Where Can Use Led Track Panel Light?

LED track light panels are made from premium components with a rugged aluminum housing. This contributes to a service life of over 50,000 hours without any maintenance and up to 70% energy savings!

Stylish design, sturdy yet lightweight quality, your store and products look first class. It can be easily mounted on rails. These features are ideal for lighting shops, exhibition halls, public buildings, museums, etc.

Up to 160lm/ W ultra-high lighting efficiency. Power 44W-52W-60W-68W adjustable

Unique grille integrated with track system. It was designed specifically for supermarket decoration to replace the traditional linear lights and high bay. 

It is important that your supermarket is well lighting. The supermarket is a place where people can

see, touch and smell products. This is a place where people decide to buy from you or look for options from a competitor. Good lighting can give you a competitive edge in the market because your business will be better visible, have a better atmosphere to welcome customers, and save a lot on energy costs.

Most retail businesses still use traditional ceiling-mounted lamps and fluorescent tubes or CFL-based

 lighting. These lamps use a lot of energy but don’t provide much light. In addition, these lamps have a short life span and require a lot of maintenance to keep working. This leads to high development costs for lighting systems.

Olamlight provides high quality LED Track panel light solutions to replace existing traditional lighting 

Our LED lighting has many advantages over traditional lighting. By using OLAMLIGHT LED track light

panel in your shops, you can save up to 70% on energy costs in your lighting system. Our state-of-

the-art LED lights have an efficiency of over 160 lumens/watt and can produce over 50,000 hours of bright light without any maintenance. This is thanks to advanced components and the use of LED


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