the lighting design is carried out effectively, you can attract customers as they feel comfortable, while products on the display also attract them.

However, if the lighting is not up to the mark, the commercial store may not be welcoming enough for the customers. Always consider the combination of lighting types in a commercial space, keeping in mind the overall setup of the store. Various factors must be regarded, such as color temperature, presence of natural light, store layout, and much more, when creating the lighting design.

OLAMLED offers track panels and linear lights exclusively designed for commercial spaces. The TD01 and TD02 lighting services also provide low glare value, giving your customers a very comfortable experience. The best part is that these lights come with multiple adjustable features, allowing you to create a custom lighting design.

· Indoor Lighting

Indoor lighting, as the name suggests, is a type of lighting that meets people’s needs when they are indoors. It offers functionality for visual clarity followed by aesthetic enhancement of the space.

Every type of indoor space has different needs; hence, the lighting methods may also differ, ensuring that the illumination and brightness are intact. Choosing a lighting fixture that offers durability, energy efficiency, and the proper lighting is essential. It should be comfortable and glare-free and must eliminate dark spots.

OLAMLED, a pioneer in lighting design, offers multiple indoor lighting fixtures in its collection. The LED modular panel light is one of the best options in the different series. These are designed for indoor usage and ensure the eyes are protected against strain. At the same time, the light itself offers sustainability and environmental protection.

These lights offer various features, among which their dimming feature is one of the best options as it allows the brightness level to be adjusted as needed. 

· Industry Lighting

Industry lighting must be suitable enough to cater to the vast space covered by the warehouses and factories equipped with high ceilings. In this case, the high bay lights OLAMLED offers are the perfect option.

These LED high bay lights are highly energy efficient and much more durable than the traditional option. Hence, they are meant to save a lot of money that goes into energy and replacement costs. They keep the area brightly illuminated and offer a comfortable ambiance, allowing people to work without impacting health.

· Office Lighting

Office lighting requires a lot of attention when designed, as the illumination will have a prominent impact on employees and their productivity. Hence, choosing lighting fixtures equipped with sufficient brightness and efficiency and comprising low glare is extremely important.

A well-lit office offers to boost the moods and morale of the employees while ensuring that the aesthetics of the space are even up to the mark and welcoming. These lights play a significant role in the employees’ health; hence, negligence is not affordable in this case.

OLAMLED offers a blend of options for office lighting design; you can illuminate the general office areas, conference rooms, and meeting spaces using LED panel lights to reduce glare and shadows and offer uniform light distribution.

LED linear light, on the other hand, is suitable for workstations and reception as it comprises a very sleek design and reduces shadows and glare.

On the other hand, LED floor standing lights are ideal for offices with reading corners as they offer task lighting and are highly suitable for providing light to the reader.

· Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting is one of the vital lighting requirements for safety and visibility. However, outdoor lighting differs from indoor lighting due to the harsh weather conditions outdoors.

Hence, OLAMLED offers tubular and tri-proof lights and unique lighting fixtures that are resistant to all outdoor impacts. These lights are highly suitable for use in spaces with high temperatures and vibration and offer anti-corrosion properties.

These lights comprise IP67 and IK10, ensuring their functionality even in rain, moisture, and dust.

· Parking Lot Lighting

Parking lot lighting requires sustainable and efficient fixtures that are equipped to deal with the moisture, dust, and corrosion associated with the parking lots.  

OLAMLED offers LED tri-proof lights comprising IP65 and IP68 ratings that ensure these lights are tightly packed in enclosures that do not let water and dust get into them and simultaneously protect them against mechanical impacts.

These lights also offer a luminous efficacy of 130 lumens per watt, offering a bright light by saving energy. These lights ensure that the dark spots are eliminated and the safety is enhanced.

They have motion sensors that ensure that the lights are trending the moment any motion is detected, and they are also highly eco-friendly.

· Shop Lighting

Shop lights have the prime purpose of ensuring that customers’ attention is grabbed efficiently, and hence, the lighting design must be aimed at highlighting the products. It is essential to ensure that the illumination in a shop has a bright, uniform light that attracts customers and highlights products on the shelves.

The LED track linear light and LED track panel light are the best options in this regard, as they have a low glare rating and offer a luminous efficacy of 160 lumens per watt.

· Station Lighting

A station is where the transport network moves through, and it is usually a very spacious area with many visitors and movement of the transport system. Hence, having the proper lighting selection for the station is very important.

The uniformity of lighting and high brightness are significant concerns in station lighting, as there are different heights in the entire space; hence, managing the glare is equally essential. OLAMLED offers tubular light and a PC frosted tube lamp made of IK10. It is made of stainless steel and is ideal for catering to a station’s uniform and soft lighting requirements.


1.      How can you tell if an LED light is good quality?

Ans. You can look for a reputable company that provides LED lights and consider factors such as CRI and the warranty being provided by the supplier.

2.      How do I choose a good LED light?

Ans. By looking at the brightness, color temperature, and energy efficiency, you can decide whether to get it.

3.      Which brand is best for LED lights?

Ans. Many brands are now famous for their LED lights; these include Philips, GE Lighting, Cree, and OLAMLED.

4.      What is the best LED manufacturer?

Ans. Manufacturers like OLAMLED, Samsung, Philips, Cree, and Nichia are well known for their continuous innovation and quality products.

5.      What is the difference between cheap and expensive LED lights?

Ans. Expensive LED light provides energy efficiency, cost-effectiveness, durability, versatility, and a suitable color temperature; such qualities are not found in cheap alternatives.

6.      What are the different qualities of LED lights?

Ans. LED lights vary in color temperature, durability, longevity, energy efficiency, and brightness.

7.      Who is the largest LED manufacturer?

Ans. There are many manufacturers, such as Philips, Cree, and Samsung, but Nichia Corporation is the leading manufacturer in Japan.

8.      What country produces the most LED lights?

Ans. Globally, China is the largest LED light producer, with various renowned lighting brands floating their LED lighting fixtures for different applications.

9.      Which LED bulb is more brighter?

Ans. A lumen is a unit used to measure the brightness of the bulb. A higher lumen is selected for a brighter bulb, keeping in mind the color temperature and CRI.

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